♥ ... I Forgot How To Attack Move w/ Illidan - Heroes of the Storm (HotS Gameplay)

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♥ ... I Forgot How To Attack Move w/ Illidan - Heroes of the Storm (HotS Gameplay)

64 811 views | 10 Mar. 2018
64 811 views | 10 Mar. 2018

Ever have one of those days where you forget how to do something basic that you've been doing for years. I just monetized that.

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That social media nonsense.




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Martin P

Why do u 'a Attack move' ? What's wrong with the right click?


1:45 a minion did die....


I think illidan is bugged with his auto attack bc I do the same thing. I chase one person and he won’t attack so I’m not stealing hp and just end up dying


Oof that Malthael was trash! XD


I love taking mercs as well. Just set up as Gazlowe and go to town.

Ryan Buck

Pally, you been watching the Hodge twins?

Alon Alperovich



Pally were u drunk at the time of recording this?

Edit: Reached the end of the video and found out you werent drunk but u sounded like it lol XD

Jared Ringland

Im not sure but battered assault should shred the objective on this map right? Cause if it counts as two heroes when two are in it, you should always proc the buff right?

Twisted Fate

On the question of Battle Momentums, I don't know of Johanna still has hers but I know Kerrigan has Bladed Momentum which is exactly just Battle Momentum. The Vikings have it too but it's 0.75 every time any of them basic attack so it's sorta a special one




You too the dive talent at 16 and didn't use it to get the heal camp immediately after, I am triggered so god damn hard


Palllllyyy use your q and e on camps especialy with marked for death

Miles Parsons

difference between right and left clicking and all of your abilities is so much more important specifically with illidan bro - if you are interested i can show you my hotkeys....HIT ME UP! I was grand master back in warcraft 3! And I main Illidan also. I want you to try it and show me how it goes!


Pallytime with the Watsky reference, nice.

Dave H

Never a waste.

Sayed Saba

geez what happened to you. You used to be calm and collected, informative streamer, but lately it's just too much screaming for my taste

ey lo

cant you tell yet! ,if a hero dont pick talents and split pushing means it is an AI


Nah, objective still seems like trash.

Raider xs

Hey pally, I actually play illidan to a large degree nowadays and when using battered assault, it is always better to pick up the unbound at 4 and you can continue to manage ur trait up for infinitely as long as you manage to spreads the procs out, also I prefer meta cuz 3v5 and winning is funny as fuck. Also have to use your Q for marked for death, it also chunks 3% off core with each flip. Better to couple with unbound so you literally dance over core.

Yacob 707

Ok so pally you said that the enemy team is likely to group up a fuck ton and so I was expecting metamorph


Clicking your portrait or any other portrait at the top shows the stats screen. Thumbs up so Pally knows


How dare the heathens think pally has to be drinking to be pally?? =X <3 the vids!!!!


You picked green skin with red mount and red banner, disgusting.


There's options for attack move to either hit thing closest to mouse close or thing closest to hero just got to change that


I like going for battered + blades of azinoth + Nexus blades, jumping in, and hitting someone for over 600 damage an auto as Illidan. It's pretty fun.

Thomas Wheelis

Welcome back?

Rufo Gallardo

I thought it was just me with the screen freeze, that shit have killed me a million times

Mylo Pharodon

Hi pally!! Im the hanzo in that match.

Xavier Murphy

Rapalie to yhise


Are you drunk when you're making this vid?

Hic I am not

Zach Otten

drunk illidan? lolol xD


I use the A key for my attack move. Does anyone else prefer to do it that way? For some reason i have it in my mind that, that is more precise.


neh man it was great imo, definietly it wasn't waste of my time. I had a blast watching it, keep it up :P

Atsu Kana


Chris Torres

I def have that mood, wanting to just take camps.


Good god do I weep for Malthael playing against that team comp

alucard Bloodream

would anybody here play capture the flag, or search an rescue you know like take out a opponent an the only way they can get their team members back is by defeating a enemy team member, yeah its a little call of duty etcesk, but I think it might mix it up a bit


Illusive Daniel comes to the fray!

Frederick Hecker

why dont you use your right click to focus the enemy you want?


Best intro ever

Doctor IC



I don't have a daily screen freeze I have a daily BSOD, only wiht HOTS though lol, you should be happy it's just a freeze :P

Doğaç Çakır

Man, this is gold


you can click on the hero portrait on top to see your stats

Benji Kelso

Tried playing illidan one time. Was absolute trash! So watching a good illidan is fun! Also,illidans dance is funny. Never seen it before!


