Patch 7.3.5: The FATE of Archmage KHADGAR !!

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Patch 7.3.5: The FATE of Archmage KHADGAR !!

54 623 views | 4 Jan. 2018
54 623 views | 4 Jan. 2018

Patch 7.3.5 is going to take us to Silithus where we discover the fate of Archmage Khadgar going forward into Battle for Azeroth !!

Footage for Star Wars: The Force Awakens used under the banner of fair use. All copyright and licenses owned by Disney! (Live Streaming) (Twitter) (mid life-bar crisis) (Armory) (Title Sequence and Branding)


Stonedove EXP

Going to ask politely again can you please unban me from talking in chat on your twitch. I cant seem to type any chat , thank you

Dick Gori




RPG Addict

Yep, common sense makes people hippies. I'm glad that it shows that neutral organizations will still exist in BfA because frankly, the faction war makes little to no sense. The premise of warcraft was conflict over misunderstanding, but we've passed the misunderstandings barrier, things can be talked over now and probably were during Legion. Unfortunately we're not going through that route, we're just going to forget all we've lost, we're going to forget the legion invaded just a few days ago and destroyed a bunch of hubs during prepatch and go straight to war! Nevermind repopulating, nevermind struggling and maintaining a defensive posture after the losses suffered to regain strength.

Destinamue Gaming

He is Kirin tor so he is not a traitor

Jennifer Dobbie

Did I miss something why khadgar a traitor?


I think Khadgar has a right to not be moved much by that statue, considering that it doesn't look anything like him.


So BFA is just a petty squable over some resource ? meh.

Daniel A.

That last point you made rings very true for me. My main's a Troll Resto Druid. Why the FUCK would he still be loyal to the Horde? I just can't play him any more without that in the back of my mind, so he's gonna be benched if I even come back for BfA

nibble cookie

hey AZ did you quit FFXIV?


So, instead of trying to talk things over with the leaders of the Alliance and Horde, Khadgar, you instead run away to Karazhan to talk to a dead guy and read books...

Wow, Khadgar, you're a pretty shit diplomat.

Dutch van der Linde

Khadgar is right. This is stupid.


Medivh is not a ghost he's alive he was there at the end of 5man karazan.


Khadgar is a pretty shit wizard

Calvados / Rezo

Sorry... I thought this video was supposed to be about what happens to Khadgar and what he plans to do not to mock the guy who is clearly smarter than the horde, the alliance, and apparently you put together. Thanks for wasteing 8 minutes of my time.

Grant X

Aww, triggered alliance normies everywhere


The Draenei-Woman at the end was cute :3 ^^

Lionel Timót Marton

AZ, please don't use the word 'garrison' in the future, it creeps me out :D
great video btw, keep up the marvelous work ^^

Renegade_PT Games

Omg now the factions in wow are like FFvii Shindra taking the blood of the planet nice one blizzard this is very original :p

Kyle J

The final patch...The Shattered Bonds. Races are no longer bound to a specific faction!


HeelvsBabyface I think it's perfectly acceptable to raise a statue to glorify a neutral leader who is the voice of reason, especially when the factions choose to be idiots. Saving the world we live on is infinitely more important and wise than any stupid faction beef. The main reason Blizz created BfA as another faction war is because of those old school players who think that just because this is a fantasy game based on "us vs them", that it's not "warcraft" without the faction war, that the characters within it can't gain some wisdom and logic and eventually overcome their major differences and have relative peace amongst themselves. We have always had "war" in warcraft, and it doesn't have to be with the other faction. There will always be outside enemies we have to "war" with. That should be sufficient.

I also disagree with the idea that if someone is neutral, it makes them a traitor. It depends on their reasons for being neutral. In Khadgar's, Magni's, and Jaina's cases.... none of their reasons are traitorous in the least. If, as claimed, the Horde aren't the evil/bad guys in this game, just misunderstood, and the Alliance aren't either, because they are generally decent people who just sometimes do bad things, then survival and peace for all or most of the peoples of both sides, is a worthy thing to fight for.


I actually liked those quests.. o_o

Vladimir Olegovich

I'm thinking about skipping several months of BfA to avoid pointless bloodshed. Until patch "it was Old Gods doing" (and admiral Rogers).


I even stood 1 foot of a human

Sophia Astatine

Why do you assume the unofficial guardian of tirisfal would take sides? That's kinda bullshit .-.


Sir Garris. lol


I want to kill khadgar since WoD... so wish he is some dungeon boss

Stephen Walker

Okay so the reason we're going to be fighting is clear to me. Look at what happened at the end of WW2. The Soviet Union and United States who had worked together to defeat Japan and Germany immidiately went at eachothers throats when the war ended. After the Axis wad dealt with, the Soviet Union and United States started a war that lasted from 1945-1992. We saved the world from its greatest threat, but after that threat was defeated, we fought to conquer the world we saved. Fighting with allies after the war is done is in our nature.


