I'm Your Puppet James And Bobby Purify cover Sarah Collins

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I'm Your Puppet James And Bobby Purify cover Sarah Collins

7 324 views | 24 Sep. 2019
7 324 views | 24 Sep. 2019

I'm Your Puppet James And Bobby Purify cover by Sarah Collins

Here's a great track by James And Bobby Purify which was also covered by one of my favourite singers, Dionne Warwick. I really hope you enjoy my cover of it. Needed some musical therapy today as it's pouring down with rain and grim up north today!!

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Thanks so much for listening! x


達人技!ネルドリップ コーヒーマイスター玄豆屋ご主人

Come out to LA baby I'll teach you how to surf and introduce you to movie stars. I'll be your manager.. we can hang out. Sound like a blast??

ET Himself

Original is quite nice

Andrew Williams

Sadie Travels

Beautiful cover! ❤️

Tony Worthington

Great tune,and well sung by you

Pap Mc

Great sound.... A little lift whilst driving thru this miserable wet, grey afternoon.

Thom Brooks

Thanks, Sarah. You made me happy. You’re an angel .


Brilliant as always Sarah... I was thirteen and at secondary school in London when this came out... My mum regularly tuned into the pirates on our radio at our house at the time and the pirate stations Radio London (Big L) and Radio Caroline gave this track plenty of airplay... Thanks for sharing Sarah... x

Donna Kowalski

Love it Sarah ❤

Daniel Stump

A WONDERFUL song from 1966. First recorded by James and Bobby Purify -- a couple of R&B singers from Florida.
(They styled themselves as brothers, but they were actually cousins.) This is such a fun song, it has been recorded
later by many performers, including the great Dionne Warwick and even some country music singers!
Also, a beautiful duet by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell (Motown's great but tragic duo).
Now, people, ARE WE LUCKY to hear Sarah Collins singing it 2019!

Trevor Preece

Great again you never let us down. ❤️

Darryl Brooks

Great song excellently sung top class thanks sarah


Listening to this in beautiful California sunshine! Went to Huntington Beach to do a little surfing today!! Cheers!

Steven Birch

Fab fab as usual look gorgeous number one fan Steve x

christian lacroix


ET Himself

lol, even thumbed myself up. lmao now, I can get silly.


A question. Where do you find the music tracks without lyrics ? It often seems to be the original sound track. And thanks for the pleasure you bring us ; watching and hearing you.

Luis Foreal

Good music.

Eddie Parker

Eddie Parker USA wow Sarah absolutely awesome you are truly a fantastic singer a real sweetheart

Everson Luiz Dias Machado Luizdias

Jesus Barea


Gary Shevel


Don V

Very Very good Sarah

David Eaton

Lovely cover and it is always a pleasure when you give us a few words before you begin.

Mark Beaton

WOW! Sarah, That's a oldie, Good classic song, Been many of year since i've hard this song,, You song it to a T.X

brian hinton

Good morning! Beautiful cover! Seem so relaxed .

Eddie Parker

Eddie Parker USA hey Sarah awesome job on this one as usual you are a true star way to go girl keep it up you are one of my very favorite singers love all your music will be watching thanks

Mike Hirons

lovely sarah, so gifted, I work in BBC and told a radio music presenter all about you and your group, think he might check you out sometime, that ok x

Angeles Suarez

Ms Collins..nice Oldie!

gilberto luiz roglin

parabens sarah,muito bom.

connie eurich

awesome cover

Rich Head

I’m only leaving to check on Morning Glory, thanks again Sarah

Pete Squire

whilst I'm thinking sbout a totally different song this is a good intro.


I've got the 10 paddle out for that one. Superb rendition. I closed my eyes to that one and was transported back 40 years to when people could really sing. One point. In that song, there was only one reference to boy, which you could have easily switched to girl.

Jose Sanchez

Me encanta tu voz esa calidez....

zonker harris

Your choice for covers is always superb. Another excellent rendering of a pop standard that suits your melifluent voice perfectly.

thomas nelson

Sister V Luv

I so enjoyed this! I remember seeing them perform this on a dance show on tv on a Saturday afternoon when I was in grade school or jr high in Philly. Love your voice. Glad this was in my recommendations. New subbie.

