How Fast Could You Max an Account with Unlimited Money? [OSRS]

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How Fast Could You Max an Account with Unlimited Money? [OSRS]

76 746 views | 24 Jan. 2020
76 746 views | 24 Jan. 2020

Hey guys, today I wanted to do a follow up video to my 10 quickest exp rates in oldschool runescape. A lot of people wanted to know what the fastest possible time to max assuming an unlimited budget.

So today I am going to be using every crazy method possible, even if it costs billions of GP. I am going to be starting with the EHP time to max, and subtracting time saves as I find them. I understand most of these methods will not be viable, but I think its fun to think about!

Fastest Exp Rates in OSRS

Torvesta Vid

Thanks for watching!

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John Tiani

Hey fella, id love to do a podcast with you, one of my favorite streamers and economic analyst

Russell Hampson

Great video, but I wish you'd given us the total cost alongside hours saved at the end of the video

Sean G

you didnt consider paying DOZENS of essence runners to continually feed you essence at whichever altar - runecrafting could surely be improved


FlippingOldSchool thank you for the videos I bet you have a humongous dong


Dude I've wondered this for so long! I haven't watched yet but I know this ones about to be epic!

The man to scared to get a tattoo

But for that prayer is that SUP bones with runners?

Alexander Kajosz


James Fitzgerald

Do one on the cheapest methods to max. It would be interesting to see how much money you can save/make from being a complete cheapskate, and how long it would take.

Brandon Large

Don't grand seed pods give decent exp in farming or something? I remember pre eoc I needed to get a stat up so I grand seed podded it

Last quarter

Disliked for not linking torvesta video

Jonathan Ingram

I don’t know osrs much, but how much money people have if they play regularly for years on average ?

Chris Fisk

I am once again asking for your financial support.

ValorProJared YT

Great video but this shit maxes me salty A.F no unlimited funds for maxing here.. Salt


Woodcutting is only 350 xp/hr? That would take years.

Ethan Kranhold

How much money IRL would I need to have unlimited money?

J Hazel

I gotta watch at half speed just to keep up with how fast he talks.

Daymian McGraw

Just think tho, spend 7.3b on the rc and saving 157h, but the money you could make from cox and tob in the 157h saved


You could speed up construction more from boosting with a crystal saw.

Nathan Carter

Omg runecrafting one feasible

Mike Libby

72 hours on r3 assuming unlimited budget maybe more if you factor 120’s

Lucian Lechance

Or, just hire Venezuelan’s on 8 hour shifts a day, and it costs 60 USD per month

Some random as hell person

5:25 ah yes, I love 350 xp per hour, less than 6 xp per minute. I would never get that without these infernal axes!

Hampus bodén

Your voice is so fucking annoying

Self Rights

So that's what these bots are trying to do.

scubasteve1990 juth

I am sorry... Can't support this video as it is all completely useless unless you're sparc mac


Sounds nice till you get banned for gaining exp too quickly...


Ah, good job I have 1535346b worth of P2P items! I just need a bond to sell them.. cough


Let’s burn 5.8b/hr gettin 99 mining wtf

Quantainium C

you need to redo the construction method because you can boost with tea in the poh for an easy +3 boost to make the crystal thrones earlier. could also use the +3 saw to start making them at 89.

Anthony Miller

Why is there no mention of potted trees to max farming it’s just like training construction but it costs a couple billion to max farming


New video idea how fast can you trade me 50m

John Mitchell

Ehp to max a main is way less than 1500 hours. Check temple osrs, an updated source of ehp methods. Crystalmathlabs is outdated, you shouldn't even use it anymore.


Insanely fast! Give me 1 year!

J Cena



very interesting video, thankyou!


5:30 you forget to put the "k" of 350k

spandexter 123

I'm new to osrs runescape and just want to know what eoc is? Can anybody help?


Only thing I could potentially think to add would be crystal halberd / bullwark speccing on rotation in a multi combat area with several ‘runners’ going back and forth to give you spec transfers.

If I remember correctly EV scape made a video demonstrating how you could spec transfer on repeat to achieve better xp rates than nightmare zone for several combat styles.