Am I the only one that noticed his porn chat channel?


personally I am glad kadghar is not picking a side cause someone needs to like the rebel scum err I mean horde

Earl Grey

Didn't you make a video saying goodbye to this channel and WoW content? Why are you still uploading WoW videos then?


The Slithid have new models?
repurchasing a wow sub intensifies

Super J - Man

I just had a crazy thought! What if sargeras was trying to save Azeroth by stabbing one of the old gods, AKA c'thun, with his sword? Remember he has been against the void Lords this whole time, and the void Lords use the old gods as parasites on the many-worlds containing Titan Souls in order to corrupt them.




Luke Lord

shut up...i agree with khadgar, he has no reason to take part on this pointless blooshed


like seriously, amazing quests in silithus? something fun to do in silithus? never.

David French

I'm not playing till the next expansion. The game play is not worth my time.

Ineffable Being


Prince Stormstrider

Khadgar deserves some rest after 2 expansions.

Sleepy X

tbh is he really a traitor when the legion sit at the door of azeroth not really its better to prepare for the worse even if you have won a small battle the war isn't really over

Sophia Astatine

Also... How did you fucking miss the fact that Medivh is not dead? I mean come the fuck on.

Brian Arnold

I love how even khadgar believes the idea of the next expac is crap and is planning to take off till blizzard can fix this turd


Ahhh crap silithus again.. silithus aka siphilus... hot dry place full of bugs.

Mark DeShong

AZ!!!!!!!!  Soooo glad to see you back. Don't get me wrong, I am also sub'd  to your Mid life channel, but I really love your WOW content. Really glad you've come back. Keep on rockin the great content.


1. khadgar is human
2. he has a statue in stormwind
3. cmon seriously


lost my shit at the traitor part

Uram der Rote

Sargeras plunged his huge sword deep into azeroths fertile grounds and now she is bleeding? Well, hope she is not pregnant now. xD


didn't really enjoy the vid till that woman showed up and he got all flustered...about as annoying as my fat wife walking in front of me while I'm watching sports...i could be do chores for her all day and she doesn't even care to come talk to me but as soon as i sit down for the game she wants cozy time...


Click bait?

Gamer Dan

Oh come on. We all know what Khadgar is going to say. "WE NEED APEX CRYSTALS! IT"S THE ONLY WAY" :P

Marco Ford

When Khadgar returns to medivhs tower he will "discover" the "necronomicon"... he will become a baddie

^^^ calling this

Kou D3x

ohh cool i was the 1 thousandth like. :)


pacifists and hippies ... I play World of Warcraft not World of Peacecraft


big fan of you heelvsbabyface , love yr videos & keep em coming

Tristan Milner

After 2 expansions, 1 bad and 1 meh, I am happy to see khadgar fuck off. You can't have an alt hit 110 without his ugly mug showing up.


i need to do antorus


Don't want War = Hippies. Great logic there Heelvs I hope you never rise to any military status..... as if you could if you tried. XD

Du'morte Montal

your diction is poetry


To be fair though, if I had my way, I would join up with Khadgar. I know it's called World of WARcraft but seriously, with how many times both sides banded together to save Azeroth we should be a bit more peaceful I think.

It's a shame that Azeroth is bleeding out and both sides are scrambling like mad dogs to get the blood.

BUT that's just my opinion. I know some players really love the war bit. And that's fine.


love your UI!

Raymond Dominguez

Glad to see you back on wow!!!


Clickbait title and a waste of time...

Murilo Leonardo

twilight paper.. wow!"

Josh Powell-Morris

I wish I could join Khadgar in telling petty kings and warchiefs to take their Azerite and their war and shove them up their ponsey arses. My character is not the type to draw his sword up those whom were once brothers and sisters in arms. I feel once more that the RPG element of WoW is diminished for this.


dude that mog is awful... :D


If Silithus is called "fertile soil", what are the Silithid and all the other bugs in this metaphor? ;p

Igzorn Buelle

hm.... the crystallized lifeblood of an planet utilized as a weapon, i think i heard that one befor......*cough* Materia *cough*. i would be very disapointed if there is no nod to shinra somewere in BFA.





Claire Pierson

great video i love the quests

Stephen Hirt

I agree with Khadgar. And I think a lot of other people do too. It's why so many are not as excited at the next expansion as they usually would be.

Dude Brah

Khadgar is too cool for the alliance


Calls the NEUTRAL kirin tor Archmage traitor when you were Horde till late cataclysm... shame on you

Blake Place

this new area looks like the cultist and dragon part of hyjal mixed with an orange version of dread wastes.

Andre Ware

At least Khadgar and Magni is doing something productive.


Khadgar have the right to stay away for another pointless conflict between the Alliance and the Horde so he is not a traitor, you're just a bias person.


So good to have you back Az! Been enjoying all the content since the end of your hiatus.