Me: especially pallytime hehe

holly fuck

Daniel William Faulks

not using q on that boss was so painful to watch


MVP = Map Very Pressured

Kevin Despot

"Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash." That's the line, and it's from Top Gun

The Rogue Wolf

I'm gonna say that your Junkrat deserved that MVP. He was getting some quality work done, especially with those concussion mines.


if you go into gameplay options and turn on "attack move target point" it focuses attack moves on the target closest to your cursor instead of closest to your hero

Flibber Nodgets

I like just taking camps too. Samuro is my favorite to do it with but illidan is also quite fun


Pally just fyi there's an option in the attack move command menu that let you choose between attacking the closest enemy to your hero or the closest thing to the point where you clicked, hope it helps :D

Black Dynamite

I get the urge to just push lanes from time to time

Daniel C

The enemy just got no CC at all...


But Pally, I watch your videos with the purpose of wasting time!

nvalid werdz

Jo still has BM.

Jonathan Hopfenblatt

Pally definitely sounds like he recorded this while inebriated.

EDIT: That statement at the end doesn't sound true. You still sound drunk. <_<


To be fair I've had the issue with illi a ton where all of a sudden he just stops attacking and I have to click on something new a couple times to get him to auto attack again. It's been extremely frustrating and caused me to lose some battles before.


You've monetized chaos!


It might have already been said in the comments but you might want to check your attack move settings. Theres an option to attack the closest thing to you, or the closest thing to your mouse click. Melee heroes seem to, at least for me, do better when I have it set to closest to character.

Ducky 237

If I had a dollar for every time Pally called Hanzo Genji, I'd have quite a few dollars.


who else tries to move the screen around when watching in fullscreen?!


16:04 Pally check your attack move settings in the options, it can be set to move and attack on the way or move then attack.

daniel nunez

I just noticed that illidan doesn't have nipples


Pally, you know the healing item for this map isn't a "Press F for Health and Mana" anymore, right? It's like the turret, but instead of pelting enemies with bullets, it washes you and your allies with health and mana in a specific area.
Like a healing totem.
It's just a big neutral healing totem.



i have the same problem with no attacking on illidan


Damn, I wanted a drunk Pally but this was still great. How about a drunk a-z this year?


there is a game option for your attack move to prioritize heroes over closest target (if closest target is a minion).
Same thing screws me up, also the pathing changed a few weeks ago, so my character goes down when I tell it to click up... because it thinks it is a better route for some stupid reason.


Really enjoying these vids pally! It's sounds like you're having fun which makes for a happy pally and a entertaining video. Keep doing you!

Andrew McKinlay

Funny, I perceived attack-move acting different recently, too.

Spencer Runion

How did he go w build and not take blades of azinoth?

Jason Spitz

You evaded.


You didn't forget how to attack move. Somehow your settings for it got changed.


That. Was. AWESOME! XD


Tracer was definitely a bot, at least for most of the game.



Kwame Allen-Roberts

I didn't know how to attack move w/ Illidan to begin with, so you're lucky.

Mustang Phoenix

About the attack move thing, I was under the impression there was an option to change that to attack the target closest to the cursor, instead of the one closest to the character.... might be wrong though xD


Pretty sure Tracer was a bot most of that match.

Daniel Burks

That intro XD

Emanuel Zarro Teixeira Verdan

Doesnt this problem with attack move happen when you mark that option to prioritize attacking the target closest to your cursor than to you? I find that this option help ranged heroes but mess with melee heroes.

Jim James

Lost vikings have a full battle momentum (even on heroic) talent


You sound wasted


"i only died...that's pretty good, pretty happy with that" --- MFPallytime (March - 2018)

Mike Scott

A Pally video? Waste of my time? No such thing.


Best intro, 10/10.


Mvp jaja

Adam Stewart


Nathan King

Pally”do as I say not as I do”time

Atsu Kana

That tracer made me cringe

Jon Marsh

think i actually played with this guy or against him......name is familiar


You probably already know this, but I'm an Illidan main and it went completely under my radar for more than a year. Blades of Azzinoth at lvl 16 builds up charges from your W. I always thought, due to the crappy description, that you had to hit 5 heroes at once with one W to use it, but you only have to hit 5 heroes. With your W. Whenever. It fucking stacks...

Now that's pretty god damn sexy if you ask me.

The Fat Man

Extra hyper today aren't we pally?


pally just saying your q extra damage can prock on mercs as well


I was also drunk just now playing Illi, and I must say, he made my asshole pucker with glee.

Twisted Fate


GoldenSea03 Idk

Yes some time I wake up and I’m just like, ya I’m just going to takes camps today.