WE MOVED INTO OUR VAN! | Claire P. Thomas

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WE MOVED INTO OUR VAN! | Claire P. Thomas

84 546 views | 5 Aug. 2020
84 546 views | 5 Aug. 2020

WILL IT ALL FIT?! The van build has been complete for a couple weeks now, and we have been spending this time downsizing, packing, researching and figuring out everything we need (or don't need) to bring with us in the van. We laid out all the things we were hoping to fit in our new tiny home, not sure if it actually would. Watch this video to find out EVERYTHING we packed and if we made it all fit.

To get caught up on our van build and how we got here, check out these previous videos:

I BOUGHT A HOME: https://youtu.be/Pun1rjVMSqM


VAN UPGRADE: https://youtu.be/opQWoZoLzBU

MY VAN IS FINALLY MY HOME: https://youtu.be/CLUn68yAKTs

VAN CONVERSION TOUR: https://youtu.be/8lyPYZZmG5M


Grace Lonas

Cant wait for the trips

Hassan Abd Alaziz


In not so ideal circumstances (God forbid) I can't see jumping out of bed then, out of the van, to run around & get into the driver seat to speed off going smoothly. The cabinetry though is nice.

Anita Luevano

Did u guys sell a house or were you renting


This is really interesting to me

Pamela Thomas

LOL, 16 jerseys!

kevin ruiters

I am so happy for you Claire that you've achieved just about all your goals you've set for yourself.
There's just one thing you still lack and that's best indicated by the following statements: Jesus said:
What will it profit a man (or woman) if s/he should gain the whole world, yet lose his/her soul? Or what will a man(or woman) give in exchange for his/her soul? Mark 8:36-37.
To see the answer to that conundrum, simply spend 8 minutes of your precious time watching this informative and mind stretching video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7LMA2-3aYo
Jesus also said: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Family On The Run

I understand how you feel. We just started traveling the world and had to pack everything into a small backpack and one carry-on

Velvet Sky

Are you using folder/binder storage bins for you clothes? I think it’s a great idea for the van

Caley Pruitt - CDPS

SO AWESOME! What camera and mic are you guys using?!

Dr_ Yavvas

soo beatiful woman and you made your arms like a man. why? ....

Shaina Yang

Enjoyed the video. What's the portable shower y'all got?

Sharlene Cook

I'm wondering what power source you have to work all your power items..

J.B. Waggoner

Tip: your video is stuttering in the low light because you set your shutter speed lower than your frame rate. So if your shooting 24fps, you can’t go lower than 1/30fps. Ideally stay double the frame rate (1/60). Use your iso or add light.

Gabriella Bakó

I Love the way the walls and the penny ring looks too! And the van is soo cozy!
Just one question, I don't know if I missed it ,or what, but where did the toilet go?

Jessica Da Silva

U better use the konmarie’s method for folding clothes. It is great. Good luck in your trip.


That's not a practical build if something was to happen and you needed to get away fast. Just my thoughts and opinion.

Sprite City

How long you van

Rita McLean

New subbie!!!

Linda Gosseline

Packing cubes from Amazon will help you with your clothes are ready of your towels or anything. We live in a fifth wheel and every bit of space is precious

Samantha Clark

Ziploc makes a travel space bag that allows you to remove air from folded clothes so you can pack more clothes in a small space.

Alana Oktay

lmao you really put a toaster in your storage space.... how annoyed are you going to be when you take it out everyday to use and then have to wait for it to cool to store it back.


So beautiful and very homey feeling! Amazing!

Al Elwin

Claire's arms are amazing.!! Outstanding content..!! Can't wait to share more of your new upcoming adventures guys. It will be so much fun. I already love it. Congratulations guys.

Mary Munoz

You have so much stuff. I would definitely find a smaller way for the shoes.


Yeah I hate deciding where to put day to day stuff that I don’t..... use day to day....


Yay!!! Congrats!!

JLaurie Robinson

You’re so cute!

