What Happened To My Girlfriend? What’s My Astrology Sign? Q&A

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What Happened To My Girlfriend? What’s My Astrology Sign? Q&A

71 545 views | 2 Jul. 2019
71 545 views | 2 Jul. 2019

This is the second part I promised from my PsychedSubstance AMA (Ask me Anything) video. This one gets A LOT more personal, as SWIM is my more “personal” YouTube channel. I’m hoping to begin posting regularly on here once more. I hope you guys enjoy and remember to subscribe! Thank you.

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Kerry Holbrook

if feds are aliens

Grateful aya

so i have been subbed to your first channel since April of 2015 and to this channel pretty much when you first started it, I have not seen all your videos but at least 3/4 of them, and this is the first time I noticed you wearing a Grateful Dead shirt, and that is an automatic thumbs up for me finding out that you're a fan of the Grateful Dead


Psyched Gaming!!!!

Heather McCall

I've actually read that book a few years ago, it's pretty funny, real, slow in dome areas, but not bad

Leo Klenber

don't have to listen to me but astrology is whack, stop supporting fortune cookie writers who give vague advice that's bound to apply to your life if you think for two minutes

Giovani Gonzalez

Adam! I work at a vape shop. Please dont tell me, you are vaping WATER?!

Water in your lungs is not good.

Please stick to regular vape juice.


Please don't say that your child is a boy and named Scott: https://youtu.be/ZCU8wxCdKIE?t=601

L0st Frequency

I had a feeling u are a part water sign, ur so open and confident about your feelings. cheers adam.

Jeffrey Librebowski

Just taking a hit of my "water"


17:02 :O me too! Wow that's crazy. I've followed you for about 4 years now. I don't know why it's so shocking that we are both Sag/Scorpio cusps! Just took me by surprise. And I've also never met another person in my same cusp


Duuuude .. no wonder i like you with moon in cancer :D hhahahah

Elijah Maitland



Where's the "the trip that killed me" video?

hunt davis

U channel man that’s cool cuz your saying things I bet u may hav not even realized u knew almost lik it comes from else where

Daddy Denied

Bro don't you know ff7 remake is having an optional turn based mode.
Also ff9 is better

Rey Nemaattori

FFVII was the bomb...


When I started watching you on psychedsubstance I just thought "hah, this guy has tried EVERYTHING"
I am happily surprised that I'm now taking life advice from my perception of my computers perception of the Internets perception of your device you uploaded this video trough's perception of your cameras perception of you ;)

Paola Ortiz


Bartek Juszczak

Woah, have you watched Unidentified? It's crazy. I can't believe it's not bigger news.

Amanita Dreamer

Money only makes you MORE of whatever you already are. If you have a poor mentality you'll lose it all fast. If you have an addictive personality you'll burn down with the money. If you are healthy and happy, you'll do good things with money. If you're altruistic, you'll use the money to do more for more people. I think money is just an amplifier.

Gay Lerod

5:00 isnt that kind of the plot to the 2012 film "Prometheus" lol

hunt davis



Damn I deeply respected Adam in almost every way before he said that dumb shit about aliens coming to earth and genetically engineering Neanderthals lmao

Lysergic Mage

♏️♐️HAHAHA makes sense


Pax ain’t water vapor it’s thc

Carolyn Eberlein

I KNEW IT! Stumbled upon your channel now i understand why I like you! You’re a Scorpio like me

Kennedy Carpenter

you believe aliens brought humans here but you dont believe we have a soul wtfff lmao

Anony Moose

You don't know the band Tool? You are missing out.

Rex Markslay

If you feel sad remember that you have to feel this experience to truly appreciate happiness. Also watch Alan Watts it helped me a lot in my life to take things easy on my self and others. Bee positive and it will have a good impact on your surroundings and other people as well. Be happy be positive. Love you all :)

Bradley Ambers

Scorpoitarriuses in the building

Owen Bell

I guessed your moon sign was cancer last year and never saw this. Lol that makes so much sense why I relate to you so much. Ahha

Moax Ke

So your birthday's a few days before christmas, love your work man. Only just subbed to this channel I've been missing out on so much.

abb b

No more videozzzzz


Jeez that was exciting...

