How to Navigate Michigan Unemployment Website (MIWAM): COVID-19 Update; May 2020

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How to Navigate Michigan Unemployment Website (MIWAM): COVID-19 Update; May 2020

27 698 views | 2 May. 2020
27 698 views | 2 May. 2020

This is a little outside my usual jurisdiction but a lot of people are struggling with their unemployment account in my home state. Hopefully this video helps for some of those people!!!








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Nina Chehab

If your still working, but your hours are reduced because of covid-19, do you still have to complete the Medical form.

Neshae Moore

So do you have to do the pua application to see what i owe to the unemployment insurance?

Intrepid Elf

Thank you. Self employed here and waiting 7 weeks now. Followed your video, uploaded income for 5th time and faxed all paperwork. We shall see. Anyway, your explanations of issues and how you resolved them was helpful!

Cordelle Mills

My miwam account says “pending payment” for all my certifications. Why???

d archie

How do you know if there taking taxes from your unemployment?

Tony Hassan

Wow in the state of Michigan they put stop payment indicater on payment can you helps no body answer the phone in the employment office

Smb Dro

How do I use Marvin

Amina Alameen

I have an existing claim and weeks left on it but i want to file a new one bc circumstances changed how do i refile a new one using my same account

Cathie Strevel

My profile doesn't show a tab "File a New Claim"

Corey Martin

When I go to my submission (processed), when I click fact finding mines say Issue - reporting(certifying) Questionnaires - you late reported for the week 3- 28 - 2020 ?/ what was the specific reason you were late reporting ? I chose( not aware of requirement). I also see this Reporting ( certifying ) late certification - Issued closed on my determination status. Could this stop my unemployment because I got weeks approved from March 28 - May 2 but only received one payment for week of April 18

Andrew Shay


I completed it and it said benefits will be sent next business day and its been a week?? Can you help me please??

Erica Rodriguez

How do i get my check stubs from unemployment? Please help everyone.

Peá Lush

Hi do you know how I’m supposed to add a pictures on there like how do I upload a picture of my id and stuff

Wendy Norris

Any idea of how to get past the initial application? I submitted the completed app but, i never got the next confirmation screen. I did however, get a text saying it has been submitted. So know i'm not sure if it's been accepted, denied or other. When i log into my account, i am right back to the application. I ended up filling it out several times trying to get it to submit with confirmation. If you had the same problem and have a solution that would be amazing. I have also tried calling only to be hung up on after several prompts later. Thanks for anything you can give me. Frustrated

Anthony Ray

I'm locked out of my miwam account ,it was hacked ,& I lost my phone around the same time ,the problem is I can't change my password because the code is being sent to my old phone and I don't have access to that email,no one answers phone at unemployment what do I do?


on mine have 7 weeks of weekly benefits but i never received the money... I submitted multiple reopen/ additional claims and got no response. Where do I go to get "cerify" , I checked everywhere and don't it. Is it under claimant services?

jeff jackson

Jesus Christ...what an unbelievable beurocratic joke UIA is. Steve Gray who is the head director, came in charge a few years ago championing that he reduce the redtape and BS that comes with these crooks, and THIS is what we get????

sabah eljaafari

How can I apply for the 13 weeks extension?

Bill Kapri

okay so where it said ability for you for me it says availability and add docs but i don’t know what they mean by this

Rachael Adewusi

HI, can explain how to cancel a claim, and to make a new one in that same account?


How can I update my address?

Women Wired Differently

when my husband filed in April he was generated an online confirmation number but not an official claim number so can't get paid can't re-file either.. can't contact anyone.. I filed the next week I had off work and no problem and generated for that week a claim number and He was paid but NOT for the first week off. Have you heard of this happening? my husband is furloughed so he works 2 wks then off 1 week goes back 1 week then off a week... sigh

Messengersent Ministries

Says I need access code when it got to the part about, "How much did you make in 2019" Won't let me go forward or back. Where do I find access code?

Michael Madison

Thanks Babe I was lost then I found you.

Arwa jamal

Hi how are you doing I had eligible weeks and I did a protest I have been 21 days and nothing is a change no one called me I applaud the document I I have a question Do you know how long they usually take to review the the protest and fix the problem

colin campbell

can you do a new claim video?