Angie b

This was so satisfying to watch

blessed Naomi

Nice build.Who build your van?

servant of the servant

Newsubscriber lets c what u got best south africa ...




Rebecca Parker

Have you considered the scrubba laundry bag? It only washes a few items at a time but folds into I pocket! I watched a few reviews and they are all pretty positive x

ArtsyIslandGirl Jamaican Vlogs

Good job


What about utilizing the rear doors as storage by mounting hanging/door organizers like these for shoes, or by rolling up clothes, or other gear you use on a daily basis. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Honey-Can-Do-20-Pocket-Natural-bamboo-Moss-Green-Over-the-Door-Organizer/1000210855?cm_mmc=shp-cprddcrgooglepla-232-sosclosetorganization-1000210855-_-0&placeholder=null&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrZSIgsOM7AIVvxitBh0NWw4YEAQYAyABEgKfGfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Anita Luevano

Donate some stuff you guys don't need all that stuff

Margaret Quiceno

A mi me parece super bien lo que hiciste aveces uno no necesita tanto lo material para vivir lo mas importante es tener paz interior y para nosotras que nos gusta el deporte que nunca nos falte

Just Me

Where's the toilet and shower?

Blurry Face

Awesome build, looks great and I love the fresh herb and spice garden plan. Wish you two happy and safe adventures
2 notes: you need to make sure there is space between your mattress and the plywood for ventilation, or drill a few holes in the ply (serious mold issues for people that do a mattress directly on plywood). And I personally couldn't work with just 5 gallons of water for 2 people, would look to maybe put 2 more Jerry cans in the trunk or something

Pat P

It is really hard to believe how all your various containers just so happened to fit exactly into your many storage spaces...


You should fold your clothes Marie Kondo style (search for videos on here!) It's such a game changer...saves so much space and makes it easier to find things!!

Vance and the Lion

Welcome to the #vanlife

Johnny MF Bravo

damn, that girl is really solid.


she's ripped, damn.

Anah Brook

Her leggings are SO cute!!! Does anyone know where they are from

Anita Luevano

Use the space in the back of your van for tools just in case

Red Roof Videos

Dude hands.

Harold McCarty

You need to go to a weight station with full water and fuel. This way with the two of you in the van you can see if you are overloaded. Good luck.

Pamela Thomas



Very nice van build with a lot of storage space

Craig Browning

I like the Mini-Washing Machine (@9:43). Van Dweller/X-Engineer Lee Blake Set Up a large plastic Bucket in his Gedigan Wagen in a manner that Driving the Van Agitates The Laundry as it goes down the Road (using Dr. Bronner's soap minimizes Environmental Concerns.

Maybe your Portable Washer Could be mounted somewhere to function in a similar manner.



Me encantó!! Todo lo mejor para ambos, quedó muy bello todo

Anita Luevano

All you need is 1 plate 1 bowl


Nice video and love your set up and how you made it all fit!! ( Where’s your potty??) Try not to put too much clothes in your portable washer. . Put very very light clothes in there a little at a time. . I had the same one and the handle broke after 3 washes.

rachel joan fleming

Love how you laid everything out in sections and explained why everything is included. Lol...you sure like shoes. And the van build is lovely.

Rocky Alvarez

Yeah dude if she was in the van with me I don't think I would be thinking about playing beer pong ha ha ha ha

JLaurie Robinson

Girl, the penny mirror is such a unique ideal!


Marie Kondo folding technique would help you fit things so much better and be able to see every item of clothing at a glance rather than them stacked on top of each other.. that way you don’t have to pull things out to get to a T-shirt at the bottom etc

sherri masel

what happened to the toilet you had in there

cali southwick

how tall are you claire ?

Gemma June

These guys have a lot to learn ha ha - good luck !

Tina Trebilcock

If you roll them you will fit more


Good place to start but I feel like this is going to change A LOT in the coming months. You don’t need half of what you have, don’t have half of what you need and everything will probably get rearranged at least 5 times.

Brooke Silverthorn

so excited for you guys!!


