Phantom Bot SetUp Tutorial

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Phantom Bot SetUp Tutorial

12 595 views | 4 Sep. 2019
12 595 views | 4 Sep. 2019

Setting up your Phantom bot.

Walked through by @Escroll from The Laced Network.

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Catchall Tutorial:

Mason cloner

what is the most amout of task i should run

zuded beatz

Hye man can you help me i am looking to buy an after market ghost bot for $300 . Can the seller reset the key.. do you recommend after market bots?

Joseph Moawad

What parts of the profile do I have to change for each one?

Marko Kozul

do I have to create 1 profile for every task? That would be pretty hard

Caleb Suydam

Hey this was a great video. there are a couple new things with the bot i think you should teach and tell peole about


This guy is great. LOL 6:25 8:07 I'm about to binge for more laughs. I don't even know how I got here. I'll be running Phantom tomorrow. I hope I don't go bozo mode.

K.C. Kicks Kansas City

I have windows 10 so when I click on YouTube tab on the captcha window my security on windows 10 blocks it. Any explanation for that?

Christopher Anderson


Eddie Kapler

Phantom now has the chrome extension for manually harvesting cookies, it’s simple with footsites but with adidas and finishline you can only gen about 10 cookies per ip, is there any solution for this so we can obtain more cookies?

Laboy v

do you think phantom is a better bot than nsb I have never used a bot before i know tks and cyber are some of the best but they are not available at the moment

Boogie O

Yo man do you know anything about this phantom update and when it will be done and I can sell on botbroker it’s been almost 3 months I starting to worry. Please help thanks


Do I need different debit cards for this?
Also is there yeezy supply in phantom?

Alex Buliga

The bot has Nike Sneaker in it?


Laced up! Thanks for this bro. Got phantom last week. Are they going to update this to cop more sites? It's still in beta but do u think It will continue to improve?


How early should you start your task before a drop?

Bob M

Billing Information needs be exact, correct?

K.C. Kicks Kansas City

Hello I just purchased a copy of ghost. My copy doesn’t have a cookie harvester tab is there a reason for that?

qiang meng

Hello, why I can't paste on this bot? only can type in the key words box.

Xx SnipezxX

Question. Is it necessary to open multiple captcha harvesting screens ? Or is one just fine?


u using google cloud ??

Erik Ramirez

Why dosent phantom have the cookie harvester anymore?


Can someone please explain the email part? What is a (catchon) im saying it wrong i know lol but what about it and arent you suppose to put a full email like with @yahoo? I see couple of videos just putting down a name please help

Arooj Nasir

is there a preferred number to how many tasks i should make for each profile?


Bro where can I get this bot? I’m planning to get it