Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PS4 Episode 8 - Hacking Skill Wall Crack Level 2 Firewall

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PS4 Episode 8 - Hacking Skill Wall Crack Level 2 Firewall

22 944 views | 5 Feb. 2016
22 944 views | 5 Feb. 2016

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PS4 Episode 8 - Hacking Skill Wall Crack Level 2 Firewall

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Marco Ramirez

you have to digivolve him to any of the available form then de-digivolve him back to agumen and it should boost up his max lvl


Thank you so much i was lost too

Shadow Blade

trying to beat digimon before naruto ninjas storm 4 n arslan the warriors come out.

Joseph Tobin

I just opened the gate

Flo Covaciu

i was stuck here cuz i only had champions in my team x_x

Kyla Kossow

Not sure if you figured it out but I believe you have to digivolve and then dedigivolve to exceed the lvl limit


I'm stuck at Chapter 3. The green Fire Wall lv2, I can't open that. How the hell can you open it?

kak hoofd

you have to de-digivolve the agumon to raise its max lvl but to do that you first have to 100% scan his lower form and than digivolve him back to agumon and then you should be able to raise him to lvl 16 or higher!:)

Muhammad Azri

I'm soo doing the u now.. Haha

Andrés Germán Andrew

Which digimon do I get

Jose Espinoza Leal


Wesley DuCharme

Thank you that was really helpful


Note: you need 4 digimon that are rookie or higher


How did you get Veemon?


that last guys thrist. i swear.

Shadow Blade

nice team u have

Anthony Lisi

How add a forth Digimon?

Corey Vasquez

for your first problem you need to digivole agumon then De digivolve him back. That should change his max level. the problem with this you just need to level him back up. I hope this makes sense.

Louie T

What the hell is right

Flo Covaciu

lol i never thought people who don't know digimon play this game

Mason Holton

You don’t need the dlc to get black agumon and gabumon you can evolve digimon

Rigelthespino 25


Yoinser León


Shadow Blade

I own all consoles I go back n forward n I love them all n there to many great games to get

Codi Palmer

Omg thank you I was so lost on opening that gate




thank you!!!!!!!!!


You have to digivolve Agumon and dedigivolve him. It's the only way to extend his level

Andrés Germán Andrew

Fantasy Godiva I need your help

Dakota Spires

you have to get four rookie digimon in your party

Ss4mike macedonas

100% works you need 4 rookies.

Andrés Germán Andrew

How do I pass through the level I couldn’t yet


Thx for help with the firewall lvl2 i was stuck in many hours


I still didn't get ok