Love Bug

I was going between Scorpio and Virgo for a while lol. Cusps are bullshit btw. You have not just your sun and moon sign but all of the rest of the planets in our solar system, asteroids, other planet's moons, aspects (angles), decans, houses, dominants, and midpoints etc etc etc. There is so much to your birth chart. You definitely have that fuckboy Sagittarius energy though lmao so I could see you being a Sag but you do not look anything like a Sag you look more like a Virgo or a Scorpio but you could have either of those as your ascendant/rising/first house which deeply influences one's looks. You are private and intense like a Scorpio but you are really into a lot of the spiritual shit like a Sag would be and you have the same fiery energy and you're interested in philosophical shit which Sagittarius is the philosopher and guru of the zodiac. Again, you could have a lot of either of those energies throughout your chart so it's not like your sun sign is the only thing that influences you when it comes to astrology. If you want me to give you a basic and free private reading hmu

King David

What made you come to the conclusion that we don't have souls or spirits? It's an odd conclusion. There are too many layers to reality to not have mechanisms in place to contain sections of the consciousness. I could explain all of this to you in a lot of detail if you want sometime for whatever reason, these things are very easy for me to describe and explain in a way that will wind up matching up with proven reality at some point in time.


Jasmine is absolutely beautiful. And being a momma 3x over myself, I feel her bump! Jasmine is queen ❣️. You should interview her.

ice la honk

do you worry that being a youtube personality hampers your ability to grow or delve deep into these substances? like, perhaps not the best analogy, but the same way that it may be difficult for child actors or someone who becomes famous while in high school. it's a lot of energy, good and bad, and attention and embarrassment and ego at stake. it seems like a difficult wave and one that may be a distraction from riding other waves that are undisturbed by having to juggle an ego that is reinforced by millions of random people around the world. that was my suspicion at least, when i heard of your bad trip and my primary concern when considering pursuing being a public psychonaut.


Two questions,
1. Have you ever had a k-hole experience? A lot of people that have experimented with ketamine believe they have been through them but most have not. Even if not, what is the most prominent revelation you’ve had while on it?

2. Have you ever experimented with MXE? If so I would love to know your experience! I would do it regularly back when it was a legal research chemical and I have heard many others describe it as the perfect psychonaut drug and I have to agree! Damn, I miss MXE.

Billy Bust Inside

A soul is a belief of inner existence that doesn’t die when we do. A spirit is more believed to be neurones that make up our consciousness and continue to move from the dead to the living or womb.

Timothy Bradford

I lost the game


I find it funny how you are so scientific on psychedsubstance, but you seem to consider astrology at all. Sounds ridiculous

justine Hampton

Integrity oh yeah!


Are you going to be ok with the inevitable death of your loved ones. Am I going to be ok with that?

Meagen Ruttan

I actually do want to know if you like the band Tool. I just recently saw them in concert!

Holy freakin' Shit Ballz!

Amphetamines are a class B substance (illegal to even be prescribed buy a qualified doctor) in my country and quite fucking right!

I thought this channel and his other channels were quite cool at first and somewhat informative. But now I realise this guy's actually quite messed up and has got some real addiction/mental issues that need a shrink. I also realise my dude here just uses his channels 'as entertainment' just to film himself high. And he now has a child and still taking things like MDA (other channels newest video)

God bless your rotting organs and brain with all the crap your chundering into your body. Peace out


so glad I bought one you blankets! thanks, man!

Jamming With Pommo

Hey is it just me or does this guy remind you of that one guy from psyched substance?

m. beanfliquor

has your ego dissoluted?

& on some twilight zone shit,
I'm also tripping tf out over how identical you and my brother (and myself) are.
to the upper lip slant, the eyes, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, forehead. wtf?
even the mannerisms/gestures and similar mindset -my brother actually practices "the diamond approach" and got way too heavy in it.
ended up losing his identity (almost) completely.

that was some seriously deep shit my brotha.


Collective energy

Ella Umbrella

pls bring shroom merch

Charles Rush

If I wasn't already subbed I totally would for the SquareEnix rant.
Congrats on the baby, that's a whole new kind of trip.

Freeman Vashier

what's with the coffee brand change mid-sip?

Sid Miguel

Holy shit bro, the Jasmine bit was fucking intense, you could cut the tension in that room with a blunt knife.

Clare Kuehn

I don't see a link to your dopamine/crisis video in the description.


Yeah "water vapor" haha


Y’all needa open up them blinds or gutters whatever the fuck they r and get that sun coming in bay b


Dude pleeease make Gaming Videos!


I couldn't agree more about FFVII.


He meant the band Tool genius!


You need to switch from from LSD to mushrooms and you will throw that universal consciousness crap out the window. On mushrooms you're not constantly seeing fractals/patterns, you normally get closed eye visions after coming in contact with an entity and all entities are different, most are not even interested in giving you a psychedelic light show. Open eyed these entities look transparent just like ghosts would. LSD is like meth of psychedelics and gives people the wrong idea.

Enserio Notemientó

You have a noice body

Mmm Bbop


I think he's quoting "the gods of eden" there.

Best history book i've ever read in my life except it doesn't read like a history book. The authour manages to convey a sense of "what the fuck!!!" literally on every page.

Well recommended.

