Skyrim PS4 Mods: Valiant of Mara Priory

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Skyrim PS4 Mods: Valiant of Mara Priory

617 views | 6 Nov. 2020
617 views | 6 Nov. 2020

This player home looks out over the water and supplies you with everything a newer adventurer could ask for. All crafting tables and plenty of storage to be found within these grounds.

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Valiant of Mara Priory:

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ricky spanish

Some lady I'm supposed to remember...
may mara smite you down with heartbreak for not remembering her good name. Jk.
nice mod though.
Been thinking of doing a knights of the nine playthrough using the priory as the main headquarters

Supa Games

Anaconda my man good to see you’re back! (Just noticed you posted some other recent vids, idk why I hadn’t seen those) We played a bit of For Honor together back then, I was SupaSaiyanBoi but it’s been changed since haha.

Anyway just glad to see you back on the vids, have you played any Ghost of Tsushima yet?

Demigod 0828

This mod is absolutely beautiful. My only fault is the bugs because I already have a mod to add more bugs. Also the shrine was to Mara and I think that creepy window to the unknown was one of the moon crests from the Dawnguard DLC but I could b wrong

Ace AJ

100/100 mods
Me: oh more mods


10/10 home. Definitely more for a more righteous character play through.


Nice atmospheric place, definitely a new mod, I don't think I've seen this place before....On a side note, maybe I'm just hearing thing but are you feeling under the weather, Squeezy? Idk, your voice sounds different.....