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38 822 views | 29 Dec. 2018
38 822 views | 29 Dec. 2018

Our family morning routine! Get ready with the sane family!

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Life As Shanna4BG

Let’s get a part 2


Lisa Powell


Do you ever think about getting a breast reduction? I know you being that little & short they be hurtin you?

Shonday Addison

Part 2 plzzzz

Jasmine Johnson

Part 2

Shannon Piercy

Part 2

Bree D’yanis

Part 2 ❤️‼️‼️

The Sane Family

Ok y’all so this is how we actually get ready in the morning

grace Loreal

You didn’t record tay at all

TyAsia and London London Amaya TyAsia Spencer

She is so I love y'all so much ❤️ love jazz and Tay

Rio Irving Kicks

Upload everything

Shannon Piercy

Y'all are great parents...

lil man man show

im small youtuber subscriber to me n i will subscriber back

Yvonne Berry


Saniya Bass

Get it Jass!!! I see u at 2:24 Love you guys

Vibe’s with Khyia

Yes can we get a part 2

Your Favorite 5/5

Part 2 family adition because y’all was doing things separate but family wise

Qween B


Yo fav girl Kayy

Part 2

Ashley Houston

You should start giving her baths at night so she’ll get used to a night routine and going to bed and sleeping longer at night

And get a bottle sterilizer! It’s a life saver!

Ph3Love Story

Why don't you breast feed sis??? You got them BIG ASS JUGS LOL, PUT THEM TO USE SIS.


Hey Sane family love yall

Mabel Gabriela Contreras

I’ve love baby Alaina room

Life Of La'Tiya

Kennedy Alexis

Lai Lai Room Is Everything

Razel and Alyssa

The baby room is really beautiful

Patrice Harris

Part 2 my favs

Tyshamere Tanksley

When is lai lai nursery tour coming for her room

Holly King

Hey the sane family,

Brianna Ricketson

Pot tow

Sabina Barnes

Aww Beautiful family
love all 3 of you!!!!!!

Trap Queen

Sabreia Woods

Go check out my first video and give me some ideas of what y’all would like me to do
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/uRaxnwb5PHE

Grace Whitt

Part 2


Ouuu Jass that fit is cute girl

Tiffany Hudnell

Baby girl nursery is so cute!!!!

Jasline D

Part 2 please

Morgan Thigpen


Winifred Korpo

Wow just for

Alissa Agho

Jass is glowing and looking cute in that outfit

Typical faze Boxer

Why y’all still from the twins that’s not coo

Kyra Aaaa

Tay fart threw me off

Real Talk With Shana

You need to get a bottle drying rack for her bottles an nipples

Justjayyy. _

Ya mad broke stealing for 14 year olds

Rayanna Murphy

If you love them like

Na’ilah Stroman

i really truly love how you guys came up ! i just started watching about last week and subscribed immediately. love you guys ❤️.

GVOFS Vs Queenlay

part 2

jasmine jones

can we get a part 2

Lifeas Dell

Hey I miss y’all y’all were the BESTTTT couple



Alexis &nate_

Hey sane family ❤️

MissCrystal C

omg I love her room!!.. she is so spoiled she is lucky to have such awesome parents..such a beautiful little girl she is a blessing! ❤❤❤

Ken & Rema

Lol this is actually funny everyday life


Love you

Maria Kaba

Jass got some big boob’s

Sweetie Success

Jass, don't ever wake a baby and bath her...let the baby sleep after she wake up for about 1 hr then give her the bath, she need her beauty sleep she don't like it as you say so DON'T DO IT...Otherwise, I might have to come there and beat your butt lol

Lashay Tv

Tay nasty

TreyWay J

Good video ✨

Unique Collier

Part 2

Shay Lyons

Part 2

Tahj La’Mon

Hey guys! Check out Tahj Christmas gifts on my page. He’s only 2 years old

Natalie Giron

Due a part to I love when you guys do videos like this

vBoards 2CFY

Intro Is Fire

jasmine robinson

I love you jass ❤ Your very Beautiful

Star Cal

Aaliyah Fields


Angelique Woodson

Good morning you have pretty baby best channel

Meika Love

Tell Your Mom & Dad To Get A Channel Love Them❤

Asia Life

Baby Alaina is so adorable and beautiful

Eva Stallings

Part 2 I love yall ❤❤❤

Life Of La'Tiya

Goodmorning Sane
Family love you guys channel keep grinding

Trinity gang

She going to be a daddy girl

KhyNeisha Monaè

yu never record tay when its a family thing but cuteee

kayla gang

Part 2

gabrielle nicole


Nichole just Snackin

Gooood morning

Mellonee Edgeston

Part 2

Tysae Holloman

Y'all a perfect couple ever I love y'all

tina lina

Yes let's get part2

Life As Shanna4BG


Chris And Cosha

I’m not being negative but I hate when people say a baby spoiled for having nice things and just stuff that people use daily how does it make you spoiled lmao there parents this is there job

Mily gang

Baby Alaina is so adorable I love her so much and y'all too❤❤❤❤❤

Marcia Dixon

I want to see a part 2 keep them coming guys

Dominique 226

Damn y’all running out of ideas

monique goddishaw

This was just too cute i love you guys

arie mattox

Did anybody notice when jazz said "but at night she can sleep the whole day away?????

Jay Maxine

You’re a very great mom but plz take her swaddle off that toilet ! Lol where did u get the bath tub from ?

Maria Kaba

Jass can we get a face routine

Ju Dy Graham

Love y'all sm Mayne

Dinean Simon

I Really Enjoyed It Sane Family

Princess Glow .

I was finna get ready and sing my heart out when I heard “butterflies”

Ladaryan Johnson

I love the song to the intro

Tiffany Works

Why not just get nursery water... ?!

Jzanay'zha Sexton

PART 2!!!

Kayla Muldrow

Part 2

grace Loreal

She is so gorgeous omg


I love this intro

Byram middle school Fights


veronica love star

Love yall the baby is beautiful