Skyrim Mod Showcase: T3nd0's Perkus Maximus

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Skyrim Mod Showcase: T3nd0's Perkus Maximus

200 794 views | 13 Nov. 2014
200 794 views | 13 Nov. 2014

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A new mod by T3nd0?!?!?! Errmahgawd! This mod looks epic. Seriously it is like a remastered version of the Sky Re perks on steroids. A video on how to install it using MO will be forthcoming


Perkus Maximus-

How to install with SkyRe-


Best of Asmr eating - HunniBee, Jane, Kim and Liz, Crunchy ASMR, Sas PART 18
three person couch

Wonderful video - thank you for this!
I like your little drawings at 13:09 - looks like you were an art 'progeny' as a kid :)

Seriously though, great explanations. I normally never watch long mod videos, but glad I did here


How do you level the Wayfarer Skill? Its stuck at 25


how do you level dexterity and wayfare?


I hate to be that guy who gets all technical with grammar, but Cuirass is pronounced Queer- Ass. Not cure-ass. People always say it incorrectly and it bugs me :p

Anyways, this looks like a cool mod so i'm gonna give it a go. 


Why did you make the skyre w/ Perma private? Please can you put it public it really good and I was going to install skyre with Perma :(


Holy FAQ of [email protected]! Such an amazing and informative Video, long enough though, and really, really well done Xuul, i really appreciate that u go in such compressed Detail, a rare ability and it was so helpful to choose a Playstyle for myself, gonna destroy the World with sweet, sweet Firespells :3 Thanks for producing such an great Video :D


Went to download this, But i don't have the expansion for skyrim. A part of me died inside.

Neltah 9 From Outer Space

I have a dumb question....Is this an add-on for Skyrim Redone? Or is this mod to be used as an alternative to Skyrim Redone?

Kevin Qian

I've been using perkus for a few days and love what it's done so far; but I'm confused on two things, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.
First, I can't seem to level up my wayfarer skill tree. I'm not exactly sure how. Second, it seems like lockpicking doesn't level up dexterity, only pickpocketing and fist combat levels that up. 
I'm thinking that they're results of some overlapping mods that I'm not aware of, but I want to make sure i'm not crazy.

Andy Hurlbut

Can I run skyre and perkus maximus together? New to modding as of TODAY! Woot.


Can I still strip people? 

Captain Shite Stain

Strange mod this one, doesnt make your graphics fancy, and a lot of it is behind the scenes outside the perks. But that said, one of the best mods out their, I honestly am not sure if I would even bother playing without it. Magic is such a huge change, it feels almost like an entirely different game its that much more indepth. I am now on my 3rd mage, trying out another build style. Such a highly regarded mod, everyone should get it, I suspect most would consider it the new standard to play by.


I feel that this mod have alot of likenesses with Requiem mod? I haven't tried out this mod yet, but is Requiem and this mod very different from each other?

Jeff Poirrier

This was great... but come on guy. You said "Progidy" about a dozen times. It's Prodigy! 


this mod and other mods are useless if the skyrim game keeps crashing all the time, even on other peoples computers, Bethesda should look into this problem.


Nice job I was a fan of skre this mod just looks soo amazing though.


Nice video, but you sir are clearly no "progidy."  :D

AnCap AF

Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy


yay something new to devour into my ever growing list of mods

Sunny | Shine



I've got a question. Does this mod give you extra perk points? It seems like a shame to have so many new perks and not being able to use very many since you'll only get a few dozen in the game (especially rare when you level up higher).

If this doesn't do that then do you know of an extra perk points mod that can be used with this?

Keldren Raze

the mod video wouldn't be as long if you'd stop talking about how long the mod video is.. seriously, shut up and say something!


a katar is a push dagger shouldn't that be peircing

Luis Mitis

new to modding. can i have this mod installed with SkyRe also?


will these perks work with spell mods like apocolypse - magic of skyrim and invested magic?


Gold having weight is fucking irritating.

Travis Storm

Where did you get the Skyrim photos and skill trees? Google searching does not yield any conclusive results!


remember guys you will need to play the game from beginning, this mod does not work with old saves, the commentator forgot to mention that part


i don't understand this mod. It seems useless to me

luc andersen

You did a great job with this vid. Much appreciated, I've just subbed.


Excellent showcase!
Is it possible to install it via the mod organizer on a second profile, because I really like the saves I already have and I can't play them anymore with PerMa installed as far as I'm concerned.


Can anyone explain to me which perk allow me to sharpen enhanced magically weapon?


The reason as to why the perks descriptions are the way they are is to make it seem more immersive. Still good video

Craig Scott

Probably coulda saved a solid 10 minutes if you didn't keep telling us how much time you didn't have.

