Is Chris Chan a Pedofork? (Screenshots Now Proven Fake)

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Is Chris Chan a Pedofork? (Screenshots Now Proven Fake)

45 329 views | 18 Jan. 2019
45 329 views | 18 Jan. 2019

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Moon Moon

To be quite honest, I see where you’re coming from and it’s logical to think this way, but bluespike lying about his age is, as far as I am aware, irrelevant. Children lie about their age all the time. The onus is still on the adult to verify their age, and even if they are not who they say they are, it can still get the adult into hot water for it, and this is probably the exact reason why.

All this said, Chris isn’t a pedophile. He is basically a child himself. A near 40 year old child, but he has the mind of a child nonetheless.


What you can be put in jail for mis gendering someone in canada? I live in canada and have never heard of that
Ugh why do i have to call the heshe's at work a man when they are clearly not?
Fucking Ridiculious people should deal with the gender they have been born into in the first place
Thats why i would call the people at work "she" not "he" i haven't yet due to respect but i just call them "they" because i feel uncomfortable (i don't like being female but i got what i got nothing i can do about it life is about dealing with shit you don't want to deal with so i live with reality and to be honest it feels much better then a life of delusion)


Damn man.

By the way. I might be making a reboot of Sonichu with Chris Chan here in a minute.

Check us out eh?


At this point I'm not surprised if he is.

Matthew Bissonnette

Pedofork's should be thrown in a wood chipper.

T The Reader

Is he really that hated?

Submerged Chaos

Can someone tell Chris-Chan to unblock me? Please?

William Stone

Fun fact, Chris Hanson got picked up for Check Fraud lulz.


I seriously doubt Christine would go this far. She's too wrapped up in the merge shit

Berry Tears

Chris has proven again and again that he's not a pedo...he's just DUMB. Those twitter screenshots aren't real, though, that's not how Chris talks or how he capitalizes things.
The account that was saying "that's my girlfriend" was made just in December of 2018
Sidenote: I'm not usually grateful to be in America but I'm glad lolicon isn't illegal here
 Defending fictional characters who are "minors" but don't act like "real people" that are minors is one of the most absurd trends I've seen in the last few years. Thanks Tumblr lmao

Nathan Forester

36 is considered old now?

Mickey Rube

Dot Warner? Isn't she like a hundred?


Both are kinda in the wrong here. She shoulda blocked the guy and Chris should have just stopped at "Please leave me alone."

Jacob Fenrir

To accuse someone of being a paedophile without solid evidence, especially when driven by malice, should result in a prison sentence and/or criminal damages. I'm wondering why they're hasn't been a rush of lawsuits launched against the trolling campaign. Not by him necessarily but someone advocating for him. These folks probably bully others who are trying harder at life than Chris is.

Prototype0z19a The Saturday morning scarecrow

Well I'm 16 years old and this freaking me out and also I'm a boy so this just so disturbing


“Holy shit, you are creepy.”
100% accurate


I don't even know HOW to feel about this...


Legality doesn't equal morality.


if the screenshots were proven fake why do you still have the vid up


Canada is a fucked up place.


an adult being friends with a kid is still gross and creepy, no if ands or buts. it's called harassment. which is illegal.

Aiden Ozment

Statue of limitations


Thank you for putting the fake disclaimer in the title. Now that’s responsibility


Interesting thougth... which chris is in a worse situation now?
Chris chan with his mental stuff
Or chris hansen who just got divorced and arrested

Mathieu Leader

Chris Hansen is in jail

Elmer J Fapp

what is a pedofork? iv'e come to adopt unique terms for degenerates and as of late kiddy diddler from dr mantis toboggan has been superior but this new pedofork intrigues me

Liquid Slick#8

this video is a huge waste of time man can get some real content

Lola Belle

I laughed when she called Chris an Old man.

James Barnousky

Pedophilia is a psychiatric term. Not a legal one.


The United States Supreme Court in a Decision Stated ITS NOT Illegal to draw underage humans engage in sexual activity since no child is actually involved in the Production of the work, it falls under art , & It Protected By Free speech .

Rainer Hurtado

Misgendering someone is not illegal in Canada. Only threats of violence are not allowed. According to legal experts, not using preferred pronouns would not meet legal standards for hate speech in Bill C-16.

Not saying I support Canada’s laws or anything but it’s a common misconception.

Kaito Jin

I wonder what happened to this sociopathic kid bluespike


Going back to the part about sexualizing fictional characters isn't really a big deal I guess since there is tons of fan art of Misty from Pokemon, even cosplayers do a "Sexy Misty" interpretation of the character its almost "normal" at this point; and I think the idea of "protecting" fictional characts from being interpreted in a sexual way is a waste of time and stupid.


