All Kuria Locations w/ Timestamps & Missions! (Warframe)

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All Kuria Locations w/ Timestamps & Missions! (Warframe)

64 900 views | 15 Aug. 2019
64 900 views | 15 Aug. 2019

This video provides extra information about rewards and the locations of all 56 Kuria with updated locations for post remastered tilesets in 2019.

In poem order:

1-1 0:02 - Tileset - Corpus Gas City

1-2 0:30 - Tileset - Corpus Gas City

1-3 0:54 - Tileset - Grineer Forest

1-4 1:10 - TileSet - Grineer Forest

2-1 1:25 - Tileset - Corpus Gas City

2-2 1:47 - Tileset - Corpus Gas City

2-3 2:14 - Tileset - Corpus Gas City

2-4 2:38 - TileSet - Grineer Forest

3-1 2:53 - Tileset - Grineer Galleon

3-2 3:06 - Tileset - Grineer Galleon

3-3 3:22 - Tileset - Grineer Galleon

3-4 3:38 - TileSet - Grineer Forest

4-1 3:58 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

4-2 4:21 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

4-3 4:36 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

4-4 4:48 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

5-1 5:04 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

5-2 5:30 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

5-3 6:12 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

5-4 6:44 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

6-1 7:01 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

6-2 7:31 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

6-3 7:47 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

6-4 8:17 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

7-1 8:37 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

7-2 8:54 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

7-3 9:07 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

7-4 9:28 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

8-1 9:39 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

8-2 9:56 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

8-3 10:13 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

8-4 10:29 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

9-1 10:47 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

9-2 11:03 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

9-3 11:37 - TileSet - Grineer Settlement

9-4 11:49 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

10-1 12:01 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

10-2 12:17 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

10-3 12:29 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

10-4 12:45 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

11-1 13:00 - Tileset - Grineer Shipyard

11-2 / 11-3 13:15 - Tileset - Grineer Shipyard

11-4 - 13:48 Tileset - Grineer Shipyard

12-1 14:02 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

12-2 14:19 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

12-3 14:35 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

12-4 / 13-1 14:51 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

13-2 / 13-3 15:25 - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard

13-4 15:55 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

14-1 16:15 - TileSet - Corpus Outpost

14-2 16:34 - TileSet - Corpus Outpost

14-3 16:52 - TileSet - Corpus Outpost

14-4 17:09 - TileSet - Corpus Outpost

Hidden Lore: Origins of the Grineer Queens

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Thanks for keeping this updated my guy!
Still have yet to run across 12-2 after all this time


Hi im having problem with with 12 2 it the only one missing and does not apear =_= 68 run and nothing

The Mancalorian

I can barely see the videos, no idea why phone show poor quality. Anyway im struggling with Uranus because your start point on 3rd is not easy to find location, wish this was little more easy start point.

sansolo armstrong

i cant find 13-2 and 13-3

Alex Jansen

Already found 52 in 2 days, probably gonna find the last one in few hours thanks to your guide. Thank you so much, great guide :)

Dientera - The Raging Gentleman

I've yet to see the tile from 1-2. Does it still exist?

David Stull

I think some of the missions are more guaranteed on mobile defense. I forget which 2, but 2 kuria are guaranteed, one on Earth and one on Mars mobile defense


I swear 5-2 doesn't exist, I've been going at it for days

Kyle Cook

14.2 took a while to drop ...amazing video. Thanks so much


Ive been waiting for this

Vex Trooper

Thank you so much for an updated version of the Kurias! I've been having a hard time finding the ones in the new Gas City rework!!

Flame Gauge

why are some of these rooms so damn rare
with how well hidden these things are i can hardly understand how anyone ever found the ones that spawn in rooms that show up maybe once every 100 runs

Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX

Thank you so much

Обычный Кошак

Where can I watch Kuria fragments that I already scanned?

I can't find it in codex.

David Dionne

They’ve changed extraction size on 12-3, at least for me, I’ve missed it twice due to being forcefully extracted...expecting people to grind this garbage squaded...they’ve lost their minds. I’m gonna have to scan it during an aim glide.

Alan Ostaff

13.2 an 13.3 I never seen that map you moved so fycking fast I cant tell whatvthe hell ime looking for


Behold, the single most difficult challenge in warframe that yields the least desirable reward.