It says my ssn is with another account and I think it’s because i put the wrong username and I had to create another username but I’m so confused

DQuan Hursey

Anyone know how to reactivate or reopen a claim? I’m having a hard time finding how to do that online. Need a quick walk through

Ash The Duke

the certify option did not appear at all since last week after they paid 1200. How to unlock weekly certify option to get 200$ paid weekly

M & M

Hi there doll. Hope u have a spare few moments to think with me. I first filed first week of August and I filed retroactive to March 29th. I did not file a regular UI claim. I filed under PUA as I have received UI benefits twice in my life, last was 2o16, I knew I wouldn't qualify although I've came across many articles recently saying i was should have done that step first regardless. And missing that step was vital. That is a whole other issue which could be glitching my payments.. I am even more distressed as I sit in an apartment that I'm about to default on for the 2nd month.. my credit score is down 7o points after missing payments, i have been disqualified for several assistance programs and resources that i desperately need and my state benefits have been significantly reduced because I am 'receiving unemployment benefits' although no monies have deposited.
I have 2 amazing kids who deserve everything good. I have no1. My family.. well.. I don't have 1. I had my daughter by myself.. last December. Not a soul has called to see what I named her or if it's a her.. My poor son.. he's 14.. he is friends with any1 who he meets to get away. Been 2 weeks n says he can't deal with my stress. I don't blame him. I'm pathetic. I'm so sorry to go on. Fml. . What about next years tax refund? I lose $9,ooo.. because I couldn't finish the invisible rubix cube? I am devastated. I apologize for t.m.i. but.. Im gonna lose them.. We were homeless for a year b4 this place. We got this apartment the day the stay at home order started. I couldn't find him a bed for 5 weeks. Services stopped.. his birthday is January, my daughter will be a year 12/19 and this is the 2nd Christmas.. I can't get him anything even a haircut.. I'm so sorry.. back to.. So.. almost immediately, i got the approval. 39 weeks. I felt so grateful I cried n cried feeling like I could breathe.. I certified then, online, as it showed i had benefit weeks I needed to certify for. I went back thru til March 29th as I was prompted. Each submission listed me as eligible and approved and said my payment would be issued the next business day. 6-7 weeks later I was issued 4 weeks of $137. Let me just say that I realized I had an old online account for my EBT and I attempted to link the 2 by changing my email. That was last payment issued August 29th. My weeks keep saying approved n payment next business day. I spoke to an agent who said she knew nothing, all was approved and to keep waiting. No fact finding or correspondence at all. Just.. nothing. So couple days ago I seen I had the old UIA claim so I changed my email to that one. Still nothing. Nothing. Michigan disbursed retro in Sept it said. Again I'm so sorry n probably will just delete this I'm so humiliated.. I'm gonna pray u have insight. Delete this n inbox me if u can.

Ken'Shawn Siebert Jr

How do i change my routing information


I have a new phone number I have changed it everywhere I can and it still sends my codes to old number so I cannot access mywam I can only log in! Totally frustrated

Big Vonn

your cute

Shirley Heiberg

My friends say their claims are getting “open non-monetary issue” and they are not getting paid. What do I do to avoid that?

prince Jay

I got helped by WANE_007 on Instagram

Terrance Hals

i have an active claim and been accepted and im waiting to report on my date but i see i have an alert saying file a claim and when i click on it it says reopen/additional claim ...can anyone help ? should i leave it there till my report date?


Hello, i have an issue that I havent seen anywhere. I can login ti miwam , id stuff all correct, next page ask for income verification. i cked the correct box, no dought, then it says cannot verify, so no access code. please call the dreaded 0017 #. Any help would be appreciated

David Wilson



i am unable to certify at all. i received two alerts to verify & received my payments but haven’t been able to verify that i’ve been unemployed since. Under alerts it says “file new claim” even though my case is still open.

Dorelly Perez

Thanks for the video.. I just received an email today saying that I had a message regarding the claimant mondet, but when I logged in to view the message under correspondence it did not show anything. I see that you have it on there. What exactly is that?? Thanks

Brian Givens

I just had trouble finding the website to login to. Here it is:
From there you follow the video and login. After I logged in it was easy enough to find certifications and go through the questions and get paid!

kellsy h

thank you. However i cannot even put in my information of work i have done to finish this. Is it the website? Anyone had that problem today, May 6, 2020 at a time little before 5pm?

