Navigating the (HUGE) EvE Echoes Galaxy! | Basics of the UI, Weapon loadouts and mission combat!

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Navigating the (HUGE) EvE Echoes Galaxy! | Basics of the UI, Weapon loadouts and mission combat!

2 919 views | 14 Aug. 2020
2 919 views | 14 Aug. 2020

You might be feeling a smidge overwhelmed, but don't worry, it's not THAT complicated! I promise you it gets easier as you start to adjust! There are little tricks to help you get going, and I'm going to help you out with some of them that we've learned at Noob Headquarters (also known as my Discord!)Want to participate in some of our craziness? (We just completed our first Destroyer group up mission!) Then come hang out!

Topics covered:

1. Going over some simple tricks (like making the graphics better)

2. Loading out your ships with better weapons

3. Accessing the galaxy map, fighting in encounters and a lot more!

4. If you have any game mechanic questions, feel free to drop those questions in the comments!

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Kaleliler'e saldırı! - Sen Anlat Karadeniz 62. Bölüm

wouldn't you of been better to use the t2 or even a t3 frig to do hostiles?


This game was a huge let down. Already deleted but love Rev.


yeah its massive..

Johan Schouten

Nice video dude! :) I tried to play in Bluestacks, but I cannot zoom in and zoom out. I know to Zoom functies of bluestacks itself, it does work for STFC, but not for EVE Echoes


This looks like a Bluestacks sort of game to me. Too much stuff for my smallish phone screen.

Jesus Aguilar

1. You can stack similar weapons so they fire in 1 click.
2. Filter your encounter to the missions you want. I like only showing combat and investigation. Filtering by rarity shows the most paying one on top.
3. Set you autopilot to travel "shortest path". It'll cut down on travel time.


Game needs to be played on a tablet or..NOX/Blue.
My S9+ is great but the words are so small my head hurts after 5 min.

Swen 67

We started a corp with contract donations to the CEO. Need omega and trust to make it work. The corp cant be a real corporation for mgmt and organization until the mortgage is paid off. Taxes and donations work tho to pay it off.

Gunjan Patel

So they lock techs behind the memberships? Can you make a video explaining the memberships and why one should go for one or the others?


keep getting stuck at the galactic traffic jam or Jita fml

Chris B

OMG all these interface shortcuts! I've been clicking 2-3 times and it's a pain to find anything, but that skill tree is awesome. And all the other little shortcuts. it would be nice if they showed you this in the tutorials. And I never noticed there were wrecks to loot after fighting pirates.

Does it make you sad to fight pirates? Or are they just competition you have to eliminate?


Thanks for this tutorials.. We get lots of those reaper starter ship and civilians turrets shields.. what do you do with them? I can't sell them.. So just destroy it?

Graeme P

I ditched as I ended up in space and could not do anything


How can i expedite my skills? Can i buy "sp"?

Gerônimo Demiam

Você pode mostrar como é missão

Paul Atrady

So how on Earth do iship nsurance policies work in this game?


Why are all tutorial makers ginger all of a sudden? Too embarassed to go outside?

Larry Zande

Hey rev. Thanks for letting me know about this game. Hope to see you in space or join your Corp when you get it running.

Knockout 194

Keep them coming long have you been playing this game bro