The Mechanic

Chilling out....and that just brighting up our day, thanks

Lee Hollin

I like your intros! Now I have a special request? To love somebody by the Bee Gees! Your my favorite cover girl!

Jim Cunningham

This was a staple at pool parties when I was a young man. Long long time ago lol Very good job!

Ian Robert Whittaker

Awesome cover !!!!!

Terry Haslem



Oh yeah, almost forgot , Sarah... I turned my surf buddies on to your music as we were sitting around having a few cold ones. Keep it up you're winning audiences all over the map!!

Suraj Meet

@Sarah Collins

Doug McCourt

This song is an old favorite of mine and I find your rendition hard to resist.
Your timing is spot on, your voice is soulful and your smile infectious - you seem to sparkle when you sing!
Well done, Sarah Collins!

Manor Mystries

I just love this. Keep it Up.
You Rock!⭐️

Ted Keiler

Great cover Miss Sarah.  Love this oldie.

dedee erick

Joel Garcia

Sarah if I ever get to meet you

Mark Cartret


David Flynn

Great tune 1970s brought it on vinyl . still playing it to day . Great cover Sarah


Way to go, soul girl! Sarah Magic does it again! Sorry if I keep repeating myself! I got another James & Bobby Purify track for you, "Shake A Tail Feather", that is if you can get a good backup track. I know you can bring your magic to that one too, bellissima! xx


Can you say Carolina beach music? Many thx Sarah.

glyn holdsworth

Beautiful Sarah

Antonio Marcos

Pete Squire

Ah ,so its "Abacking track"; now I know how the song is supported. I'm learning

John Robertson

Brilliant Sarah


Ho Sarah, I just want to say you are a very amazing woman, and if you have a hubby , he is a very lucky man to have you in his life, :0)

Alfredo Geronimo Bustos Alvarez

Sarah, I am your fan. Beautiful song

Kevin Munday

Oh Sarah - I really love this song and you sing it really beautifully, thank you x

tiffany branton

wud be nice to see you singing whilst stood up n dancing to the song whilst singing give it ago


Always Loved this song!! I'll watch this one over again! <3 Brian.

Lucy Young


Stephen Andrews

Really nice to hear you do an intro to your song Sarah

Karen emm1

Great Song Sarah and Thank You for doing this Beautiful Cover

Mikael Rennerhorn

Nice! You don´t hear this so often. Well done my dear.

denise reynolds

Awww this is one of my all time favourite tunes. Love it even more now. Well done hun, xxx

Terry Egan

nice one Sarah

Gary Millar

Awww Sarah,
Thank you so much for a fantastic cover

jose contreras

i love to hear you singing right now it does not matter what you sing every song is a hit love you

Ray Pascali

You are a winner! That was perfect. Thanks for sharing!

tiffany branton

another great song I'd think you cud sing is by sister sledge we are family or we're lost in music both great songs Sarah xx

Carl Ranger

Well done Sarah, a great rendition! X


nice, you're so good on the motown/r&b stuff, your enunciation etc...so nice!

ET Himself

Me # 1 it appears


Greetings from across the pond! Just discovered your channel and glad I did. "I'm Your Puppet" is one of my favorites along with "Everywhere" and "Party Lights". We have similar taste in music. Just checked out "Morning Glory", never heard that before. Thanks.

Mike Nash

Hi Sarah, a fella in work put me on to you when we were talking about Motown etc. and was saying how great your voice is...he aint wrong! Way better than the original IMO. Thanks.

Dr. Arnold Benitez

GM Sarah, I would like to hear you sing "It's gonna take a miracle" BY, Deniece Williams

Julio Julio Cesar

Girl beautiful


Hey yo yo girl, what good with it girl??load some new tunes up for the weekend . Pretty please girl wiv a cherry on top of it now.

ET Himself

Me not remember this tune?? I am a product of the 60's and 70's though. This tune has undertones of 2-3 songs I kinda remember - Thanks for refreshing my memory and kudos for another very well done cover


love this ...how about this ?.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zq2JAJVnuc