Normal Mode vs Survival Mode -- No Man's Sky

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Normal Mode vs Survival Mode -- No Man's Sky

19 877 views | 21 Aug. 2019
19 877 views | 21 Aug. 2019

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Luis Perez

I started in Survival mode. Almost broke the controller when I died and lost all my scavenged data lol but it's fun

Ryan Long

I just started and I thought that Normal mode was for babies, so I chose survival.

I was mistaken

Cosmonauts Jam

Mr g you gotta get one of those s class star destroyer looking freighters

Torsten BfG Harris

NMS origins normal mode is virtually the same difficulty as survival mode now, Time n time again I've started on world's that have zero chance of survivability, have restarted tons of times, they've made it so that it's now almost unplayable. Yea fine survival should be difficult but normal mode I've been put on planets with with temps ranging from -300deg to +500deg, n having to travel for hrs just to get to my ship, How is that normal mode. Survival mode has actually been easier. It's a fucking joke.

Frank James

First thing I noticed is the launch thrusters use more resources and give fewer launches. Same with the pulse engine. Life support and hazard drains faster. And it seems like there are more extreme planets. It took a few systems before I could find a planet where the environment wasn’t hazardous. But guess what, the sentinels were aggressive.

Survival is much harder than normal but not as frustrating as permadeath



dwan robinson

Been playing on this mode. I notice little difference after upgading. But then again, this isn't Sekiro.

DearPowa Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Never player no man's sky, started in survival, ngl that was hard, but also really rewarding to accomplish things

Jonathan Ross

Perma-death is basically unfair..

Jonn Blvck

I started on survival 3 days ago and I’ve only died 4 times. First time ever playing this game. It’s fun in survival, I feel like I wouldn’t like it in normal mode. It’s more “realistic” in survival. After you get past the first part of the game and build a few life supports through the game you’ll be fine! It’s just like if you were really in space

Rufus West

Good to see ya Crossout buddy!


Loose also all items in "the stash(inventory 500 slot)?

dying in ship = all ship items and all character items?

Jarod Dunbeck

I started in survival and it made the beginning more challenging, but after you progress and upgrade your suit it wont feel like you constantly need to recharge everything.


Huh intresting


Are all planets dangerous

360 Fov

Is there a tangibly more rewarding experience by playing survival mode (in terms of gameplay encounters, discoveries, greater reward due to greater risk etc..) - or is the reward simply the challenge itself? Not sure if I've articulated myself very well, but I've put 60 hours or so into the game on PS4 around 2 years ago, so I'm not totally new, but I know there's a great deal of new content ... so I'm wondering whether to start Survival or Normal (I've read the differences between the 2, but I wonder if there are any undocumented differences, such as potentially better loot or more dynamic combat encounters that wouldn't happen in Normal mode).

Another factor would be other players / multiplayer; is there a thriving Survival community or do most people play Normal mode?


All my friends are in normal mode, but I am in survival.

I now know that all my friends are BABYS

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

Can people playing "normal" see players who are playing "survival"?


No point of playing normal(zZzzZZz) mode. No challenges, no nothing. Its like a dumb mode for dumb people

Pc Pc

I use exiting the ship to save but when I die, I cant find the ship save and am having to recover with all my inventory lost. Surely the ship save is somewhere?


there seems to be much confusion about what is the real difference between normal/survival. the wiki is out of date so it is spreading misinformation.

after launch, the devs changed the "world" to be the same for all modes. the resources and sentinels and planets are 100% the same for all modes. this happened quite early in the life of the game. you will no longer get a galaxy with mostly extreme planets in survival mode, while it was rare to find extreme planets in normal mode. like it was at launch. this was changed years ago to make way for multiplayer.

so when that happened, survival got nerfed and became mostly the same as normal. aside from the fuel cost for ship to take off was super expensive and annoying. this is because the change made extreme planets very rare, so survival was trivial and a pointless mode.

so then, ship takeoff still cost more material for survival than normal. that was pretty much the only difference for a while, since survival almost never could find any extreme planets when the change first happened.

at some point patches added more extreme things so the extremes were more common for everyone. so that did slightly bring back survival mode to close to what it was at launch before they nerfed the survival planets.

what makes it feel like things are harder for survival is that because life/shield drains faster in bad weather in survival vs normal. which stopped being an issue when they first nerfed the world because extreme planets were so rare for a while...

this does differentiate the two modes quite a lot now that there are a lot of extreme planets. so survival isn't a pointless mode now, as it was when the world was first changed for multiplayer, with a severe lack of extreme threats..
but what i find the biggest difference now is the newest change... the newer change is that normal can stack 10,000 of each item in suit/ship, while survival is still capped at like 250-500.

Gravy Tube

Ive never played Normal i started with Survival and it teaches u to manual save often lol