Nightcore - Don't You Worry Child

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Nightcore - Don't You Worry Child

330 321 views | 26 Feb. 2018
330 321 views | 26 Feb. 2018

• Don't You Worry Child - Female Version

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• Song by: Swedish House Mafia (Madilyn Bailey cover)

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• Lyrics:

There was a time

I used to look into my father's eyes.

In a happy home

I was a king, I had a golden throne.

Those days are gone,

Now the memory's on the wall.

I hear the songs

From the places where I was born.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,

That's where I had my first heartbreak.

I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.

See heaven's got a plan for you.

Don't you worry, don't you worry now."


"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.

See heaven's got a plan for you.

Don't you worry, don't you worry now."


There was a time

I met a guy of a different kind.

We ruled the world,

I thought I'd never lose him out of sight.

We were so young,

I think of him now and then.

I still hear the songs

Reminding me of a friend.

Upon a hill across a blue lake,

That's where I had my first heartbreak.

I still remember how it all changed.

My father said,

"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.

See heaven's got a plan for you.

Don't you worry, don't you worry now."


"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child.

See heaven's got a plan for you.

Don't you worry, don't you worry now."


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"THE KING" Black Clover Ep.12 Live Reaction!
Victoria Stepien

I love this song when ever i hear it i start crying it reminds me from when I was little :) I LOVE THIS NIGHTCORE song is great x

I play Roblox :3

My sister name heaven and mine is harmony


I love it



kitty cat

I can cr

Juliana Otero rorres

I love this song

Danime 93

Sara Podmajstrzy

NIGHCORE LOVE IT ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Laura Elizabete Zemīte

This song is amazing makes me cry

Monica Supetran

i miss my little sisters i cent handel cyi (´~`)(´~`)(´~`)

Katie Murphy

This reminds me of my grandad

Virgin Sketches

Brings depressing memories but its a good song

Princess Potatoes


Raul Avalos

so sad



Sarah Nader Mansoor

;-; I HatE myself after crying ;-;!

winter yuki

this kinda sounds like me in a good home I was a queen and then I moved

Gin Harutobi

Omg perfect *-*)

Anime girl

I love it! :)

Munir Ahmad

Dianne Perico

This song reminds me of Tony Stark and Morgan

Dani Blocker

great song

Sarah Nader Mansoor

This made my father cry


this song is actually really old.. BUT I STILL LOVE ITT!! nice pictureee!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

Boey Zhang

I'm not worry when you keep making Nightcore

Sophie Baranes

Super good but wait a sec I have to cry Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snif snif so amazing !

Szatanek xD

sztosss <3

DbzCannon Justyn-Sama

She might be a kid on the cover but she's more hot than my body can handle

DbzCannon Justyn-Sama

Reminds me of My Bills xD

indigoasmrand vlogs454

This is the one song that reminds me of when I was about 2 (before my mum and dad got divorced) and I never saw my dad until
Like 9 years later
I never see my mum...

Mary Yuan

don't you worry child everyone will love nightcore

Carina M.

Love it❤

Some Body

Dang onion cutting ninjas... there in my vents now

Justine Laput

I cried I like and love this '^' -^- :3 T^T

Tfkok kk


neko miku

i remember when i was 4 or 5 with my brother we got along an he left :( an now we dont get along :(

Glitter girls

- i miss my dad so much I'm crying

Shadow Wolf

awww she is so cute and the song always makes me cry for many reasons:(

Zoie Gallaway

I love this song

Whating for justice

Every time I lesson to this I remember Rolo my step mums friends horses foal who died in February this year... Rolo you will always be with me....But this song is so beautiful

Erica Kilkenny

Am I the only one who could imagine Wendy Marvell singing this and thinking about "Jellal" AKA Mystogan????

Ninjaqaf 08

Love it ❤️❤️

Lord Prudentheart c:

"There was a time when i used to look in my fathers eyes"
at least you have one...

Jessie Ferrio

I prefer your music than any other

angel damacino

I don't why am I even crying

Red hoodie girl

#dont #nightcore

Ewww ewww


Anonymous Furry

song and pic are just adorable <3


This song make me cry

Jene van Deventer


There is already a nightcore version of this on RubyChan's Nightcore js

Andrea Machado

This song reminds me of my father.

m e l x , d i q is witchy

Does heaven really have a plan for me after all the smut ASMR and yaoi hentai I watch?

Hendrawati Subali

I love it



Edit:The black cat stuffy reminds me of Panthre Lilly from fairytail He is beasically a black cat and is Gageel's pet xDALSO CAN YOU DO NOTICE ME sorry caps

kitty cat

This song makes me feel sad.

Sara Podmajstrzy


Nothing better To do


Ran Dom

I feel I'm one of the few boys here but idc I always listen to stuff like this, idc why but it makes my heart warm.

sou teu amor


Unknown B

I devote my life to nightcore like this

dachshund paws

This song actually makes me think of my mom who died of miscarriage in December of 2006.

Wølf Gang

I love it

conyconyconycony l

I love the song. Most important, I LOVE the picture


this song is number 1

Shaffarence Gamer

I love it you are the best youtube

Ralfinnss Kaulins

0:45 sounds like Sierras got a plan for you am I stupid for thinking it?


Ugh mood...

Jeymarie Jimenez

I love this song


I love how supportive you are of everyone's comments, thanks for being wonderful ❤️ ^w^

Toy Bonnie

Good song ^^ and you made it better ^^ stay strong no matter what ^^

yuuki :3


XxFallingLikea o

tHATS WhAT mAh mAmi sAid :oooooOOOOO

Sonya Hodges

This is such a awesome song


Reminds me of the helicopter crash

*. itz Lana .*

this song reminds me wen i was 7 and 6

Angelblood 118

When I turned on the song it immediately tore something in me I had such a feeling in the stomach as if I was torn in two parts but it did not hurt I got goose bumps and I was cold this song has caused something in me



Nikola Malenica

Nightcore soo Beautiful song i love you

Anuska Maharjan

I miss my dad

Anime mania

Hits too close to home

BEE osh

victor Bunrostro

Bootiful YEET

Pina -

What is a different guy, what does she mean, I have my opinion, I usually put my perspective in my comments, but this time I want to hear from the people of this community, what do you guys think?


Who says to there child. there is a place in heaven for you. Like bro I'm not gonna die anytime soon


Çok hoj olmuşş(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Michelle Vanbeijnum

When i hear this song my eyes eyes start watering straight away


I cry when I here this song

Mystic LGD

Those days are gone...

Shota Aizawa

Amazing song


Nightcore de "Don't You Worry Child" cara eu me lembro de quando ouvia essa musica quando tinha uns 10 anos essa com certeza vai pra playlist

Happy Girl


jiku kpop

You are a little coconut x) because this song is make me cry


This song makes me cry (T-T) but I still love it it reminds me of my childhood that I’m still in lol

David The tomato

Some one stole your adio

Nienke Vancaillie

Who sings this version

Zoé !

It's a beautiful song

joy clark

I love is song

hi hi

I relate I never really loved my dad he was abusive he hit my mom and hit my little brothers faces til there were hand marks he hit me when he felt like it we never went out cause the car was only 5 seats and there are five kids so my mom couldn't trust my dad alone with any of us and if we said anything he would beat the shit out of us I stayed at friends houses to escape it so did my older sis I threatened to call the police so he backed off a bit but he still hitting my mom .

amber devaul

My dad sends me money in the mail but I know he doesn't care. He doesn't awnser his phone. I just got out of the mental hospital 2 weeks ago and I was there for 3. Only talked to him once that whole time.