Randy Alexander Fatal Crash Video 5/5/18

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Randy Alexander Fatal Crash Video 5/5/18

36 394 views | 8 May. 2018
36 394 views | 8 May. 2018

Randy Alexander Fatal Crash



I just checked the replay on the on-demand app and they've edited out the crash.

NascarFan 18

Videos of the bad crash

Jamie Baker

Hate to know I died going that slow

Maria Page

Seeing it in person was horrible. My heart sank.

Dr Detectiv Among Us

My God when you realise how lucky Ryan Newman was in his crash

Justin Smith

I was there when this happened. It wasn't pretty

Kevin Blanco

You have the only video crazy


Give the poster thumbs up having the guts to put this up


Wow, thats like worst case scenario. RIP

Jay Kizer

Looks very similar to Ryan Newman's 2020 flip.

jesse kitts

I was there that day and talked to the guy before he made that pass my last words to him was be careful and have fun

J Hart


Michael Proulx

I feel so bad for him and his family , very sad. RIP .


Very reminiscent of the Bruce Allen/Kenny Koretsky crash from 2005.

Jeremy Howell

I was there and it was so odd they had a chopper fly in but decided to take him in the ambulance instead and I wonder what the Injuries were

Kelsi Morrison

I will give my thoughts and prayers to randy Alexander he will be missed
Kelsi Morrison

JT Cook

don't know if I'm glad that I left the stands right before it happened or not. prayers are out to the family, friends and fans. I know it's hard still but think of it he died while he was doing what he loved. R.I.P. Randy Alexander, you will be missed.