The Technology Druid

The moment I saw Az's face in that scene I lost it! That was epic man! :D

Tim Lewis

God, the armor sets just keep getting more and more gaudy every patch.


Khadgar isn't a traitor; the Kirin Tor are Neutral.

William Sugie

So basically Azurite is Mako.


That comment about the meat sword and fertile soil...what if Sargaras just impregnated Azeroth...we know she's a she.


Lol azerite is like the first blood of Azeroth after Sargareas plunged himself for the first time on her...


Just gonna point out, Az... it's an MMO. If you want fun, impactful quests, go back to ESO... no seriously, do it, there's a new chapter of the story and everything. It's in Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City. XD

Corbin Holmes

Ya know, I don't see the problem with Khadgar's and Magni's decision. I'm gonna be called a "hippie" for this too, but we have for so many expansions seen a game that was initially Black vs White turn into a whole shit load of shades of grey. Now we got BfA coming out which pretty much just paradigm smacks us back into a Black vs White context, and you entitle that everyone just goes with it despite what they've went through in their past?

Now I'm not saying this as a "no more wars" sort of thing because "no more wars" is just impractical (somewhere in life there will always be a war), but with all of the conditions we've been through that would have initially got us alittle into "Black vs White" in the game, we have ran into as well an underlying problem that would make our current "black vs white" context put to shame. Out of anyone in this game, Khadgar and Magni so happened to experience these turn of events as much as they were able to breath. So I think this is them simply being "smarter than the machine", and if you were to look at it in a "Black vs White" context, those who do think smarter than the machine are always at war with those who don't think smarter than the machine...too goddamn meta to be exact...

Justin Gridley

+HeelvsBabyface wtf youtube unsubscribed me from your channel. Secondly loved the video


1:05 lol! "meatsword". You have such a way with words, Az XD

James Ozim

Fuck him i am done with his jokes for 2 expansions


Vodka mixed with a pinch of black pepper helps with the voice problem.

Artoria Wisteria

Just wanna say....god its good to have u back Az


My guess is that the wound caused by Sargeras' sword unleashes the corruption of the Old God below, in a much more potent dose, which screws up the judgement of the faction leaders, making them rage war on one another.

That would be all good and fine for an expansion plot, if this was level 60-70 level cap, and all we were, were lesser magi and warriors fighting as footmen for our grand faction..

But now, we are the most powerful version of our respected classes, and going into an expansion that (speculation) is driven by corruption, leaves us players in a weird spot. Either we, as the most powerful selection of heroes in the world, will have absolutely no say on the judgement and actions of the leaders (which seems lazy), and we will be forced to regress into the role of a lowly footman that just blindly follows orders.. Or we, as players, will have to "play along" with the corruption seeping into our characters and make believe that our characters act, out of corruption and not out of free will. Meaning we stand up for stuff (Burning down of Teldrassil, f.x) even though we as players see it as stupid, but "act as if" our characters don't see it.

tl;dr. Unless Blizzard have some clever way of maneuvering this, then the first few patches of red vs blue are gonna be awkward to play.

John Frank Evangelista

When i read post that Khadgar is a Traitor. I believe those players are corrupted by the fel... Coz you know the wise characters capable of sensing which is dark and which only fights to survive. These idiots doesnt know war wisdom. One war wisdom is to not let the enemy act with desperation. Clearly these fools dont know the art of war.

Juan Murua

i finally got tired of your one sided shit, i did enjoy your videos but instead of praising the most wise person on this conflict you call him pussy.
time to unsuscribe, your videos are not that good anymore anyway

Kaji Sagara

dont like the quest? what are your ideas then? complain, complain, jeez, sarcastic on everything, why you play any way "so people expressing common sense are now hippies?"


Medivh isn't dead tho, is he?
Could have sworn he was quite alive at the end of Return to Karazhan


doesn't he realize if he just fought with the alliance he could end the war sooner thus less lives lost overall.

Gaviscon Gaming

Looking around at this day and age. We have North Korea barking at America, America barking back. "Global Warming" is "not real" and no one can get along.
It's quite reflective of the world we live in.

Instead of finding new innovative ways to house renewable resources for longer periods and in smaller yet more practicable batteries / storage holders, we keep taking up arms over oil and ripping through thousands of acres of wood a day.
You can liken Azerite to that of todays' oil.

I like the fact that everyone is still trying to stab others in the back. It's what all humans here in the real world do anyway ;)

Rafael Arandas

Khadgar and Magni are going neutral? I guess the combined efforts of Alleria, Turalyon, Velen, and the three dwarven races were not enough to sway their minds...? :(

Aaron Gallagher

if they added the ability to defect from your faction that would be pretty badass.

Weeaboos Hunter

Yes Khadgar he has a statue in Valley of Heroes ,traitor
We need Jaina back to skullfuck these hordes and shit down their necks