SFV - Ryu New April Update Patch Notes Explained! Changes For Street Fighter 5 Season 2

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SFV - Ryu New April Update Patch Notes Explained! Changes For Street Fighter 5 Season 2

46 020 views | 22 Mar. 2017
46 020 views | 22 Mar. 2017

Capcom has finally released the new Street Fighter V patch notes for Season 2. I made a breakdown video showing and explaining the Ryu character changes that are coming soon. This update not only has character changes but system changes as well. Many buffs and nerfs were reverted plus new special moves added to the game. This will be free DLC at the end of April for SF5.

Full Notes Link: http://www.capcom-unity.com/combofiend/blog/2017/03/15/street-fighter-v-season-2-balance-update

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dim diam

Ryu buff mk,its all about spacing right?buff lk,throw setups could remain the same if cr.mk is buffed,dp must have invisibility on wake up,especially in a game like this that have heavy oki gameplay and reaction time is none existent due to input lag,must nerf damage input ryu is not zangryu.and a cross up tatsu

Hector Domino

Make a video how they have Fucked Up Akuma...


Arcade mode? No arcade mode? Forget it about, I will still play Shadow Lords in Killer Instinct.


does he finally lose his anti air jab? thats literally the dumbest shit ever in any fighting game


I cannot wait for these buffs, they should have never nerf'd him in the first place


The entire concept for SFV Ryu has been a failure if you ask me. Capcom wanting to make the all shotos close range bruisers is just a terrible idea in general. And this hurts Ryu the most since he's generally the mid-screen neutral kind of guy.
Ken can be that "in your face" kind of character, just allow Ryu and Akuma to be something else.

The Blind Dragon

he needs more pressure after throw. Akuma and Ken has it so why not Ryu


The way ken moves now is so gay.

Ron Gomez

Really don't get how Capcom would fuck up season two so bad. It's not like usf4 could've been used as a reference for what could be changed and kept the same. It's not like they've worked on balancing for 7 fucking years before.


i agree about VT, cool change but Capcom can add more tricks easier as buff VT.

Thiago Branco

If Ryu's Vtrigger was like it was before the end beta it would be cool. The fireballs should not make the timer go down faster. I've been saying this for almost a year now, btw. Everyone just don't seem to care.


make ryu hk hit crouching oponents to

Jimmy Crane

donkey kick + red fireball


can you go over the patch notes for banana hair

Frel K

id love it if ryus vtrigger denjin hado could be charged for a period of time where after a set up knock down of some sort the player has to gamble, if it hits at full charge, it does more hits allowing for a follow up tatsu or something. if blocked fully charged it blows back and allows a few hits of it in. if not fully charged it just does what it does now. allowing for a game of chance where the opponent can either jump, invincible reversal etc, but ryu either releasing early or late ends up having the move hit, miss or be blocked but the difference is when he fully charges and it gets blocked theres a follow up. if he releases early it can get the jump or trade with reversal, etc.


Still bottom 5

Sir Smiles

I dont play SFV but i really like following the pro players and watching videos. I see why so many people said Ryu was nerfed to the ground. Bonchan was right Capcom devs are retarded. I have had my fair share of silly studios that cant balance cough cough* arenanet so i'm definitely not touching this game with a 10 foot pole.

I really feel bad for Daigo, played only Ryu for so long then had to go through this.


I feel if Ken is going to have a dive kick tatsu (Tatsu-Shoto) and Akuma is going to have 4+ different fireballs between normal and V-Trigger (Hado-Shoto), Ryu needs to have an uppercut that is much better than the rest (Shoryu-Shoto). Shotos aren't known for their long limbs or amazing normals, but their special moves are what usually set them apart from the rest of the cast and themselves. When will Capcom look at their own designs as clues as to where a character can be buffed?

If Ryu had an Akuma-esque V-Trigger, where he had two free Shin-shoryus that did 40% stun but used half the bar, while his fireballs maybe took 10% of the bar and couldn't be charged anymore for balance, but the difference in speeds were like normal but still faster, he would be dope. Then players could either throw 10 super hadokens, go for a stun or wakeup with the shoryus, or just use the buffs to his punch normals by using tatsus as his combo enders. It would set him apart and make his play more versatile. It wouldn't fix all of his probs, but it would make people respect his VT. I feel his HP shoryu should also be invincible on frame 1, again, just to make him the Shoryu-shoto. Its good to have rules in a fighting game, but when a character breaks those rules while still being balanced, that's what makes them memorable and unique. I say all this as someone who doesn't even play Ryu.

