Perkus Maximus for Mod Organizer Installation Tutorial

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Perkus Maximus for Mod Organizer Installation Tutorial

55 515 views | 13 Nov. 2014
55 515 views | 13 Nov. 2014

This tutorial video covers the basic installation of Perkus Maximus for Skyrim using Mod Organizer. Part 1 is only about PerMa and how to use Patchus Maximus.

The next video will cover "PerMa Compatibilty and PaMa Patches" (PCaPP), and it's use for additional weapon and armor mods.

Perkus Maximus on Skyrim Nexus:

Java Download Page:

Executable Arguments insert: "-Xmx1024m " (be sure to include the space)

Patchus Maximus Executable Example:

Editing .xml Files for PerMa/PCaPP by Dirty Weasel:

Dirty Weasel is now on Twitter!


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This video helps a lot! If you are having any issues just make sure you have Java 8 and if the Patcher gives you an error (Which it gave me) then run the debug version :D
Thanks Weasel


When I try to run the patcher it doesnt run, theres just a loading bar at the bottom and then nothing


I love video's like this that make it all so simple. That said, I did what you did and it still shows the heap space error. I so hate when in video's like this everything works for you. LOL

Chadchol Meesaeng

I got this error when patch.
Missing Master:
- skyrim.esm
- update.esm
- dawnguard.esm
- dragonborn.esm

How can I fix this or do I need to move all of these master files to mod folder?

Noah Toothman

Can someone help me out here? For some reason, whenever I install the mod it installs all 4 of the optional ESPs but not the master. I Can't get past the installation because of this.

Crhymez Pc

You earned a sub.... thats saying a lot since im only subbed to 3 people... =)
Gopher, Brodual and You

You and Gopher make modding easy


are you noticing wrong numbers with perma and immersive armors& weapons? often it seems that weapon damage amounts are too low and named bows i find just do 10 damage which is far lower than the bow i had with level 1 for example. is there a particular order to install the mods with mod organizer or do i just need to run the patch over everything? i did the second option before and it doesnt feel like its working.


Thank you so much for doing this!

Mario D

So I cant find Patchus Maximus. I followed the link but it shows file not found. What do I do ?

Zach El Capitan

Yo I didn't even realize how FREAKING AWESOME Perkus Maximus is.

MrLister TheSisterFister

Is JRE the same as Java? If I have normal java do I automaticly have JRE?

Alterius Zhang

Whenever I add WAFR and PerMA together, the game becomes much less stable, despite merged patch, Wryebash patch, and the PaMa patch. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, as I followed the instructions to the letter.


wheres the PerkusMaximus_Master.esp? kinda really irritating its no were to be found

Jesse Tagliavia

If u dont have javaw.exe as a run as administrator program then it will not work usualy so do make sure u have it as such!!


You should speed up the pace, I think most people know how to find a mod on nexus .-.

Gr33dl0ck Nein


IF you are a Mod Organizer user, and you can open PatchusMaximus.jar but it would CRASH when opened as added executable after adding the "-Xmx1024m " argument. If you were to open/execute patchusmaximus.jar directly from MO and begin to patch, you'd notice it would go until the point of "importing patchusmaximus.esp" then crash, prompting a HEAPSPACE-related ERROR.
(DirtyWeasel adressed this in one of their 2 PerMa installation videos).
So, after repeatedly bashing my head against a wall in frustration I had a concussion-induced epiphany: "You need to downgrade the 32bit java for it to work. So what if I just DOWNGRADE IT FURTHER?" So I changed the "-Xmx1024m " argument from the executable to "-Xmx512m " AND IT WORKED!

TL;DR: PatchusMaximus.jar crashes when adding the "-Xmx1024m" argument?
----------------------------------------------------------------->>>Just CHANGE "1024" FOR "512"

Jas Sedai

even after following this guide i still get the more heapspace error`
edit: apparently i forgot to press modify, thanks alot for video!


I get the Java.lang.null pointer exception error.   Any clue?


This was SO HELPFUL, thank you.

