Insane Farm 50k+ Part 2 - Starlight Rose

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Insane Farm 50k+ Part 2 - Starlight Rose

34 619 views | 28 Sep. 2016
34 619 views | 28 Sep. 2016

Best way to get your Starlight Rose Herbalism Skill up to Rank 3. And just for regular farming.

Rank 3 is for 100% chance to actually get a Starlight Rose from the gather.

Make sure to watch Part 1 aswell!


Starlight Rose Farm Route:



Find me down below!






Thanks for watching!

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Cya in the next one!

Never Back Down

is that an addon that showing you where you got herbs?

Lat B

sadly the prices dropped to 55g/each lul


Shave your beard my man.

Kevin Duffey

How do you get the Rank 2 for Starlight Rose? The Spades Blade quest is bugged out, the dude never spawns and until I complete that I cant get Rank 2. Seems a lot of people are having problems with this quest, especially because the area it is in has tons of mobs, so very hard to do alone.


LOL thanks for the guide

Stijn Hulst

Can you make a video on how you loaded the map in? Can't find any good videos on it.


Id add rank 3 felwort as well, allows you to get starlight rose seeds, which you can plant and those have a chance to proc rank 3 aethril as well as the withered.

- side not doing seeds with a group of players is best becuase 5 people can tag them


Can you tell me how to get the nodes to show up in world map with gathermate2? I have icon alpha set to 1, and world map icon scale set to 1, but nothing is showing up on world map :(


to get 2 stars is it just farming and then u get a quest? or do i need to get the quest somewhere?

Ernesto Marcelo

Hello! Just wanna know what addon can I use to manage the AH ?


Nice guide geebuz


This guide is absolutely fantastic. I was running the middle area by meredil, but this is so much more prosperous. I'm really hoping you make a horde-friendly farming guide for Fjarnskaggl (unless you have and i just haven't fount it).

Oz Fiji

Can someone please explain to me on how I get starlight rose to rank 3

Jenn E

It's me again! I had no idea about Aethril, sorted that out. Now fingers crossed I can pop Rank 2 and 3 of Starlight Rose fairly quickly. So many Flasks need to be made and then comes the gold! Thanks so much!


Awesome content man! i love ur vids!


cant you tell me how get rank 2,3?


Do you think this is worth without aethril lvl 3?


Can you post the location of the cave? I've checked everywhere for it and had no luck finding it.


I hope you lose everything you have worked for because of your stupid video picture before you click on it..

Benjy Harris

Earned a sub from me! ☺ i like your style ky friend!


on rank 3 you dropping more then "1" per one herb? i herbing all over the place and get only 55 per hour... how you make 200? per hour thanks

Sam King24

i got rank 2 in 1 day when i starded my farming :)


how do i get rank 2 ?