No shower or bathroom?? Van doesn't seem very long

Casey B

That is a beautiful van! I love it!!!


You guys are super dope. This was a recomend that I'm actually glad I clicked on. Good luck on your adventure! Blessings

Ms. Kimme



Who built your van? Looking for a good builder.

A Taylor

Subbed for the adventures. There was so many thing's I wanted to give ya a heads up on I feel like a troll saying them but you will figure it out along the way. Lol happy adventures

Alexandra Banach

roll your clothes... it helps

Robert Shaffer

I love all the really unique content on YouTube. Young couple with hot blonde woman moves into a van full time to travel around and build a YouTube channel to pay for it all. I wonder why nobody else ever thought of that ? Except of course for the 20,000 other essentially identical channels.

Anita Luevano

What do you guys do for work


Did you guys weigh the van after you added everything? Can the model handle that much weight?

Alex Iordache

Sorry, i can't concentrate on the van because of those biceps..

Traci uniquestylefeliciano

I would love to watch your program your channel but you just have way too many commercials.. and I'm not up for paying for YouTube's version of no commercials.
There are people I follow if you don't have even one commercial on their video.
You have fun to three commercials and different spots.
You never down to one would be better You're going to lose your subscribers cuz of this.

Mark Moffatt

First time viewer of channel and just to let you know I subscribed and hit the bell. Love it when you pulled out drawer and said ....of course we have A DRAWER

Shelia Johnson

It's cute but to small for me


Am I the only one who is blown away with Claire’s toned arms?!? Thanks for the ideas on how to load. I will be full timing soon and need all the advice I can get.

Marouane Moud


Rocky Alvarez

OMG are you are serious? OK let's just take one category and have us a little reality check shall we ? Would someone please explain to me exactly how many shoes do you think you can possibly wear on your feet ? No no really exactly how many shoes do you think are necessary for life? Turn around look at the ground look at all the shoes You all have laying out there are you serious? Before I go let me throw one more out there how many plates glasses and says the civil where do you think you can use In a van ? You people need to seriously sit down and have another reality check about what it is you're trying to do here

David Moore

Where's the food going to go?

Murray Mint

Maybe a bungee rope instead of string for the exposed shelf.


Where is the toilet?

Rocky Alvarez

Yes baby after one look at you I would agree... lots of Whip cream lol


all that glass is gonna shatter as soon as you go bouncing down the road

Myka Santos

subscribed for the hot couple

d. goode

Water, heat, cooling, toilet ?

Nichole Palmisano

This makes me want to love the simple life❤️

Jade Hughes

Prior military....rolling your clothes will save sooooooo much more space.

Bryan Turley

Experience taught me keep most things low, and wrap anything that rattles in cloth, bring half the clothes and use them for a purpose. Anything you really need you will find along the way.

James Cooper

I love when people with old money try to live poor.

Over The Clouds

E de dxfdz.

Janelli Espina

What happened to the toilet that was installed?

Samantha Clark

The PETT (Portable Environmental Toilet)...it is a small tripod toilet that folds to the size of a brief case. Digging a hole in the poring rain is not a pleasant experience.

Hi, Im Chase!

My god you two are annoyingly in shape/toned/tanned haha I kid, its awesome you are both going on such an adventure and keeping your fitness as a central part - You have a new subscriber, loved the vid!

ForeverGoddess Queen

Van life is about down sizing. If it fits great. But there should be a balance between minimalism and hoarding. Its almost looks like hoarding for van life. Like, you only need 2 or three pair of shoes as a female, 2 swimsuits, 3 dresses 4 shirts 2 jeans 2 shorts 2 skirts 8 panties 3 bras 3 pair of socks and your hat.

Milly Rosario

For people complaining about the build and how it’s blocked off from the front. Many European style builds are done in the same manner. If you want to follow a page called the Indie projects, their build is similar. They closed off the front except for a cubby area for their pet. Only difference is the opening is on the opposite side.

Georgia Mollie

Yes this is insane! You are killing youtube chick x

Anita Luevano

Were are you moving from