XBOX 360 UNRECOGNIZABLE DISC 03-57-00 FIX / Tutorial

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XBOX 360 UNRECOGNIZABLE DISC 03-57-00 FIX / Tutorial

56 725 views | 20 Apr. 2014
56 725 views | 20 Apr. 2014

Before anyone says it, I realize I suck at explaining things.

A how to on how to fix an xbox with this problem. I recommend you follow it only if it applies to you, and if it doesn't work then sorry but it did work for me and other people as well.


dj warner feat motion _ bachateo mix
enriqua endoza

ig doesnt work for me hell i want to play my black ops 2

Anthony Hernandez

Would it work on the newer version of the xbox 360


This gonna hape with the xbox not white, is the black... The "new"?


It will let me play any and every game except black ops 2 when i put in bo2 it says unrecognized disc and I just bought it and I tried it for bo2 and it worked for about 45 min and it won't do that for any other game then bo2 and I tried everything and nothing worked and this doesn't work now


Didnt work

the_official_ malayka

Fuck it ain't working bitch

Cameron Hawkins

lol,... a shit of piece of paper


XD a shit a paper

Arthur Carvalho

Oh man. I have Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock but i don't buy i burn in a dual layer disc, the xbox say's : ''Unrecognized Disc'' -'' Error 08-03-00'' Visit

Can you help me?


Thanks for the vid, it didn't fix my problem but i got lots of those black marks wich hopefully means i proggressed on it somehow

Andrew Robinson

Holy shit this forreal worked hahahah. I was getting so pissed off too. Thanks. I subscribed


It worked for me. Thanks.


i think it errors with your Xbox laying down, need it standing as thats what its built for i barely learned, ima try this tho before i stand it up :) great video!

FFA Weed

Didn't work but thanks


no fucking way this work !!! !THANK YOUUUUUU deserves a sub!!!!!!


fakme it didint work me wantz to play minecraft :(


wth this generally fixes it? lol if a computer guy starting doing this i'd think that he had no idea wtf he was doing


it worked for my slim thanks mate!

deborah bird

Thanx ill sub as soon as I do it !!,!!,!,!


It didn't work man

Preston Manalang

I love you no homo thank you bro


This did work for after watching your video! Thank you very much!

Tremarr Payne


Tcakes YT

This better work or ur payin for my xbox repair

Greg Lake

I can't believe it! This seriously worked! Thank you so much !

Anthony Hernandez

Not work

Austin Meeker

When you did this, did it happen with just one game or all games?


Thanks I can play battlestations pacific again

LugoAFőnök 20

De nem jó bazmef

H Gaines

Cheers man my mw2 works now!!

FFA Weed

Didn't work but thanks


Thank You so Much!!


Cheers I can play bo2 now

FaZe Rix

I have 03-80-00 and 03-57-00

Mark Mason

It worked but now my Xbox is broke but it worked thank you so much. And I am not being sarcastic

Magenta Freak

Jam it till it works!


I don’t think it works with the black Xbox

Craig The Martian

You're a fucking genius

Erick A

OMFG at first I thought u ere bs me but it works sooooo happy thanx a lot

Antonio Panuccio

cleaned whole disk tray and the magnet and still bloody does not work it makes a noise that it is ready then you hear a louder noise then stops

Jennifer goins

Do ya think it will work on the Xbox 360 e console?

Ever Licona

thanks you so much


Thank u so much it worked hope ur youtube channel hits 5 million

Mahmudurr Rahman

How does it work for ya'll and not me!?


This work for black xbox 360?

Reptile brotha

Will this work for the slim?


fapping ?

Hatsune Miku

This video was uploaded on my brothers birthday

Thiago Gargano

Perfect Dude! It worked for me!

wanda Garcia

doesn't work

Sam Lalh

Hey it works for black 360 i did it thanks alot to wonders

Amy Gafford

a shit of peice of paper

✪ Akashi Seijuro ✪

I am guessing you don't remember the guy who thought he was going to jail for advertising apples as ads on YouTube? XD I was the one who wrote the fake email I got from the CEO of YouTube and he believed it


Yvonne Schilling

It didn't bloody work.


You are my fucking savior!! I can finally play The Orange Box again! Thank you! You deserve more subscribers!

Pewdinario YT




Anand Gantulga

You said shit

Daniyal Naveed

Great! It worked you got another sub


“Its hard to see because this camera sucks dick”

ninja gamer

THANK you man your the f best


Thanks man! I haven't played my xbox for a while and all of the sudden I got this error... You saved me!

Glucio PL

Thanks, it worked

FaZe Rix

i bought a new disk and it still said unrecinized disk lol

CarlosCristian Gonzalez

This didn't work for shit

Quinten van der Sijde

Ah heck.. It didn't work for me, and now I'm pretty worried about my xbox. Do you have any other possible solutions?

Sofia Pgn

yo ! u suck it doesn't work ! go trysomethig else u suck !

x Aztec

Doesn't work for me :(

Loretta Pelvis

Didn't work on mine I have the same Xbox I had the same cd

Robbie Mitchell

OMG you are one of the best people out there this fixed my xbox and i am so excited

Chance Bremer

It's not working

Mau Ordaz

actually, the real problem on it is that the edge of the láser is kind of stucked, well not at all but it dont slides correctly, you must put some oil on the edges of the láser, you need to open your xbox for the
job, but it will work always without problems


Or you could just blow in it, that's what I did, it fixed it too

✪ Akashi Seijuro ✪

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Yo that sh-t worked! Your vid was the 2nd I watched like you said don't judge... My son & I started cracking up when it worked now we're about to play some L4D II SPLIT SCREEN!
Thanks for sharing!

julie johansen

Thanks bunches this helped alot!!!!


No work


Thanks fixed it


i was skeptical, just did this for literally like 5 seconds and it worked. incredible 

David Manriquez

can it be any paper?

AC gang

thanks so much because my Xbox one just did that and it had a very black mark but now my game work

Doublex 1029

Omgg thank u!!!!!