However, I've said it before and I'll say it again; it almost seems as if Capcom feels that since Ryu has access to a move that in certain situations is unblockable, they hold him back so he's not too op. If they were to remove the guard breaking properties of his charged fireball and CA during VT, we might see a better Ryu overall.


Ryu is too honest of a character to deserve all those nerfs he got. I can handle the AA jab nerf, J. LK needed to be fixed and I was fine with the throw nerf. All the other nerfs he got were not called for.


is fang next on the list?

Hayse Shouhda

Give Ryu his Donkey kick he had in SFxTekken, where EX would do a wall bounce and stuff. It would really give him an extra tool and cool factor for combo ability.

Omar Z

One possibility is that crHP will have a more horizontal animation/hitbox so that it is more reliable to do stMP into crHP.

Vtrigger would be more fun if he could dash cancel a charged fireball for say 1/2 of the fireball meter. Also, I kind of remember that in a beta the charged ex fireball was breaking the block very fast. That would be fun too.

Not that I hope for these changes, the Ryu matchup is relatively easy now and fireball characters are hard for Kolin.


Kolin's St.HK actually stops when you hit them as well, if she whiffs she spins around.


the should do a huge update maybe next year and include:

Additional Supers for example Ryus Shin shoryuken

Additional V-skills/V-Triggers

Arcade Mode

Another story mode, maybe make it as a SF3: new generation remake and introduce characters such as sean, oro etc.) to SF5

Remake more classic stages/costumes

and whatever else

2.0 zetec turbo Cougar

My boy Ryu needs lovin!! Everybody on SFV lost their virginity except Ryu. Got him on the front cover of the game to be getting his ass whooped by every character but in story mode is fireball is magical


lol as I've said many times before Ryu is still left in the gutters and lo and behold validated once again

Thing You Know

I wish more moves changed the animation on hit or block like Ryu's c.hp. The early gameplay footage seemed to have a lot of moves like that.


why do RYU and KEN wear padded gloves ?

Mandingo _

make his fireball great again.

Logan Ken

When will they buff Ken?and when will Ken's nostalgia stage come?

ken masters

All these characters getting buffs. my Juri is dead, im about done with this game at this point. damnnn i'm already on tilt

Sid Cole

cant tell if capcom is taking the patches serious. give the man his donkey kick with armor like birdie. I think capcom is more worried about tournament play than anything else. theyre thinking what might be a fun Idea for casual play or online, might be too good when the top tier players use it. reason why all the buffs are so miniscule. like cammy doesn't need an air grab ? zangief doesn't need a parry of all things. glad to they're giving to him but shit.

Core-A Gaming

When S2 Ryu throws me, I just feel sorry for him.

Yukari MAiG

He still doesn't sound that good. I want his V-trigger to last longer, it drain out really fast.


I just don't think Ryu's V-Trigger is good in general.


Replace his season 1 throw and damage! That'll make him viable again!

AbdulJabbar AbdulHameed

Give Ryu his side kick back from 3rd strike


sfv is going down hill imo.you are a great "casual" player, I need your opinions on this one vesper(you are not a casual ofc by casual I mean non-tourney). you thought me a lot with those videos(sfae era 4500euro dj), I prefer sf4 over 5 atm so your opinion will matter to me. I sense you're pro-sf4 since you are an execution oriented player.


plz like ryu give ppl the Hado D like the beta it's sad when my fav char isn't fun 2 even touch anymore


Hes rough and tumble this season but I honestly don't mind the struggle. its rewarding and refreshing to play an honest character. same with Alex seeing as all you can do is study and outplay them since they have no gimmicks.

bill carter

people who switch main from Ryu in season 2 are no in no hurry coming back, I think that says enough.

Rafael Valle Morales

Are you going to do a video about Nash buffs¿?? I know they are not too many changes, but maybe you can do a video with several characters with minor changes.


I'm not much of a Ryu fan but all this bickering and disagreement about whether or not he's good enough to compete with the rest of the cast as he is now makes me wanna pick him up and see how far I can get.

Part of me feels like the people complaining are making a chicken out of a feather.
Consider the following: If your ideal version of Ryu is flashy, full of flare, has mix-up options, extensive combos, and can force the opponent into a guessing game every time you're pressing the offense, then you've got the wrong guy.

Asking Capcom for anything more than damage, punishment, decent zoning (in the context of sfv), and honest play as a Ryu player may be a sign that you're not as big of a Ryu fan as you think you are. Because he already does all these things pretty well, innit?

Robert Dukarm

This game doesn't seem well polished. I'm sure there's crazy cheesy stuff that they'll never address.


