Walther Automatic Shotgun - Part 1 - A toggle locked, semiautomatic Shotgun in 12 Gauge

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Walther Automatic Shotgun - Part 1 - A toggle locked, semiautomatic Shotgun in 12 Gauge

20 456 views | 27 Aug. 2017
20 456 views | 27 Aug. 2017

Part 3: https://youtu.be/Y6lM3icX_pQ

Part 2: https://youtu.be/Fvs-R7XvyFc

Shooting my new(old) Walther semiautomatic shotgun in 12 gauge (2-1/2" shells) that holds 5+1 shells. The shotgun was the brainchild of the Walther brothers, but built in the Deutsche Werke plant during the interwar period on the Walther license. Production ran from 1921-1922 through 1931 with perhaps less than 6000 units produced.

While it is not the first toggle lock shotgun to exist, with earlier patents granted to Hiram Maxim, John Browning, and Carl Hoffman, it's a very unique action in which the shotgun utilizes a semi-long recoil operation. The barrel and upper receiver reciprocate rearwards 1" to 1-1/2" of the length of the shell before the toggle unlocks for shell ejection. All Walther Automatic Shotguns sport a full choke, and came in both 12 gauge and 16 gauge, although 16 gauge examples were far more uncommon. My example does not have an import mark.

The cause of the jam in the first video is the last shell hitting the side of the chamber.

This shotgun is also featured in the new Cawadootdoot Wawa2 video game as the "Toggle Action", but features a dissimilar manual of arms and a drum magazine where the elevator and toggle would reside.

As for ammo, I bought 1175 FPS "Lite" 2-1/2" shells from RST Shells. Seems to function pretty reliably through the Walther Autoshotty. I also tried 1125 FPS UltraLite and MaxiLite loads from RST, but they were not powerful enough to cycle through this shotgun.

More info can be found here from this excellent forum post: http://forums.gunboards.com/showthread.php?262846-The-Walther-automatic-shotgun


piergiorgio caroli

So tell me Sledgehammer games? How do you put a drum magazine into that weapon? (For the readers, sorry if you don't know what i'm talking about, It's just a rant.)

Emmanuel Perez

Real life comparison of the toggle action shotgun cool what if we can put a drum mag in it

Armed Reptile

thats a really neat action

LutaLivre Sarnoso

Sledgehammer was so lazy with this weapon in Cod WW2.

Not only it uses a magazine in front of the loading tube, but it's reload it's also wrong.

¿Historical acurracy? My ass.

Death by autopsy

The Sjorgen but it's German cousin that's somewhat more advanced, essentially. Cool.


I love this gun. The looks & sounds are amazing.

Jackson Vermillion

And they say the American trench gun was the best shotgun in WWI. I didn’t know the Germans made there own shotguns in WWI especially a semi-auto 12-gauge. Germans always find a way to make new things twice as better.

Hauptmann Andrew

Cod fucked this up

Joey Chaloner

Cod ww2 one look cooler

Herr Skeletal

You could say it's lever operated

Joey Chaloner

Cod ww2 one look cooler


Is it possible to chamber-load the gun when empty before loading the tube up?

Jackson Vermillion

Lol and they said the Germans thought the shotgun was not gentlemanly in WWI. Then they make a semi-auto shotgun. Germans always take others ideas and make them better.

John Doe210

Wow, really awesome shotgun!

Iron Sights

What and where did you buy the ammo for this? Thanks.

Dank Memz

I wish cod ww2 implemented this gun more realistically into their game. All they need to do is increase the fire rate to nearly full auto but still semi and maybe balance that by changing the reload animation to the way this guy reloads it instead of with a clip to compensate for it's sheer destruction at close range.