Best BJJ Strength Training Exercises 5: The Half Turkish Getup with Kettlebell

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Best BJJ Strength Training Exercises 5: The Half Turkish Getup with Kettlebell

24 021 views | 9 Jul. 2018
24 021 views | 9 Jul. 2018

The Half Turkish Getup with a kettlebell - BJJ black belt and strength and conditioning expert Ben Zhuang (@coachbz on IG) breaks down the 5th exercise in our series. Full PDF here: Catch my in-depth interview with Ben at and download my free iOS and Android app with 457 minutes of free techniques at



I would go one step further to fully postured up in the lunge position to hit the lateral core/obliques - but yeah screw standing.

Harry Quast

He called him Simon..

Django Ross

Thank god I hate the standing up part.

Ed Flood

I suppose if you're doing this strictly for BJJ 'ONLY'. If you're only tournament BJJ fighting and will never encounter a street opponent then do the halves. FFS do the entire move.


I disagree a bit with the content in this video. Even if you feel only certain steps of the Turkish get-up correlate directly to jiujitsu, doing the whole exercise builds more strength and balance.

j h

Sorry but your reasoning to say "I only do half of the Turkish Getup because there is no direct correlation to pure Jiujutsu movement" is well, for lack of a better word, lunacy. The huge benefit of the Turkish Getup to a BJJ practitioner is actually in building the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and to "not do" the 2nd half of the movement you actually restrict the ability of the shoulder to hold the weight in the upper most portion of the lift. You most definitely are entitled to your opinion (Or this Stephan Kesting is to his.) but it's not a good principle to "not do" a workout, or partials of a movement, merely because it doesn't directly emulate a BJJ movement. (There is such a thing as "strength carry over".)

theredeemer Ben

Just to thx you for this really interesting serie of videos


Some really nice details there with angling the hips and knees.

Martin Mills

There’s the other vid where you recommend split squats. That’s literally the last part of the TGU that you’re excluding here. Is it just because of the modified posture that you employ on the squat? Otherwise, why don’t I just finish the getup and be done with it?


People rave about the Turkish Get Up, but it looks like a potentially dangerous exercise, especially in its complete form. It has so many parts and so many unusual postures that it must be very easy to screw up.

00 agent

Nice I do hella Turkish get ups, now your giving me an excuse to not do the standing up part lol

Lyle Barron

Gotta say I’m hung up on this waiting for the next episode of GoT

leandro tocalini joerg

This is amazing!


I think there are benefits for doing partial exercises. You can spend more energy and focus on the part that matters most.

Mark Tulloch

So in BJJ do you not plan on getting all the way to your feet. His logic is flawed. At times you want to stand all the way up. No just swing an underhook. Do the whole exercise.


He’s demonstrating the half TGU and and describing it’s value (and presented it quite well, BTW.) . That’s all. He’s NOT saying, “Ditch the full TGU” or “Only do the half-movement if you want to advance.”
Partial movements are a great tool — lifters do rack pulls to build their deadlifts, so why not a half TGU?

Dario Freschi

That's so interesting section, no doubt, thank you. I tried 10 reps with 8 kg, devastating

fahad firoze

I think there is still value in finishing the getup i.e. finishing an x guard sweep


Super helpful thank you. If you had to choose between TGU and barbell squat which would be better for BJJ?