Alex Mcrae

I ran the patch and it has been loading for 4+ hours and its been stunk on task:Bolt and arrows stats and variants for 3 1/2 hours of the 4.....I only have the unofficial patchs for DLC's and skyrim
and SkyRe and frost fall and bash levelist patch by Wryebash. so i closed out of it because i had restart my computer, i come back and there the overwrite files and i cant delete it/ create a mod or remove perkus maximus at all. Please help o.o

Demetrius Kent

Amazing tutorial, still helping noobs like me in 2017. If I have a bashed patch, and MO's Overwrite directory has my bashed patch data in there, is it safe to follow the same procedure as you did when creating the last patch? I've been at this for almost a week now, trying to run less than 60 mods. People like yourself make an amazing modded experience possible for beginners like me. A heartfelt thanks to you.


so follow this video upto the green message, then the pmcpp upto the green message and then go on to the advanced one? XD i have no idea


Do we still need to add this -XmX1023m ?


what's the music in the first minute of the song? it would seem to be a cover of sorts of te elder scrolls theme, but i might be wrong.

Reiko Reseñas

i love you man (no homo), the only tutorial that worked for me

Arthur Gagné

Divines bless your kind heart!


Although I've been out of it for a while (and I'm new to Mod Organizer), I'm a very experienced game modder. But even with that experience, installing Perkus Maximus was an ordeal. This was compounded by the fact that much of the information on the internet is very much out of date. I was this close (holds fingers very close together) to giving up and finding some other game to play.

Then I found this video and all that changed. The specifics are out of date, sure, but the basics are still valid. Armed with that basic knowledge (and the information from T3nD0's mod page), I was able to figure the rest out on my own.

Thank you for that.

Athiest Monk

So I just want to clarify. I dont need wyre bash for leveled list anymore. Wintermyst is included in PeckMa or do I need to download that?


Thank you for making this, it will help a lot of people


Hello, I've got a little problem with my more heapspace patcher. Whenever I run it I get this error "java.lang.nullpointerexception". How do I fix this?

Lord Valinar

What's the song that's playing in the beginning? :) name/artist would be very appreciative <3


For some reason, when I go to turn Patchus into an excecutable, or even run it in the first place, the .jar files are not there at all.

Matt Lee

When I run the patch installation, mid-installation It gives me the error: "There was an exception throw during program execution 'java.lang.NullPointerException' Please contact the author"'
Have I done something wrong, and is there a way to fix this?

Edit: I looked on the PerMa Nexus page and then disabled every mod except for the official esms. I still get the message every single time I try to patch.
The SkyProc Patchers folder also keeps ending up in the overwrite directory every time (it seems) that I run the patcher.


Hello, Amazing video! One QUESTION THOUGH, when I installed Perma on Mod organizer, the skyproc patcher simply isn't there! There is only a block list text file in there. Help please, what to do?


I really need your help,
when i run the patch without adding the arguments the patch run out of memory, but if i add the "-Xmx2048m", the patcher doesn't open, i already tried unistalling and installing java 32 bits again and i got nothing,

please, help me

Colin Baxter

"There was an exception thrown during the program execution: 'java.lang.NullPointerException' "

what did i do wrong?

Clarke Medford

So everything seems to have installed right and everything is in the right order, but when i load the game i still just get vanilla skyrim perks and etc. I tried starting new save files like the mod page said but that didnt fix it, and you yourself just straight up loaded an existing file with everything working. The only thing i noticed in the last few minutes is that the save files in MO say missing ESPs but it doesnt tell me what ESPs are missing. Helperino pls


Hey man, How do you have loot and tes5edit as icons up in the top right?


awesome thankyou! :D


Please i need help...i did exactly what the video said and it doesn't work for me...when i run Patchus Maximus on MO y doesnt open a window, it just loads for a second and nothing happens...the same goes for the debugg versions (32 and 64 bit)...please i know nobody with this problem and its really annoying to play Skyrim with bad balanced weapons...;( HELP

Apollo's Espeon

I am not installing the mage module because I prefer Path of the Sorcerer. I understand how to make sure that Perkus Maximus works without it, but will it make my magic weak? Like, will it make armor and weapons stronger, leaving magic behind as too weak to do damage against the new armor, or too weak to do bound armor or heal quickly? Also- if I am not installing the mage, should I install the regular Wintermyst instead of this one? And will installing something like Path of the Druid add the druid perk tree fine if it is after this mod in the load order?

luc andersen

Excellent! Thanks for putting this up! :D

Eric Brazil

Word man. Your videos are a ton of help. Accurate information seems somewhat rare now a days. Breath of fresh air bud. Thanks anddddd subscribe


I follow all these instructions up until Perkus Maximus download with manager( ~4:45) and once i do that nothing happens at all. Mod Organizer doesn't start downloading it.


so... just dump all my files? all of them? should probably be a little more clear when you tell somone to delete things


I absolutely loved this tutorial. Very straight forward, very informative and well made. No distractions like music or random crap I see so much about. Good quality and well produced. You've earned yourself a subscriber and I hope there are many more coming your way, because you truly deserve it.

