Mike Tyson vs Steven Seagal full fight scene

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Mike Tyson vs Steven Seagal full fight scene

553 919 views | 4 Jan. 2020
553 919 views | 4 Jan. 2020

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You hear the names “Mike Tyson” and “Steven Seagal” and it is easy to envision the two squaring off in a killer fight scene. The greatest boxer of his generation versus the man who brought aikido to Hollywood? That is a classic confrontation.

Or rather it surely would have been if Tyson and Seagal had made a movie together in, say, 1991. Sadly, it is 2018. If time is an illusion, it is a brutal, unfeeling one.

Tyson and Seagal square off in China Salesman, which was released in China last year and received a small release in the U.S. earlier this summer. I would have an easier time describing the properties of advanced nuclear physics than I would summarizing the film’s plot, so briefly: It involves a corporate battle over cell phone rights in Africa. (The title character is an engineer at the center of the whole kerfuffle.) That’s about all I got, to be honest; the story is shockingly difficult to follow.

Tyson and Seagal play side characters in that struggle. In an early scene, someone serves Tyson’s character — who insists he doesn’t drink — a glass of urine. Naturally, that leads to a brawl. At least the first part of it isn’t terrible, with Tyson showing off his punching power against a bunch of goons and at least one very large barrel:

This titanic struggle concludes with Tyson getting the upper hand — and by titanic I mean like the boat; the whole thing ends in tragic, awful disaster, with more very obvious doubling and some very strange line readings.

Tyson screams at Seagal “You serve me pee, you die!” And then, after another couple punches, “Mother f—er, you drink piss!” If Mike Tyson actually tried to serve Steven Seagal human urine, we’ll never know; the movie immediately cuts away to another spine-tingling scene of corporate intrigue. If you wish to know what happens next, you can watch the film on Netflix. I wish I could say the rest of the movie was better than this, but it is not.


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Nazwa Alya junita

tyson is the real fighter

Vov w

In real life, Seagal wouldn´t last 5 seconds

Devin Nathan

Steven will be dead in real life

Henry Gonzalez

Seagal wouldn't have even landed that much that was out of mike tyson's generosity and when Mike knocked his ass out I bet you seagal soiled himself again.

Risumies Player

Comment box full of american "mike tyson" fans speaking about things they dont know a shit.

CRAZY vlogger

Iron mike is the best

Ormond Joy

I....im just so confused

تيك توك تيوب

Mike wow

Oscar Perea

The Legend vs the fat

Sharif Khan

Movie is china salesman


Mike just playing with that bitch seagal, sagal whatever his bitch name is.

GoodNooB 32 69 • Years ago

2:45 when you slap rabbit ears.

Mr T

Tyson: you thor you wanna fight me phteven??


Marvel DC Galore

Director:Oh hey Steven you're going to be fighting Mike Tyson.

Seagal: Oh hell no . I only fight people that are physically weaker than me ,like John Legizamo, get a stunt double to fight him.

Paul Alesese

Is that guy with the singlet Steve Austin or no???

name less

Tyson is about want to relax but everyone on the bar piss him so much and force him to drink. Just my opinion in this scene

Guna Balan

Tyson without gloves. The last punch, if it's real you're gone seagal


Fake Tyson never win vs Steven in real life xD


Segal es una farza


"American kung fu "

Cj Style

Mike was the wrong guy to mess with I have no clue who could beat him he beat the legendary ip man he is immortal lol

Dirty Angel

The acting is priceless lol

Fire Media

Worst ever bullshit

Mohamed Louati Mathematics

Seagal let Tyson win .. this is a fake movie , Seagal is professional than Tyson

J Sanes

What did I just watch and why did I watch it?


I know this is a fact that everybody knows, but still worth remarking: that Mike Tyson can destroy that fat steven seagUll in with a single punch in real life

phantom man

Come on guys ..its a movie...in reality one tyson blow will kill seagul....instead of casting tyson as bad guy, the makers should have made tyson as steven seagull buddy just llike jackie chan do in his movies.

Samantha Smith

Damn, someone actually beats Steven Segal


Todas las películas de Steven Seagal son una payasada. Siempre gana sin despeinarse. Ridículo.

trevayne truth

Hats off to Steven Seagal for humbling himself taking that ass whooping

Ahmed Sezan

What is the name of the movie


What's Seagal's style again? Bullshido?

Thomas Schoenstein

The bar always takes the fall.

Alex Mercer 3

Fake. Mike didn't bite Seagal's ear off.

John Stephanos

I just can't see Segal beating him. With Tyson's speed and power, one punch and it is over. Whereas Segal would have to land multiple shots to win. Tyson would rock Segal or even Bruce Lee in a ring.