Do Birdie.

Gian Marco Bercasio

I'm no longer a huge Street Fighter fan when they nerf Ryu badly, needless to say that I'll switch to Guilty Gear or Blazeblue eventhough I don't have the luxury of buying consoles. Good thing that would be watching this on YT. GG Capcom.

Black Oozaru

His v-trigger is not that good, v-skill is good when you land it but its so hard to do it consistently that is kind useless. I think they should give a better reward in the parry and less start up to that shit be at least usable, now its too risk for little reward, the v-trigger has that armor breaker hadouken and thats nice but you cant use that consistently too, maybe they should give him less charge time for a full charged fireball or even make it dash canceable as FADC in SF4 so he would have more combo options on v-trigger. I didnt liked FADC back in USF4 because it was a universal thing, but i can stand for 1 character, especially if its only on v-trigger, and comboing after a hadou FADC was not that easy so the execution ceilling would be higher too. Now he can do like 4 or 5 fireballs in v-trigger right? What about 1 more and more time added to the trigger's duration? Those are things i can think without adding any new moves so would be easier to implement i guess


You know what vesper? Fuck Ryu. I'm tired of facing like 20 different Ryu every day. It kills diversity. I'm very tired of playing against the same character over and over and over again.

B. Son

they only nerfd teyu in thr first place because everyine bitched about him. most of the cast has mixups and or a guessing game. but want to comolain about ryu.. he is simple, easy to learn yet hard to master. balanced, good damage and has good pokes. but he was nerfd.. the most simplistic character. its a joke.

im glad hes getting some buffs. I dropped sfv when s2 was released. I might get back inti it now..


They need to extend the hit box of c.mk to his heel, increase the hit stun so c.mk-hadoken connects and Allow hadoken to be v-trigger cancelable.Give him beta tatsu so you can connect dp in the corner or change tatsu in v-trigger to pop the opponent higher in the air. Reduce the recovery on parry. And if we're adding moves here shit might as well given him joudan sokutogeri. Like... why the fuck doesn't he just always have that....


Do you guys think these changes are enough for Ryu?


Increase the range on his sweep to go along with the S.mp change. They're giving him a longer hitbox on S.mp, but it'll be even harder to counter hit confirm into sweep like you could in season 1 because the hitbox on the sweep is still to short since they nerfed it in the season 2 patch. Other characters are already getting away with murder on him because his sweep is too short. He can't punish blocked long range sweeps unless he has super. Nash, Chun, Karin, and others can sweep him all day without worry because he simply can't reach them.


Fuck ryu, just use other characters, capcom doesnt want people to win with ryu, they hate the main character


Yeah, yeah, great (who cares). Arcade mode yet?

Be Quiet

bruhh my man's ryu still deadass with these buffs

Jin Kazama

The esports tourney is secretly a ploy from crapcom to observe and analyze top tier gameplay to "balance" gameplay. Kind of a good thing really because ryu is considered shit tier now that a lot of characters are basically overpowered already.

Takeo Masaki

Are we getting a character this month?


Man, I have a feeling people are expecting this M shoryu thing to take care of all of their "aerial" problems, like Dictator's EX Devil Reverse and ohhh boy, I better get another container because those tears will fill the ones I already got

Cyberpunk Nerd

Bring back Poison pleeaasse? She's one of my favorite female characters of fighting games.

Lucas Oliveira

thank god capcom hear the veteran's voice


Will you be doing a ken video?


MAKE RYU GREAT AGAIN! Hado motion --> kick (like 3rd strike).

Ken Masters

everything is still horrible. if that's it then we will have another boring season


He need new moves like zangief got, donkey kick next from sfxtk and the ex version

Mars Hendrix

Poor Daigo!!

Antonio Westbrook

Once again ryu gets the shaft


Why are uppercuts still not invincible on wake up? Other characters will have better mix ups, throws, combos, and openings...all in one person...there is no threat without a meter less reversal.
We all know they'll give it back to him next season, just stop wasting our time.


I just think he needs his Season 1 damage back. Back then, getting hit by anything would be scary as Ryu can link into pretty much anything and still take off about 30-40% of your health bar in one painful combo. In Season 2 you could do a long combo ending in super and only take off like 35% of the opponent's health.


buff Ryu forward throw recovery and give him donkey kick and he's good to go. Otherwise he will still be in the same spot on the tier list but with a chance now


Change his V trigger. Its so lame.

Wraith B

weird how all the other characters are evolving except ryu. As a die hard SF fan it really is heartbreaking


why do RYU and KEN wear padded gloves ?

