900HP EVO 8 - Fear Factor (AG AutoSports / Crispeed Tuned)

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900HP EVO 8 - Fear Factor (AG AutoSports / Crispeed Tuned)

49 266 views | 22 Sep. 2017
49 266 views | 22 Sep. 2017


"No Way Out" - Sirius Beat

Music by: Sirius Beat - Play No Games

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ヴァルキリーコネクト Vol.3 ギルドラBOX引く?悩むことばかりで面白い!

Lol @ thinking Haltech is the "only way to go". Doesn't hold a candle to Motec.


So where is the video from the drag strip and the car racing?

Ahmed Hassan

Support U man , Awesome work :D


I wonder how long this car lasted.

Michael Dillon

Is the car still good in the corners

Yen Stifler

Finally found that evo don't have stupid sticker . Clean , simple , and fast. Nice car man!


Mitsu 4 life

Daniel Nemchinsky

I love these types of videos

killing one

What haltech ecu did u use on your? I also have a evo 8

Jeremy Moes

Dope edits just sub keep it up


stock head ports and a 6466 making 900hp????? maybe at the crank but i didn't catch the boost number? and maxxed out but with a little more to go???? what does that even mean lol and it has H beam rods?!?!?!?! id put lengths all over that car

wheelspk fails

legend has it that he has changed 13 more car to date!!!!

Jaime Curiel

quality video


Where is this car now?

Shombie Dixon


nel c

so did u bring it to track? if yes i wonder how a 800+ perform on track, i bet it so overkilled on track and do your timeattack

Joel speed3

just did 685whp at ag autosports,going back to turn up boost once clutch upgrade is in

Michael Dillon

Really Love the car Mark 2003 is my favorite year love how clean it looks

Арс Tw

standart tranmission or dogbox?

Shahroz Ali Jafri

No acd=no respect

Andy V

what tires?

JJ Sorenavki

Silver Squad same as me, Nice build man , :D I'm not running this kind of power just 600 since i still have a stock Adm/rs 5speed an kind of want to keep it as long as possible, 2.3L Nitto gtx3584rs , 3000gt drivetrain setup i'm also looking to go high 8s in the future, You can easily achieve 8s with full trim an the power you have,, Buschur 8 did it with 700whp , an Par in Australia did it with 800whp ,


I have 740hp myself. But damn 900 sounds so good!!

Unruly Toast

Mine is mostly stock. Has mods (bought it like that) but I just LOVE them. This is my second one.
I want to squeeze a bit more power out of it, but I want reliability over everything else. Stock power is fine to keep it more reliable.
For sheer speed and power, I turn to sports bikes.
But at the same time. Evo is Evo.
Did I mention that I LOVE Evos?
CT9A is better than sex!


sick evo i wish mine was like that lol im going to eventually switch to haltech so he can tune my stuff


So this guy must of got smoked a few too many times by Awd cars and he said fuck it and sold his stang and built the most badass 4banger ever. 4g63 is a beast.

Xai Xiong

Need to shift faster. Lol gotta nlts, but fast car no doubt

Gianni Adduci

Very nice car, setup sounds good too.

jt rich

I miss south fl :(