Connected Fantasy Franchise "Conference Playoffs"

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Connected Fantasy Franchise "Conference Playoffs"

19 345 views | 19 May. 2016
19 345 views | 19 May. 2016

ITS PLAYOFF TIME! Dre takes on the New York Giants in the Conference Championship as Kay is forced to watch on the sidelines! Will Dre come up with the win!?

Reid McEvoy


Extra Shelton

love your videos


Hey Dre, when there's only 30 seconds or less on the clock, go into special teams plays, is should be in concepts, and the first one that comes up should be a play called "Prevent" it's made to deny Hail Marys but is great at forcing them to make short passes to you up clock time or timeouts. But your defense is too bad for man coverage in clock management situations

John Lund

+kaykayes you should draft a new qb in the next draft

Gavin Hall


Taeqawn Carter

y'all are the best

Aaron Fimley

2nd i see you Dre with that field goal win, and good win on Kay

FIREGames - FunnySTUFF

how is Dre playing the giants

King Natsu

hey great video Dre

Jus Justin

didn't kay play the giants in the 1st round

Jacob Waldman

how are you playing the giants when Kay beat them in the first round?

Flubba King

Kay beat giants any answer?


why r u button mashing dre

Jay Ceo

that nigga kay brolic


where's the D Dre

Jack Keenan

Who else loves when they choke on their food and it reminds them of their birthdays as kids

Wow That's my name


Jeremy Harrington

sup Dre

antmoneybags 3

3rd to comment

Holly Boy

u should do this with 2k a relocate your teams plz

Jared Bigelow

why do u not play on Madden 16

Kensepticye e

Dre and Kay can you Please play some more GTA5

Daniel Williams

Wait didnt kay beat the giants in the playoffs already

Jordan Wenzel

loved the video

Kyrie Irving Jr

Wait I thought Kay vs the Giants