He is a total sex case! Just look at the eyes. De Vito in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Squinty eyed nonce! Keep your kids away from this freak! Sick fuck that he is! He is 99 cents short of a dollar or 99 pence short of a pound!! Shady nonce! Go ahead, take a seat. Right over there, take a seat.

Will Foley

There are laws in America saying that drawings of underaged children in sexual acts is illegal. I'm not sure if fictional characters are illegal, but drawing a real child performing a sexual act (which I don't think Chris did) is illegal.

done dane

mm yes i as an adult what the love of children and know where they are from



Drawn depictions of minors in sexual situations are illegal in the US, but as far as I know that has not once been prosecuted, and you could probably challenge the constitutionality of the law under the first amendment and it would end up being a toss up if it was protected speech or was not protected on the basis of obscenity.

First Second

Christopher Chansen?

jay ahaha


e x c u s e ME

do you KNOW who i AM?

i created


Marvelfan 2.0

As if the controversy couldn`t be anymore off the chart.


Admittedly he was a bit desperate which can come off as creepy.

Hellbound Iscariot

"But Chris-Chan has mental development of a six year old. So he is irresponsible for any actions he does."

Jodel König

I'm sorry but I swear he is saying "statue of limitations"

little neko sparkles

junior in high school not "in junior high"................

also you're almost 40 not "you're at least 40" but overall good video

Fatal Gold

Clyde told blue to do all that stuff, so shouldn't he be in more trouble

dylan parrott

Chris is a moron and a bit of a "weirdo" but he not really the label as a "pedo" if this was real it be EVERYWHERE on the internet and like everybody be chatting about it not just 1 youtuber


I’ll be blunt: the answer is a firm NO.
Don’t get me wrong he’s done some pedophilia in his Sonichu comic (in his lewd special one of his character is like 8 if I’m not mistaken) but aside from this he doesn’t seem to be one; no signs from it. I’ve dealt with a few before and one almost went after my nephew so I’m confident in that answer. Though he is indeed creepy and disturbing that’s for sure.

BlueSpike is indeed in the wrong too when it comes to that situation but as stated, he lied about his age to fuck with him which makes Chris innocent on this regard.

The girl in the situation at hand however...I’ll say she did handle the situation very maturely for a 16 year old; well done to her and nicely done to Chris for clarifying he isn’t trying to flirt he only complimented her and tried to make a friend. She has every right to tell him to fuck fuck off!

Right that’s it, piss off! All I had to say, go along with your day. Have a good one.

Knugglet Molechidna

I find this to be a fair and balanced take. It just seems like Chris speaks a language of her own at times, and it causes all sorts of hijinks when Chris interacts with people.


Reminder that in his Sonichu comics Chris refers to child porn laws/consent laws (one or the other, idk which exactly applies to the situation) as “stupid laws”

I’ll let you decide what that implies


"Do you know who I am?" Lol! Oh my gosh! Like him being the creator of Sonichu holds some clout? Like she's supposed to be impressed or something? He is completely delusional, and should not be allowed anywhere NEAR a computer or Wifi.

Antoine Louis King

Dillin, I literally told people that he was blackmailed into telling everyone that he is a pedophile. But one believed me, they thought I was making stuff up.


Chris chanson

Skeebeep Boopeepeep

It seems fake

Timothy Capicotto

Would you rather: have free healthcare and be persecuted for what you say on the internet or pay for health care and say what you want on the internet?

Chidlish Psychopath

If Chris Chan is trying to be friends with someone, never call anyone sweetheart or darling. It’s fucking common sense.

Candycanecones 109

No I don’t think “she’s” a pedophile. Yes its deeply disturbing for “her” talking and having phone sex with a 13 year old boy however, Chris legitimately didn’t know he WAS a 13 years old let alone a boy. Chris was just being Chris falling for all this online girlfriend shit.

Kalos , Je T'aime

$40 the biggest reason for Chris Chan to panic about Blue Spike is mostly because Blue Spike's a male.

Zac sesz

Maybe he will be one day, if he reaches pensioner age he might have tendencies toward it because he idolizes being young.
Especially after Barb dies, he will constantly tell himself that it was better 10-20-30 years ago and with that mindset for a person like Chris it's not hard to go down the road of kid diddling because that's the only demographic left that will treat him with anything resembling a positive attitude.

Dark Legionnaire



6:05 Nah, that's not innocents right there.

Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

I can’t blame him for r34ing Misty.