Thank you for your hard work devoted to this video!


You guys should do a SkyUI video for MO.  Just like the UIO one for New Vegas.  These videos are great help!


Thanks for all your videos. I´ll try to install perma and the complementary mods today but i have a question, i also have automatic variants and dual sheath and i dont want to run their java patcher each time i change load order, so is it safe to run sum with perma and not merge them but run all patchers from sum?

Ananthakrishnan Krishnan

Thank you. Wish you had included removing skyre too - is is just a question of removing mod on all things skyre? Just wanted to confirm. And thanks for including the part on installing bits of skyre on PerMa.


YESSS! YOU ARE MY ALMOST FAVOURITE MORTAL NOW! Here, have some cheese. subscribes 


sadly have to install it this way as Wrye just wont work with MO for me :( that shit program

Toby Coy

Great tutorial! Fantastic.

Moose Gorl

I'm one of the 200+ mods. It's been taking forever, nearly an hour and once it gets to what I think is the very end gives me an error. The NullPoint one Dx


Thank you for posting this, really looking forward to the new mod. However, when I click the exe file for java, it says its an win32 invalid application. What should I do? I also downloaded the x64 version, but please let me know what's the best way to move forward. Thank you.

Justin Dunkin

I am having this really annoying thing where the Perkus Maximus updater says it cannot find Immersive Weapons.ESP. I have tried uninstalling, re installing, de activating, re activating, EVERYTHING to get this FKING patching to work. I even took off all my fking mods so the fking patcher will work. PLS someone help me.


so i got to the 11 minute mark without a problem but I cant find the data tab on nexus mod manger (0.55.7) help please


When i run Patchus Maximus, the patching progress only takes a couple of seconds, and the created patch is pretty much empty (only 50-something bytes). any idea what might be causing this?

edit: i was still using Java 7, updating to a newer version fixed my problem.

smoked buns

oh my Goodness....!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for the past 3 days i cannot play my skyrim without PerMa and you sir have finally made it to work. 
I am forever in your debt.
Merry Christmas to you sir. :D
More power.!
Subbed and Liked.


Patchus Maximus has been on "Scroll and Staff Creation" for almost 5 hours know, did I do something wrong, I have about 90 mods on my mod list.

Anthony EagleElk

All of a sudden.....Java heap space keeps popping up now ever since I used that SUM file. Now I cant get Patchus to work on NMM with out the heap space error popping up and there is no explanation of fix for it anywhere....

Connor O'Neill

I get an error when it's trying to export and I have no idea what is wrong, I also don't know how to make it into an executable

lies damnlies

I'd suggest not being specific at all when you're talking about Java releases. Just say "get the newest version, whatever that is". The link you gave will always have the most recent version. If you keep putting annotations up or mentioning to use such-and-such version, then someone might think they need to hunt-down the older versions and use those (they are still available but they're intended for developers, not users). It's important to use the most recent version because of critical security updates which basically happen all the damn time with Java. >.<

It kinda wish mod devs wouldn't create jar patchers, though I get they do it for cross-platform compatibility. Most users are just going to install Java and forget about it. Big mistake, not keeping it always up-to-date.


Really good tutorial! Btw, i love how you always mumble "okay" after each step taken. Just something I noticed ^^

Peter Yau

It only takes me a few secs to run the Patchus Maximus, and nothing was created after it. Does anyone know how to solve this? Please help!!
Note: I am using the Java SE Runtime Environment 8u66 , Windows x86 Offline 47.87 MB provided in the link in the description.


 Mod Organizer won't let me add patchus maximus.jar as executable. why?

Cody Burnett

I encounter a problem when running the patch, it said that the unofficial dawnguard patch.esp is missing it's master the unofficial skyrim patch.esp, but it is activated so it doesn't make sense.

Omar Gharbiyeh

Does anyone know if there's a way to use PatchusMaximus WITHOUT it altering the levelled lists? Or at least a way to remove or edit the changes back after it's done? My levelled lists are exactly how I want them, as I've distributed items from mods as I see fit. The way I've done it is a bit complex, and I can go into detail if anyone wants or is curious, but it's not really relevant right now. (Basically it takes the enemies economic class, social class, fighting style, and general 'theme' into account when distributing them.) I don't want them to be distributed in t3ndos' way, where any modded items are just generally added to any enemies based on their level. 

