RimWorld / EP 66 - Mace to the Mandible / Extreme Desert Challenge

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RimWorld / EP 66 - Mace to the Mandible / Extreme Desert Challenge

3 975 views | 21 Jan. 2019
3 975 views | 21 Jan. 2019

The Challenge:

Living in an extreme desert trying to survive long enough to get off of this terrible planet. The storyteller is Cassandra Classic Merciless and the starting pawn is Charles "Omni" Rusted, a very skilled and passionate pawn and the win condition is to get him into space.

Here are some additional optional rules:

No cannibalism

No butchering humans

No organ harvesting

No tainted apparel.

You can do missions, but you cannot harvest resources from any other areas other than your home zone.

The starting pawn is Charles "Omni" Rusted, a fairly skilled and passionate pawn and the win condition is to get him into space.

Good luck!

Here is the save game file for your enjoyment:








My personal stance on mods:

I like to play games as vanilla as I can, I'll consider UI mods and mods that do not in any way change fundamental game play, but I do not play with game play changing mods. On rare occasion I may run with full conversion mods. Seldom are exceptions made.


Interaction Bubbles:


Pick Up and Haul:


Fahrenheit and Celsius:


Color Coded Mood Bar:


Heat Map:


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Josh Cockeram

Hey Rhadamant. Just want to say that I really enjoy your playthroughs. What I like most is that you don't skip ahead, you put out a lot of content, and you're good at the game. Also, I think you're really creative with your ideas for different playthroughs.

Lamak Haim

Damn I’m a week behind


Good idea on cooking up the elephant in situ. Perhaps do it before you get a solar flare...

Rob Rose

Things don't spoil while on colonists AFAIK.

Travis Shallenberger

You might be able to make an interesting trap with spelopedes, especially in a double walled base like the ice sheet one to give sappers a nasty surprise.

Ryan LaPlante

@Rhadamant have you thought about making zones for pawns when you want them to sit in spot and repair? Would not work when they want to sleep and they might not repair instantly but might avoid micro managing and at the very least keep them close by.

Chistyakov Dmitry

Damn, you can buy a camel and slaughter it =)

giovanni sassano

I only know how to use youtube text

Herbert Kokilrod Theodor

Wouldn't it actually be fun to have a bunch of tamed Bugs/Spiders roaming your base as a sort of surprise welcoming party for Pirates/Mechs that pod onto the middle of your base?

Mario Rossi

So yeah, there were a couple moments when i thought bugs would break out and get you but you slipped by with cool sunglasses and a smirk. Nice job!
Also, mech pods going haywire and being scattered is some new cool thing, i liked that.
(spoiler) None landed in the base area though. And you shortworked them not even taking off the sunglasses, so, well... Nice job!

And maybe it could be useful to just install an additional cooking table into bug freezer wall than to move the main one around?

Janko Zwar

Could you demonstrate how you would use a roof-trap? never used, nor seen it before...

Michael Brown

Dude. How hard is it to stop leaving until the bugs are dead? Or incapacitated? I mean some of the worst play I have seen in the sense you cannot be trusted to get the job done. Wall up. Triple wall, over engineer and do not leave until they are cooked!

Pierre Poupart-Lafarge

you should also probably try and roof all the caves so when you start a fire the temperature increases more dramatically

Diair Airship

With the hives down and the bugs now available for hunting and taming, wouldn't clicking the "hunt" button on them allow them to be oneshot by any colonist with the hunting job? That's what happens when you order a hunt on any animal that is knocked down otherwise, right?