QUE BRUTO (Complete Album) By Little Joe and The Latinaires

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QUE BRUTO (Complete Album) By Little Joe and The Latinaires

23 041 views | 1 Dec. 2018
23 041 views | 1 Dec. 2018


01. Diganle (Tell Her)

02. La Rubia Morena

03. Ni En Defensa Propia

04. Corazon

05. Adios Mariquita Linda

06. Mi Ultima Carta

07. Condiciones

08. Adelita

09. El Pajarillo Baranqueno

10. Cumbia Del Sol

11. Cartas Marcadas


José María De León Hernández, known professionally as Little Joe is an American tejano performer who grew up in Temple, Texas and lives in San Antonio. He is of Mexican descent. Hernández told the Stockton Record in 2015 that he was born "in a three-wall, dirt-floor garage ... on a cold stormy night," the seventh of 13 children.

His father, Salvador, was known as "La Cotorra" (the parakeet) and was a troubadour. His mother, Amelia DeLeon, was a trained pianist. "My dad and aunts all played instruments and sang," he told the Riverside Press Enterprise (Nov. 18, 2015). We'd go to parties that would last until three in the morning.

Hernández got his start at 13 when his cousin, David Coronado, recruited him to play guitar for his Latinaires. The Latinaires eventually became known as Little Joe and the Latinaires. Today he is usually joined by his band La Familia.

In 1992, their album 16 de Septiembre earned the Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Performance. In 2008, Little Joe once again won a Grammy for Best Tejano Album of the year for Before the Next Teardrop Falls.

Other Grammy nominated albums include Timeless (1988), 1993's Que Paso (1993), Little Joe y La Familia 2000 (1999), and Celebration of Life Vol.1 & Vol.2 (2003).

Hernández has said he was greatly influenced by Beto Villa, the originator of orquesta Tejana that generally features trumpets and saxophones, as opposed to conjunto, which relies on accordions. As a member of Texas’ Tejano Hall of Fame, he’s been entertaining audiences around the world for more than 50 years, on 70 albums and in countless shows.

His style has been called Tejano, Tex-Mex, Norteno, Chicano, La Onda. Hernández told the Stockton Record in 2015 that originally, "it was just multicultural music in two languages."

Hernandez, who grew up with 12 brothers and sisters as the only non-African-American family in a “totally black” neighborhood, told The Record: “All I heard every day were black artists. At home, it was country music's three ‘great Hanks': "Williams, Thompson and Snow". It was always part of the atmosphere. Part of my DNA.” He’s known as “King of the Brown Sound.”

Hernández has said he is inspired by jazz. "I love jazz," he told the Riverside Press Enterprise. "If I could have been a jazz musician, I would have preferred that." Hernández has been known to infuse his music not only with jazz, but also country, pop and classical music. One of his most popular recorded songs, "Las Nubes," incorporates violins and other strings.

Hernandez recently founded the Little Joe Diabetes and Prevention organization and has organized walkathons in San Antonio.


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Modesto F Rios Jr

I remember this is one of his great lp my two older sisters were in college they would come home on weekends and play this lp back in 70 and 71 they are strong chicanas they would say and an educated chicana is a dangerous one

Lupe DeLaGarza

Growing up in the 70's, with family and friends, listening to little Joe, Sunny, Augustine, Freddy,Joe Bravo,Carlos Guzman, Royal Jesters, Freddy Fender,puro good times con la familia.

Anthony Ceballos

the best hes a legend.i use to listen to him in the barracks,all the raza from all over the country we would make a circle and sing and drink inside the barracks on camp pendleton United States Marine Corp..The marines that didnt speak spanish would trow them gritos .Ah whoa

Nemecio Carmona

Grew up listening to this music when I was knee high PURO TEJANO!! !  KING OF THE BROWN SOUND  !!

Armando Mada

Listening from Arivaca Az

Javier Ramirez

That's for the Tejano soul of your music from Peidmomt S.C miss Tejano music from Rockspings Tx 35 years ago

Herman Hernandez

Yup old skool!

Daniel Ruiz

He the best my parents brought me on tejano music from Milwaukee

Eduardo Gomez

Nombre shut your mouth por fabor little Joe y la familia puro pinche party time down en Brownsville tx back in the 80s now I'm in Kyle tx y sigue la onda tejana por vida whoop it to mee big mama qubo Good old memories that's what keeps me going y ariva la Raza

Miranda Miranda

This album reminds me of my grandpa JESS.He used to love this music.

Raul Reyna

This is one of their best albums together with the album with the eagle, I think it’s “para la jente “.


Growing up between Temple and Austin, Orquesta was our music. City and Country Chicanos dancing the night away.