Abby Patrick

So I accidentally waived my benefits and was wondering if you could help me?

Daily news 24/7

I’m 22 never had a job can I still qualify for unemployment and do U have to pay taxes for it

Denise poprafsky

thank you!! i boo booed too. I had a Mi bridge account. I did not know i was suppose to use that user id and password. now i cannot get in.

Leondra Jackson

Hello on my login it do not say certification no where for me to start getting my benefits

Ken Green

Can u apply for this if your on social security or disability


How do you make a certification claim? My area is blank and i don't know how to make a claim

Ashley McIntosh

i cant change my address is there a way you can help? i am not sure how to do it theres no option to edit my address

Winter Niaanae

Hi how do I re apply if I got denied

Terrance Hals

do you know after u certify and all go well but then u get a open mon issue , do you know how long it takes to fix it

Michael Yaroch

I signed up for a MiWAM account and when I logged on it defaults to my past claims page from 2009. There is no options (tab) to file a new claim or go to the HOME page. No MY ACCOUNT tab either. Any thoughts??

Samuel Hernandez

what happens if I didn't certify? I missed certifying In March and for the month of April it says they won't pay me because my employer pays for my apprenticeship which clearly is a total BS (they don't). This whole Unemployment website is a nightmare!

Mahdi Zuhairi

I have filed for unemployment and I am waiting for the 5th week... I sent them documentation of my ID and SSC but they didnt even reach back to me. They keep telling me to retry submitting and shit but I tried like 5 times. I already have the card (bank of america debit card) and I waited the 48 hours but nothing happened. It says "verify identity" sometimes and I always complete it thru the ID card and SSC pictures submitted. I am confused asf, help meeee.

Alex Saadi

Hi gabby!! Haha so random this came on feed. Much love


Problem is that Democrats redone the system.

Felicia Fullwood

YESSS! This was SO Helpful!! You’re the best!!!! Thank you for this

Mitchell M

I lost my job in January but got a severance to last until mid-April, which meant that I couldnt file until then. I also got an independent contracting job that lasted from late Feb to the end of March. I didn't put that job down when I refiled because 1. I couldnt figure out how to, and 2. I figured it wouldn't make any difference because I wasn't filing for the weeks I was working. All of my recertifications were accepted but I was never paid. Now they want me to refile my claim. There's no stop payment notification like the suspected fraud cases. Can anyone help me figure out what's happening here?

Brett Meyer

Thanks for all your help. Learned a lot! Like a number of others I'm someone who didn't understand that you had to certify for benefits every two weeks. So after a few weeks of not receiving any money I checked my account and I had a number of weeks i didn't certify so they canceled my account from what I understand from your info and the comments. Should I try to reopen my old claim or start a new one? I didn't see any where in my account that I could reapply. Do I I go to the start a new claim and give all my same info? I don't want to have two accounts because they said that could cause a delay. Thanks for all your help.

Bluewinter Forever

I don’t even have option to file, what should I do? Usually under the account alerts, I chose everywhere isn’t there

Keke King

How long will it say “process-pending payment” mine has been saying that since Sunday and it’s now Saturday and nothing has changed

Mr. Twenty-Ten

How do you claim every two weeks? I don’t see anything to reclaim


How do I upload my documents on the website?

Souhayla Denha

I forgot my login info and i cant not login any more , even with forget I’d and password but never got recovery login email
Please email me an answer at [email protected]

Michael Abboud

Hi ...
I changed my email and until now it is not updated in the system and I cannot get a code to continue because they still showing the old email to get a code... I called many times and I couldn't talk to a live person ...
Thank you


Do you recall how long it took for you to receive benefits after the first time you certified?

Ron&Cee Tv

What do I do when it say verify ssn

James Longwood

@DumpsEmpire on telegram...I'm recommending for valid dumps

Al Bennett The Thi3rd

i get to the end of the application to submit it but when i click the submit button it doesnt do anything ... plz help