nes repair blue screen fix

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nes repair blue screen fix

14 195 views | 1 Mar. 2015
14 195 views | 1 Mar. 2015

I got this console from a friend who said it wouldn't start a game unless you hit the reset button. It would also randomly start the game without any interaction. Here is the fix, at least for this board.

Brandon Niette

Yeah how do you fix a. Original NES purple screen fix


I'm getting a blinking blue screen with all games. Same trouble you think?


The mario and duck hunt game was used to sell the system so it had a demo mode for in the store.


Hi Phil, I hv a Nes game that won't boot,gives me the blue screen, already cleaned the contacts,traces are good, checked the CIC chip and it's good too, will load right away but it's a blue screen, tried the game on 3 other Nes console n samething, any ideas..?

Julian Caballero

This is all I needed to know, thanks man!


Also the bottom port on the NES was never used in the US version.


I would be careful about corrosion. If there are still remnants of it left on the board the problem could always intensify. Using vinegar or lemon juice is a really good way to clean corrosion because it eats away at other acids. The reason why electronic cleaner wouldn't remove corrosion very well is because it's more of a base rather than an acid. I figured this might be useful in case of any future corroded console repairs.

Rakuten Kitizawa

So, could you replace an entire circuit board with wires then? lol

Matt Hooper

Ive never seen a blue screen. Gray plenty of times. Thanks for posting.


There's a demo mode at the start on that game like at the arcade. It will be mario or duck hunt. You need the gun for duck hunt.

CutiePieRainDrop :3

Who coment on this in 2020?


can the PR rim be fixed or does it have to be replaced.?

Jonathan Wall

Hi Phil. Do you repair these? I am having a similar issue and not really handy. Would you be willing to do it for a fee? Thanks


Hey Phil, thanks for the video. Lovely the way you involve your kid.
I was wondering, how do you determine how to do the jumper? I guess you cant just link any pin to any other. Where can i find the right rule?

Poker Soldier 1

Hey Phillip, my NES is doing the same thing but I fixed it partly with a new 72 pin connector. The image is still coming in bad with missing pixels or wrong sprites. I know the game works fine because it works on my other NES so I'm at a loss. There's no clear sign of corrosion. Do you have any ideas?

HorrorAesthetic Cosplay

Hey Phil! I just bought an NES today and I'm kind of bummed it won't work too well, I was wondering if you do repairs? And if so I don't have any money sadly if you do charge, I can give you more details about it if you're interested!

Scott Drew

I get a white screen sometimes....sometimes a light blue screen.

Owen C

Nice video!

Scha effer

What kind of wire you use for jumper??

Who Cares

When I insert the cartridge and push it down my screen is blue but if I leave it up the game will load. Would that be the 72 pin connector?


Hello Phil! Once again a very detail and logic approach to troubleshoot old video console. You and your son reminded me when my Dad & I worked together at his shop back in the late 60's. Thanks for sharing this tip with us!! Be bless.. Joe-Orlando, Fl.


Finally someone dealing with NES problems other than a bent or dirty 72 Pin Connector. I just replaced my 72 pin connector, but I am still getting the blinking light syndrome. I have a professional background that includes continuity testing of cables as well as circuits on CCA's as well as visual quality inspections on all forms of solder work. I have a hobby background in fixing retro electronic devices. My next step is to pull my NES apart again and clean and scrub all of the contacts again. If that still does not work, I am also going to do a channel by channel CCA inspection under a magnification device to see if I can find any glaring defects.

Sione Fifita

awesome video. very helpful

Hugh McMonigle

Got an NES from amazon. However, it gives me nothing but a blue screen. The light does not blink in some cases, but other times it does. it just does not seem to work. I have noticed it is difficult to insert and remove cartridges as if the connector is extremely high friction. I think it's rusted. I plan on opening it up tomorrow, but if you might know what is wrong already, that would help me a lot.


Lisa Aguirre

I just took my apart. It was working fine and then all of a sudden, froze! Then when i tried to restart it would jump into duck game. Took apart all clean no gunck. Clean game and still freezing. Any guesses?


Mine has verticle lines and I can here the game play but just see lines any ideas?

Daniel Melvin

I've got the blue solid screen on one I'm. Currently working on, but it doesn't start the game when I hit reset. I'm under the impression I gotta get inside Audio/Video section and swap a capacitor or something. I've got one with just a white screen and one with just a blue screen. Everything else is fine with it 72 pin is original refurbished. I don't need to cut the capacitor for blinking red light.