David O'Brien

Dude I'm with you on the ff7 combat system thing. Ff games really went off the rail with fancy cinematic bullshit. The ff7 remake will probably follow suit :/

art world

Hey , do you believe that psychedelic experiences can be triggered by meditation? Are you into that stuff? Before I did a psychedelic, I "meditated on my pineal gland" (imagining light in the center of my brain) for hours a night until I say a phosphene for about a week until I have a hypnogogic experience where I hallucinated something that was so intense it sort of traumatized me. It was neither positive nor negative but I wasn't actually expecting it to work. Never done DMT before but the experience was almost like how you hear datura or dimenhydramine described but it was sort of like witnessing literal fantasy magic and then a bizarre psychedelic effect that returned me to normal consciousness.


how the fuck did u ever catch jasmin she’s such a babe


Less than 24 hours after filming this the baby arrived. Crazy!

Amy Stone

Where does he live? Hes drinking a Timmies beverage which is Canadian based but I know other countries now have Tim Horton's. Im a Canadian so curious if anyone can answer. Thanks


Im Cancer sun, moon taurus, and rising scorpio :D


Water huh? And I just jacked up a load of air IV

Kris Osmin

Bro get a sleeve and you’ll look like joe Rogan

King David

You should have a discussion with me on your channel about all of this afterlife stuff and where we come from. I have very deep answers to this stuff.

Aikaterine Illt

Um...yea, no, I’m not going to be grateful for the shit life and shit body I’ve been given. Problems don’t start from not being grateful, they start from not-personally-having any good reason to be grateful for anything. Or not having the things you need to be happy which may not even be in your control. Only the person living that life with what’s missing can judge whether or not they should be content with that.

But no, just blame it on the individual for not being glad they are breathing air, when life itself may very well be what is torturing them.

Just speak for yourself man. That’s all.

jonathan Loves mushrooms


hunt davis

Dude John carpenter called that out in they live bak in the 80s about being slaves oh yeah

Brad Sutcliffe

Is adam canadian I keep seeing tim hortons cups


You're the first person I've heard other than myself and the book I first read the theory explain that's how humans got here, righteous. Ancient secret of the flower of life? I've always thought we came from a mixture of aliens bangin monkeys because it makes sense, we have the expanded consciousness of an alien being but its like it's being held back or caged in by the bananaman mind (just made that word up right now, but I dig it n im gunna try and use it again in the future, feel free its open source) but what makes the most sense about that shit is the gold, explains our idiotic obsession with the useless/ limited use shit that runs the planet. BRB I gotta miserably slave through my day to collect some of this gold so I'm able to fuel myself to go miserably slave through my day again to make some more gold flakes to fuel myself to-- HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY GOD DAMN SENSE YOU SILLY BANANAMEN it makes me want to strangle ET with one of my dreadlocks


2:13 that water vape shmackn


Q&A question: can you ever be fully happy alone?

Jeremy Taylor

This dude tripping

Alex Campbell

Easily the beat channel on youtube


5:47 stop being such a homobasic-erectus

King David

I think it is very funny that you think this slavery alien story is more likely than Adam and Eve. In a way, they are the same kind of story.

Eleni Sotiriadou

what made u feel that u should share your 'psychedelic knowledge' to the rest of the human community? :p

Happy Donut

11:00 lol he meant the band

large mans

Don't be discouraged on the gaming channel if you still are dude, that's likely one of the hardest things on the tube to take off with,have fun with it if you start it up again

C square

left when he said partner

Emily Mae

Woah I totally thought you were a Virgo


scorpio and saggitarius sounds sympathic :D

Penis Parker

Im a gemini cancer cusp were even brah


it's normalization, when wealth doesn't bring happiness. but it does entail a better well being in my opinion.

Owen Bell

Hey man, so I know doing Q and As can be a pain, but if you can answer here that would be awesome. So I have an ex from several years ago who I was really close with, she recently took mushrooms and tripped a little too hard but she tried coming up to my house and taking a train about 3 hours away. While she was tripping . What do you think that could mean?


Please do a vid on microdosing lsd

Maria Granger

ur so funny lol love the content man keep it up


I heard vedic astrology is more acurate then western astrology

Юра Горшков

I don’t watch you videos to learn about psychedelics anymore. I just watch them to laugh. Your jokes are amazing and you seem to have a great personality

Racey Stacey

I'm short . But all the tall people I know are having pain with back problems. They are also really unhappy with their personal lives.

Mika Tarkela

You really believe the reptilian thing? I wonder why so many people who have used psychedelics believe so. It just sounds so bizarre.

Racey Stacey

Adam you are awesome. Aside from the fact that you are naturally HOT, you have the best personality. You're super smart and well spoken. My friends and I love your channels.


Please play more video games! I'd love to experience you experiencing an FPS game like the new CoD that's releasing. Weird that I want to experience you experiencing a video game but I love you man, because you're always there for me. & I love strategic FPS games.