Ryan Harber

This is unrealistic and waste of time. Pointless guide.

Nikhil Autar

Rs3: ez buy spins


tons of skills missing, individual levels (for example from 1-61 do this and that) missing. You probably cant even do most of the methods here cos there are not enough items in the game to support you buri´ning through all these pickaxes for example. on top of that there is not even videofootage of the method for fun purposes. wtf this video is so pointless, bad and not thoughtout

Nathan Carter

Buy your twisted bow then sell it. Make runecrafting alt :) it pay for it self :)


The only time save worth the money is RC



Jason Schmalz

Runecrafting with eternal boots actually looks good. U can sell them back for about the same it took to make them


Alright so I'm broke

Ugnius Kacenauskas

I usually love your videos and always watch them in my spare time but this was so pointless.

Peter Huber

Lol, this vid helped me sell my Ourg Bones from the quest.

leutrim topalli

You should actually start a new account and try to max it asap


If you have the money planted and removing bagged magic trees is great for farming and construction an that could probably be the fastest for 99 farming


IDEA: instead of unlimited funds, could you max an account with a set gp stack and if so, how much would you need and when everything is said and done how much profit or loss is there, the more I think about it the more variables I can think up, seems like an interesting challenge

Antonio Bennett

I was just realizing today that if I had to start over to max... My absolute first 99 would be crafting. Will save you so much time after it's all done by knocking that out first


Turning enhanced crystal teleport seeds into Eternal teleport crystals would be absolutely thiccy exp with the new crystal shard update.


The osrs smithing guide states that creating an infernal pickaxe requires 61 mining, is this wrong or is the video wrong? xD

Christian Lee

That rune crafting method actually sounds nice lmao


i actualy enjoy runecrafting why does the biggest time save have to be there and not on something like theiving


You should do the opposite of this. The longest possible time to max but with constant playing (the slowest methods possible) could be an interesting comparison!

Ray McCarthy

Osrs speed run attempt?

James Corbett

is your ourg bone xp rate calculated at a gilded alter with a runner or without one?

Ryan W

Let's get that 100k subs

Nobody Smith

Man. FFS...


Potato Bag

7.5m xp/hr lmfao


For max melee a character would have to first get 99 ranged through cannon / chinchompas, chinchompa defense levels and quest some melee stats (I believe one of them is waterfall quest gives 13.7k att/str xp) and after questing the character has to use "alt spec" method where flood of infinite alts come in to spec transfer and character does infinite claws (STR) / d2h (STR) / bulwark (ACCURATE) specs (example of 880k/hr STR xp D2h speccing in MAX str gear

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Say you had I dunno a flipfarm. Ok hear me out. You do your flip thing get that unlimited money buy the items over probably 2years(pure guess don't wanna do math) or so of buying items. Use mostly f2p bots for general cash and have a few(as many as you can afk a bond and flip on) bonded accounts for and then have one account that is your max doing best money maker at the time.

Edit: ok I watched the video never mind that's a lot of gp.

tighe t

Another pointless video yipee


Did the video really have to be this long?

John Doe

I want to see this WITH ge limits.


Constructive critique: When making videos, think about how the colors interact. The "-x hours" should be green in this case, as we as humans have learned that when comparing things, green = good and red = bad. Saving f.ex 35 hours making infernal axes in this case is shown as a "bad" method in terms of time, subconciensly.

Either way, keep it up! Loving the vids :)


at 80 cents a mil, this would cost like $600,000+


Id like to see someone get 99 construction in a sec with Curved/long bone but cant buy that ;(

Hjb Productions

I can do this, Just need to make friends with a prince in dubai.

Justin Gold

Just incase anyone is curious I did the math and these faster methods would cost 732,552,600,000 GP which if converted to USD at a rate of $.75 to a mil (current rate on a random gold site) this would cost $549,414.45. So half a million USD, definitely not worth it, though I expected it to be more.

Cole Schnieders

Would you be willing to do a video on "the most amount of money you can wear"? Maybe do different types of accounts too - skiller, max account, etc.