She *is* the original and best Pokégal, and many guys’ childhood crush. ;)

Jesus Ramirez Romo

cartoon porn of lolis is legal or legally grey in most countries, as long as its not based on a real person, or a realistic 3d render, also, the US has one of the oldest age of concent, so it be easier to get out of legal trouble in other countries where its usually 13-16

Ermac Jones

Wow lol what the hell Canada? Are you ok? Seems like you're suffering from a lot of cancer up there.

Smuggle Fish

He sounds like a nice girl child thing


That gender law is fucking dumb.

Adjacent Philosophy

Did the dimensional shift not happen for anyone else??... you guys are missing out.


No......NO......NOOOOOO!!!! Never accuse someone of that without hard serious proof. I am normally the last guy to defend Chris but this is just going too far. Accusing someone of being a pedophile is the worst thing you can do, it can cause them to get in trouble for life.
Chris is a weirdo but that is a whole other thing. Maybe its time people just leave him alone.


This dude is going to go nuclear someday soon. .....

Gwendolyn Stata

It's not illegal in Canada to call Chris, "old man," once over the internet, Jesus.


She was driving in middle school???

Holly In Hell

I wonder if this Dillin Thomas is from Kansas and is 21-22 years of age? I am hoping that he reads this and responds...

Supreme Theory

I don't think so, he's certainly a pervert and a creep, but I don't think he is sexually attracted to minors.


>I don't like playing the Autism card
Fucking why not? That's clearly where all his problems stem from. I have autism and if my parents hadn't found a way to handle it in a rational and healthy way I'd be in a [similar] boat to Chris chan. There's nothing dickish about acknowledging what his actual reason for being the way he is as long as you aren't exploiting it. You can still call him a moron for falling into this shit and doing the dumb shit he does regardless of his Autism as well because at a certain age, if you're not in some kind of fucking assisted living program because you don't need it (which is debatable in his case but that aside), then people expect basic shit of you even if you're unaware of how to conduct social interactions.


good bideo but its actually not true that you can get arrested or fined for misgendering? if this has happened i'd like to see some records of such arrests/fines


Any depiction of minors engaged in sexual situations is child pornography in America, and the FBI will prosecute if alerted. They will arrest such "artists" and imprison them for 3 to 15 years with a lifetime of sex offender status.


Chris Trans-TRENDER Chan. Puts a bad name out there for Luigi Got Big Titties out there

Opressed Gamer

"Dumb laws"


I came up with a great idea for a sitcom it's called Chris and Chris and it's about Chris Hanson and Chris Chan lived together and it's just really awkward and really depressing


I don't understand people who repeat "leave me alone" but continue to talk to someone. You feel uncomfortable? Instant block. It's over. Anyone who doesn't block and continues to entertain the conversation is still apparently enjoying getting something out of the conversation.

Simulated goat

if her age is on the clock....

Deus 03

..... yes


Chris is too cartoonish to be a nonce, but on the other hand he's got a habit of digging himself into a hole.


Wow, i had no idea it was so popular in millennial circles to make fun of is people with legitimate mental health issues...

Let me pat you on the back for being a total goon.

It’s like an adult picking on a 5 yr old.

Shitty Glasses

Wait how old are these screen shots tho....cuz his PFP changed, it’s not that anymore

Ghoulwhip 97

That part of Chris talking to that girl on Twitter that's why I hate teenage girls because they get offended so easily and there's always so quick to assume that a guy is hitting on her just because he talks to her and anyway

Far Quaad

Junior in high school* not junior high.

Totally different things

Jawan Bates

Chris chan is still alive?


Leave this grown child alone

Ayy Lmao

Chris Chansen

The Jolly Witcher

Jesus christ, it never ceases to amaze me what a creep he is.


oh dear

Wobbles and Bean

I disagree with you. It doesn't matter if what Chris said was illegal, it was creepy as hell, and I am 100% on her side on this. Calling a child "beautiful' and badgering her to give you her personal information when you're 36 is fucking gross. Plus, Chris isn't trans. So no law was broken.


It's not illegal to misgender people in Canada. It's illegal to harass people, and under those terms Canada added types of repeated misgendering as a form of harassment, which it is. Much of the internet hype around that stuff is woefully uninformed

joshua jones

This video needs jazz

Kalos , Je T'aime

8:45 Not yet. It's Chris Chan approaching a female.


of course he isn't a pedophile, he hates walking. Now paedophile? Nah, though I'm sure if he met an underage girl who was up for it he would wilfully ignore the law.


I think he would be fine in Japan as well.

Hal Jordan

No IF that chat is real he is 100% trying to hook up. THIS is how he OPERATES and has for DECADES why do ppl deny the blatantly obvious...