Also, is it recommened that you download Perkus Maximus AFTER you've set most other things up? Like other [compatible] overhauls, armour mods, etc.? Because otherwise I'd have to run the patcher after every single mod I download right? 

One last question - does the patcher also distribute the items to enemies added by mods?


I have no idea if you are still posting here but if anyone has an idea When i try to do the patch part at around 11:45 I went into the data found it then hit add as Exe but then it pops up with a folder and i cant find it anywhere...


My Java won't seem to update .. 
I deleted the files as you said but when I try to install the latest Java version a message appears: 
"A newer build of the version of Java already exists on your system. It's not possible to install an older Build"
But the weird thing is, all my Java files are gone so .. And I can't completely uninstall Java using the windows configuration menu because he can't find the files or something.
Any help? Would be much appreciated :)


When I start to patch with PatchusMaximus it gets to 33% (instantly) then says

PerkusMaximus_Master.esp has some missing masters:

But I have all of those so I'm confused lol.

Nathan Carter

Is this still relevant?

Program Files™

 It's kinda hard figuring out exactly what the perks do because they're written like riddles than actual descriptions. Some seem to mean the same thing... Is there a mod that simplify the perks descriptions? 

Christopher Thompson

I read the mod description, followed those instructions (as best I could with MO) and failed...

Followed the directions in the fourm...still failed.

Watched this video...and succeeded.

Looked at your playlists and saw other tutorials, etc., that I want to watch.

Ooh lookie - a shiny lil' 'Subscribe' button.  Wonder what happens when I click it.  click

Thanks for the help in getting it working!


Just did this and now my skyrim is crashing when I enter the main menu.
Almost every other mod is marked as "unmanaged" by the MO, might that be an issue?

Giatuareg Epo

It worked! thank you!
If you still have problems i suggesto to relocate the binaries from the Java preference panel, it should be under Preference Panel, sometimes with multiple installations it makes problems cause the new javaw isn't automatically found

Geo O

I followed the installation and keep getting stuck at the java reproccer tasking itself with armor enchantments and it has been a good while. I will continue waiting for a little longer but its been longer than an hour. Is this normal?


Very handy, thanks a lot man your another sub on list of skyrim help guides and modding :D

Enzo Mitico

Just what I needed! I was a little lost before.


I ran the patches Maximus and its 100% but it's not closing out

Jonathan Wisk

7:08 i installed and the plugins didn't show up on the right side.


Seems like a pretty big overhaul. Lots of new features from other mods??


im confused when you mentioned the x86 (32 bit) java download and then go on to mention using the 64 bit version of java when adding java as an executable? 


Hey Dirty Weasel,
i got a Problem with PaMa. I cannot level any of my Skill tree, it doesn´t matter what i am gonna do i don´t get any exp to level my abilities. What can i do now ?

Brian Yu

I'm guessing if I have an x64 bit computer, I still download the x86 Offline Java.

Epos Shadow

How do i install for Skyrim Special edition???
No wizard pop ups, to take me trough the installation.
Seems there are also quite a lot of bugs with SE, could that be right?

Noah Hyslop

Error: "Java ran out of heap space"
How to fix: Run the patcher via the "Debug - moreHeapspace.bat" file (same directory as patcher). note that mod organizer probably can't run it, as the file assigns more RAM than a 32 bit executable can use. So you'd have to tell MO to increase heap space by a smaller amount than the bat file, which is yours to figure out. ^^^ so ya that's my problem too but.... im usen nexus mod manager... could you pleas tell me what i have to do to do what you did to get it to work? 

Boyd Dickson

Is there any reason why i shouldn't/can't install all of SkyRe's modules except for the core and Survivalism modules?


Can I do this with NMM?


what about nexus?


I get this error wenn I install perkusmaximus with MO:
Master missing:


how do I fix it? D;

Handi Candra

Mucho gracias

Michael Johnson

Can't get Patchus Maximus to run. When I add "-Xmx1024m " like in the video it doesn't run through Mod Organizer anymore. The MO debugger doesn't work either way. MO just locks for a couple of seconds before the patcher stops.
However, the patcher does start up if I don't add that line, but it runs out of memory like you'd expect. I don't understand why it won't work.
I tried reinstalling java (32-bit; I don't have the 64-bit version installed) as described on the PerMa page and reinstalling PerMa.

Luke Drane

Whenever I add the argument to the executable, it seems to "disappear." I.E. when java gives me the memory issue you pointed out and I go back to check the executable, the argument is gone.