Phroilan Gardner

It's pronounced: prod-i-jee. ;)

Toshiro Yamada

Would love a real in depth walkthrough of each perk tree my sure what many of them do despite having the mod myself I find it hard to figure out exactly from there descriptions


Love your videos man!


Still watching New years Eve 2018

charl X

morrreeee i want more!

feed me perkus maximus, feeeedddd meeeeeee

Dogus Piyadeci

thank you so much for this video. Helped me a lot understand the mod. +1

Swol BrohamLincoln

Do i need Skyre to use this? Because i u installed skyre and all the other mods that goes with it. And i gonna be pissed if i do lmfao because i had such a hard time to get everytning in order


Ice spells are "super cool"



Any in depth info on the trees would be awesome - if a build theory crafting following was built off of Perkus (something a bit diablo-esque), that would just be amazing.

Eurrikke Edward

How can you check the actual effects of these perks? D:


Is this compatible with Frostfall and Hunting in Skyrim?


Anyone know how to reset perks in PerMa? This mod is fantastic by the way.


Do you have to uninstall SkyRe for this?


Sometimes I feel like Bethsesda made The Elder Scrolls as base games and let the community bring out the full potential of the games through modding, wich I aprove of. I mean, that's why the game series are so popular since you can mod basically everything in the game.


install tutorial, and nice review


Do these new spells and perks apply to NPCs, or does this just make your character retardedly OP?

Jacob Cartmill


Jesus Portilla

I am currently installing this mod, I can't wait.
Now that I am here, I hope someone can help me with this, does anybody know how can I reset my game count save to 1? I am currently on save 4874 and I want to start fresh with this great Perkus Maximus mod.
Thank you and have fun! :D

Tyler Whitehead



1 question: Does it work well with Immersive Weapons and Armor?

Michael Oez

subscribed :) nice video bro


prod... igy... not progidy


NOTE: Does NOT include Wintermyst - that's separate.

J Genke

Every time you say PROGIDY it gets me one step closer to tearing my dick off and shoving it into my ear.

Nicole Pelletier

I'm a little confused.. There are a lot of perks in this mod, so are extra perk points added through the mod or do I just have to make do with 1 perk every level?

Cody Polak

so one progety and master perk


Bad ass backround music

Midarn Blackhalo

Just in case anyone here forgot... it's Pro-Di-Gee, not Pro-Gi-Dee. Still triggering nerds nearly 4 years later. XD #NeverForget


is this compatible with SkyRe?

Milan Singh

Really annoying... How you cant see what all of them actually do other than bunch of complicated texts


I keep getting java null pointer exeption no matter what i do. When i Sun with sum or .jar and even .bat . This is my load order: GameMode=Skyrim

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp=1
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp=1
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp=1
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp=1
Extended UI.esp=1
Better Vampires.esp=1
Brawl Bugs CE.esp=1
Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp=1
Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.esp=1
Immersive Weapons.esp=1
Pre PaMa WAFR CCOR IW Patch.esp=1
Pre PaMa IW Patch.esp=1
Pre PaMa CCOR Patch.esp=1
Pre PaMa WAFR Patch.esp=1

And this is the debug overview in pama:

[1] [OPEN DEBUG FILE] Opening Debug File
[2] [Run Location] Program running from: C:\Games\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\ata\SkyProc Patchers\T3nd0_PatchusMaximus\.
[3] [SUM] Arg: -NOSTREAM
[4] [Status] PatchusMaximus version: 1.2
[5] [Status] Available Memory: 15MB
[6] [Status] Max Memory: 989MB
[7] [SUM] Patch needed because it closed prematurely earlier while needing to patch.
[8] [SUM] Patch needed: true
[9] [SUM] Starting patch because user pressed patch.
[10] [SUM] Window Closing.
[11] [Needs Importing] Needs importing because force patch was on or patch needed updating.
[12] [SUM] Patch needed: true
[13] [START IMPORT THREAD] Starting of process thread.
[14] [SPGlobal] Skyrim App data thought to be found at: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Skyrim
[15] [Importer] Starting import of targets: 
[17] [Importer] In mods: 
[18] [Importer] Skyrim.esm
[19] [Importer] Update.esm
[20] [Importer] Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
[21] [Importer] Dawnguard.esm
[22] [Importer] Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
[23] [Importer] HearthFires.esm
[24] [Importer] Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
[25] [Importer] Dragonborn.esm
[26] [Importer] Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp
[27] [SPGlobal] Skyrim.ini believed to be in: C:\Users\Admin\ocuments\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini. File exists.
[28] [Import Mods] Done Importing Mods.
[29] [SUM] Patch needed: true
[30] [EXCEPTION] java.lang.NullPointerException
at patcher.BookPatcher.generateScroll(
at patcher.BookPatcher.runChanges(
at patcher.Runner.patch(
at skyprocstarter.SkyProcStarter.runChangesToPatch(
at skyproc.gui.SUMGUI$
at Source)

[31] [SUM] Closing program after UNSUCCESSFULLY running import/patch.
[32] [DEBUG] Closing Debug File. Time was: 334387

Any help appriciated!!!!