DeltaTheAwsome PSYFrame

Finally. Dude got nerfed for no reason.

DeltaTheAwsome PSYFrame

Finally. Dude got nerfed for no reason. But hes still meh

Terrell Townsend

The one big change I'd like is his V-Skill. I want his Donkey Kick instead of his parry. I was never good at parrying in Street Fighter 3.

Thing You Know

They did a stance change to c.HP

Great Horny Toads !

Still No buffs for his Parry which is sad. You'd think CAPCOM would want people to use it more. I really hope they add some more Ryu buffs come end of April. Not very satisfied with what I see so far IMO.

Richard Pajooh

Anybody remember Ryu's VTrigger back in the Beta where his VTrigger would stack the number of hits his fireball did normally? Yeah bring that back lol.


Let's just say I doubt we'll be seeing Daigo play Ryu seriously this season, even after these changes...


Great video, thank you for sharing this with us!  Personally, All I ask for is Gi a bag to carry em' in, a Mind, and a Waterfall to abuse endlessly.  Seriously though that probably wouldn't work, can you just imagine the H.U.D hell that would be Street Fighter vs. Blazblue?  (Hokay, that was obscure even for me.)Even more seriously I think Capcom needs to keep their own council on the balance of fighters in their games or consult/hire people who once played the characters competitively but have no current dog in the race.  I mean seriously, what's Tomo Ohira up to currently?  You think he wouldn't know??  : )

Daniel Chung

Please do a Nash update. These explanations are awesome. There isn't anyone on YouTube that offers the degree of specifics and breakdowns that your vids contains, especially for casual gamers like me. Keep up the awesome work, man!


You know I know I'm probably pissing in the wind here but if Ryu had his old Side kick back that would be great. It would be a nice tool to keep your opponent out. Maybe even the EX could do a wall bounce like necallis throw for a decent follow up in the corner.


what about ken!?

dim diam

Add cheap damage on ryu Vtrigger will solve the problem with opponents stay back,force them to get in or jump

Navaro Palm

They should revert those crazy nerfs on Chun's normals as well. They can keep the IAL nerf but the rest is uncalled for.

pin ming hong

they should buff the parry - when the parry is ill-timed, that is, when you parry prematurely, it should STILL register the parry, but take grey damage instead. no grey damage when you time it perfectly. also, they should bring back red parry for Ryu, and allow air parry during VT (since the VT is so damn short anyway). I feel that VTs should serve duo purposes for every character, in both an offensive and defensive way.


I hate the ranges of the attacks right now. If the move connects with the opponents body it should fucking hit. It shouldn't be as ridiculous as Evil Ryus cr. Forward in 4, but it doesn't make sense to see normals clip through without hitting. Add proximity normals if they are scared of the long range game being to strong.




I am no pro but many ryu players dont utlize the parry enough. I have really been incorporating it more and it really helped a ton against the guile matchup. I actually had guile coming to attack me lol the standing light kick will really help plus the extra range on the medium punch. Ryu may not have the most unique style but his damage is still good. When i switched to ken for a lil i realized how much i miss ryu. Plus in v trigger your special move is unblockable and you can link st mp st hp to hdp. Thats a pretty nice combo right there. Not the fanciest but the damage is def there. I think Ryu will make a comeback.

Dimitry Francois

Give Ryu his Joudan Sokutogeri, problem solved

Kehn Crespo Mateo

Do we know any vega changes yet?

Jason Ramadhar

dude I have to ask you, like I thought ryu was going to be much better after the patch, and I thought his crouching fierce animation was going to change? like I dunno, did he receive all those changes?

Nick Clark

These buffs are nice, but he's still slower, weaker, and stubby none the less. They need to buff his Cr.Mk, it clips through opponents half the time and hardly ever combos into fireball.

Ash_ 16

all those buffs are useless beside st lk, his pressure is still none existants, low damage, very weak VT and normals are still slow as hell

B. Son

time to pick up sfv again :)

Shotgundam009 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Personally I would like to see Ryu get something new. Like maybe a new target combo that's only available in VT that does more stun. Maybe let him cancel the charge of his denjin fireballs for some interesting combos, it could even work as a bait to get people to jump at you or something.

old school gamer

crapcom ruined this game from the start and it should be thrown in the trash.


Vesper, are they gonna reveal the next character this coming April? or May?


I might be alone in this but I'd rather the updates be called super ultra, etc. instead on season 1, 2, etc. I honestly hope for a major update to the game but I doubt it


Capcom should just restore Ryu back to his original state!