Making a Horde War Banner

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Making a Horde War Banner

2 683 views | 2 Oct. 2016
2 683 views | 2 Oct. 2016

For the Horde!

Made a War Banner for the upcoming Renaissance Festival! Come with us on our adventure!

Arc 1105

I bet Chris has a big weiner


phenomenal works guys!!! FOR THE HORDE!!!

Arc 1105

3 gnomes disliked this video

Arc 1105

1000 views BITCH!

Erik Torell

How did you create the large print out?

Tara Chimera

Hey look its some nerds I chased down at Renfest! Cool channel ;)

Laura Fischer

good job guys. It really looks nice!


Just wondering where you got the template of the horde symbol from?

Sean Sanders

Chis I'm watching your videos!! Lets get to the fun marketing part! I think I have some ideas already.

Fedor Cherp

Где шутки про то что орда сосатт?

Crystal Ortiz

Diz iz how we blog! Y'all definitely will immerse at ren fest!

Darth Krakus

FOR THE HORDE!!!!! Love the banner guys nicccccce!