Papa John's - pizza pizza

For my next play through I wanted to do more of a jack of all trades character. I will be primarily a warrior, sword and shield, heavy armor, and sometimes use a great-axe. I will do magic, primarily restoration and destruction. However I will do almost no thief/assassin stuff, though I will be doing speechcraft because I'm going all out dragonborn, shouts will be important. I'm also planning to have my game have not many mods, keep it light weight. Is this for me?

Kid Yami

t3nd0 is a superhero.

L Madsen

So I need this mod and Skyrim Redone? to get the best experience?


IDC if it was running long... TELL US MORE!!!.. HELL I wanna see gameplay



Andres W

So if I gave some follower npc perks in the CK do I have to run the patch again or i have to start a new game? Because with the "hasperk" command shows me that the npc don't have said perks. Thanks.

Andrew Cameron

 the beartrap thing is dumb and is kinda feature creep imo


Couple of hopefully constructive criticisms:
1. Don't constantly call attention to how long a video is. If you feel your viewers are too dumb to see the video length, say so at the beginning of the video and then don't waste time saying anything about it during the rest of the video.

2. You spend a lot of time gushing about how great the mod is, marketing style, without really saying what it's about or having a real opinion.  Instead of stating the obvious "this lets you make builds that have never been seen before!!!1" Either have a specific opinion about how well it works (requires you to have playtested), or try to be objective ("You can make dwarven mech followers. This works, but follower AI makes it still imperfect")

Hope this helps!


Great overview.  Must say my grammar Nazi squirmed every time you said "progidy" though.

Happy Shinigami

wish this worked with skyre, love that mod for the difficulty it adds to the game but i love this perk tree

Sean Snyder

PRAW-DI-GEE, prodigy. Not progidy. Fun fact, progidy is not a word.

Terry Percy

don't know if you care, but there is now another mod, to show you exactly what each perk does.


Looks pretty good, however there was a whole lot of nothing where the morningstars should have been in this mod.


You kept saying Prodigy as "Progidy" xD 

Great video!




Not 'progity'. Wtf.

MPS Training

Do a video how to combine this with a mod like Erso. Thanks!


Just installed this, first time using a perk mod. Anyone kind enough to recommend a high quality standing stone mod?


Should I start a new save for this mod?

Andy Hurlbut


Luckily this is long so I can watch while downloading the mod. #SlowInternet


Is unarmed still a part of lightweaponry as it was in SkyRe?


About your criticism, I wouldn't call it a downside, I would call it this generation having their hand held through video games their whole life and not thinking it's a good thing when they aren't. I think not knowing what every perk does is a good idea because it let's you explore the game your self, some people may find it boring to just know how their character is going to be at the end of the game before they even make their character, while some want mystery and new things added to the game and want to test them for themselves.

Mikhail Paremski

The best part of rolling characters, is the planning stage. While this review was awesome, I have to defend the mod about the perk descriptions. I actually LOVE to sit and read the documentation. That's the first thing I did when I bought Skyrim. I prefer the in-game text to just be a light weight immersive description, rather than documentation, so that I can sort of feal that adventure of reading a slightly vague description, and being surprised by the result when I'm not building a specific build.

Kadajin Gaming

It's Pro-Di-Gy not Pro-Gi-Dy ROFL


Hey Xuul. The vid is nice and is very much truthful to the mod [at least compared to the site's description, u've done a great job] :D
Just wanted to mention that your vid is "unlisted", meaning only via the link ppl can get here. IK it might have been intentional, but just so you know as it might have been not so xD


Heh, you said prodigy wrong every single time.  I'm pretty sure you know how to say it right, and just slipped up, I just thought I'd let you know

Pillbug14- Quality Gaming Videos

Does it work with DCR?


Question, do you use Elys uncapper or no?

Zach El Capitan

Yo Xuul I was surprised to see you on PerMa's nexus page! However I am glad you are getting more recognition!


Overall, a pretty good review.

But, if I may offer a critique...
Your voice sounds forced through most of the video. It sounds like you are trying WAY to hard to speak in a way that is unnatural or uncomfortable to you. It gets a bit more relaxed further on, but it is still there.

In addition, there are quite a few moments where you sound VERY condescending toward the viewers. So much so that I almost stopped the video on multiple occasions. I don't think it was intended though, so I just pushed through.

Patrik G.

I have my dwarven power armor and space viking armor instaled is this going to break it ??

Colin Crooks

great video, can't wait for the install and hopefully some playthrough.


i cant find any perk to improve echanted items! pls help


Great video! subbed!