Mahend ibn Abi Und

Mike tyson is reality fighting...he is good legend

Gianluca Montesano

Seagal e' riuscito a domare Tyson per tutta la durata del combattimento, non e' chiaro e come sia possibile che al termine, Steven Seagal si sia fatto sopraffare da Tyson al termine del confronto con tanta facilita', come e' possibile che Seagal ha perso l'incontro cosi' facilmente, quando poteva sconfiggerlo cosi' palesemente. Fuori il contesto cinematografico e' un maestro di Aikido di prim'ordine, ma nelle scene da set e' comunque un attore; sicuramente l' incoerenza dell'esito del combattimento faceva parte della sua parte.

Digital Reminder

The best line .. this is against my faith He represent Islam.. great man

oldschoolfan miller



i like how that one piece of the table hit mike on the head


That was a stuntman at the end, Tyson didn’t want to get hurt by Seagal.

Give me strength

Seagal would destroy Tyson both in their primes

Hoax Slayer

Seagal looks like the fat guy in every fighting game.

Aaron Watch

Wow this is stupid. A bare-fisted punch from Tyson would break Steve's bones.

nunyobidnas 8

Mike tyson vs stunt double


Is this a comedy?

Fernando Ch

Sauccy Lee

Mike Tyson with the *I do not offer your drink my friend*

Ty Thor

Steve is a joke

jay mocco

First time I’ve ever seen Steven Segal legit lose a movie fight

Perdisa Robles

Really he was bout to hit a female...but this clip was good to watch...steven is still bad ass

Girish Naik

Imagine Mike Tyson as terminator.

Muantei Ralte

Those farts tho

Auritro Caleb Baroi


Prathyush Taneti

2:29 his stance is hilarious


What videogame is this?


This is so [email protected]#ked

Jed Mercado

What is the title of this movie??? :)

Johnny Hogan

These are two of my absolute favorites in their respective professions. But to be completely honest, I had to stop watching about three minutes in.. Just couldn't do it anymore.

İsmail Düzer

mike abi aikidocu bozuntusu puşt'a nede güzel mada faka yaptı ama :-)))))

Christian Vidal

Solo en películas pueden vencer a Tyson.

Nicholas Chen

I get it’s a movie but then comes a point where it becomes too stupid. This is one of those moments when it becomes way too unrealistic for what it’s depicting. Steven is a bum, a fake. Tyson would’ve murdered him.

Devendra saini studio

Steven siegel my favourite

RSS- DR-Kumar 666

Wat shit acting man I will not put him I will stick to my fate wtf u talking

Mauro Villarreal

Pinche Balrog


Legend says, Steven trained IP man. But Mike.. Mike gave a death knockout to Satan, Lucifer and Hades at once. And i quote Mike when he told all 3 of these entities, "I'll eat your children muthafucker"

Lesson learned: Do not mess with THE Mike Tyson himself.


Damn, Seagal looks bad

breezy Mcneil

1:42 he knocked him clean tf out

Alexander Acog


فلان بن فلان

Moral of the story dont offer Mike Tyson a drink.

Staccin Fettyy

Movie ??

T Wavy

Tyson would kill him in a nano second

V Man

His fat ass think he’s IP man

Ikhwanul Fikri

Perdisa Robles

The movie steven had out back then.were good I can only imagine if more came out.prolly not though cus he is old.but it would be awesome to like watch a clip when someone big like that cant do the movie seen u kno


Seagal was looking for Richie and found Mike Tyson instead

syed muhamed ibrahim

Asshole Stevan Segal


Love Mike Tayson Forever ............

raşit eren akbalaban

A realle Nike tyson

Babchew Mazengeya

What is name movie

Vashist Muni Vishwakarma

Movie name pls

RSS- DR-Kumar 666

Wat a shit movie mike earned 20 dollars for this shit n that other fat seagull - 20


The virgin drunkard vs the chad mormon

matin shariq

Always great two hero fights each other!!


This was the most realistic fighting scene ive ever seen until seagal Stepped in.

Rajesh Karmakar

Movie ka naam kiya he

Mohamed Barry

man are you joking? a man like Tyson can finish an aikido master in three seconds not more with all my respect to aikido.. for sure I respect aikido... but the truth is truth never someone can bend a truth we must bend ourselves to the truth or we we will live a big lie .

Itz Julio

Steven Seagal’s fatass couldn’t do this shit irl


He should’ve bitten his ear xddddd


The scene should have ended with Tyson making Seagal have a drink of the amber nectar.

John Kurtz

Mike Tyson smell like shit

Manomistrz 1994 Manek

Mike Tyson is Terminator ❤❤❤
Stiven Segal is Sniper and stronger

Eli Marcela

Tanta mierda,

Heman Gohil

99% People saying Mike might have literally kill Steven...
1% know that it's Steven's duplicate who's getting those hard punches at the end... Because Steve already had ran away from the studio so his stuntman had to finish his job by getting hard punches from Mike Tyson.

Mario 1thousand

Steven segal is a bitch ass


Guys, this is a movie!!!!!


Mike tyson is a legit pro boxer, who the hell is steven shitgal?!

Dead on Time

Is this done with stunt doubles because you never see both their faces in a shot during the fight.

Taeandre K