Criss NG

5-2 is at the boss fight

ale_ 2002pons

14:22 idk where is that place can someone explain it to me??

Kyle Chaser

Thank you.


Thank you for your very decent guide

dylan jackson


Memphis Morningstar

Lol imagine if DE wanted to be a dick and made it to where you could only get a railjack if you scanned all of them


took me 2 weeks to spawn them all


5-3 is marked as 5-4 by accident.
The timestamps help alleviate my error but as a notice, it's 5-3 before 5-4
5-3 6:12 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab
5-4 6:44 - TileSet - Grineer Sealab

Amer AlMutawa

I cant notice if they appear on your mini-map or not, does animal instinct show them or not :( need help finding them easily :(


Can I just scan the kurias or do I need to finish the mission?

SFT Zamdrool



It irritates me so much that I walked by so many rare tiles without even knowing these things existed. I’m halfway there though, so I’m getting there lol

It's just M3

South Kuria or North Kuria ??

Tales Figueiredo

How do I even find the 3-4 room?????


and yet another grind heh. seriously fucked up

Toblerone 17

Does Helios work for this?

Poe Stis

I noticed MORE RARE tilesets spawn on SORTIE, and even Invasion/Syndicate missions more than they do just launching the normal mission. 4-1 (@ 3:58) is the LAST tile set I found and it was doing a Sortie Sabotage.. I even spammed chat for everyone to get this scan because I have only seen the room like less then 10 times in 6 years of Warframe play. 12-2 (@ 4:19)is just as rare.
I got these awhile back, just checked in to see new Jupiter Kurias for a newbie friend.
At least the new tile set with Granum unleased didn't replace any of these, hahah.

Barbatos Rex

Kuria 2-3 can be found immediately in the Ropalolyst mission


i didn't know those existed
fucking warframe, man


this should help
1-2 00:30 1-3 00:55 1-4 01:10
2-1 01:25 2-2 01:47 2-3 02:14 2-4 02:38
3-1 02:53 3-2 03:06 3-3 03:22 3-4 03:37
4-1 03:58 4-2 04:20 4-3 04:36 4-4 04:48
5-1 05:04 5-2 05:30 5-3 06:13 5-4 06:44
6-1 07:01 6-2 07:31 6-3 07:46 6-4 08:17
7-1 08:37 7-2 08:35 7-3 09:07 7-4 09:27
8-1 09:39 8-2 09:56 8-3 10:13 8-4 10:28
9-1 10:46 9-2 11:03 9-3 11:37 9-4 11:49
10-1 12:01 10-2 12:16 10-3 12:29 10-4 12:45
11-1 13:00 11-2/3 13:15 11-4 13:48
12-1 14:02 12-2 14:19 12-3 14:36 12-4 14:52
13-1 14:52 13-2/3 15:24 13-4 15:56
14-1 16:16 14-2 16:34 14-3 16:52 14-4 17:08


9-2 is bs

Shade's Insane Chamber

They should move the Kurias to "Fragments"

Bronwyn Cochius

Is 12-2 still accurate? Done hundreds of shipyard missions, quite a few syndicate versions, yet to have this room spawn at all.

big boy paul

12-2 after 23 runs of capture still nothing, am i doing something wrong or doors just wont open for me

edit: still ran Lex node after my comment till now, no luck still

Cletus Firestone

Found 5-2 twice on Titania first try. Recommend it lol

Douglas Costa Teixeira

If you cant find the 1-2 in the Capture, try Exterminate, got it first try there


Damn, I never knew there were 2 other locations on the uranus tileset. Thanks much!


Its pronounced Kur-eye-ah

Cupcake McSparklebutt

How were you able to play in first person?

Oliver Tiribello

corpus gas city doesnt seem to spawn anymore for 1-1 and 1-2

David Aguilera

Kuria 2-3 is obtainable easily in the ropalolyst boss fight, that tile seems tied to this mission in particular
EDIT, please could you do a guide with the minimap drawing that corresponds to each tile? please, would actually help a lot

Tech Marauder

Over 20 literal hours of grinding bode to get kuria 12-3..... I find the tile doing a random fissure, the other 3 players won't back off the extraction and I don't get it.

Marius M.

What are those for ?

soul cat

Wow I missed them all XD

Amer AlMutawa

Thanks for the guide, really helpful. Although warframe RNG can be a B most of the time.. I cant seem to find the Kuria in Roseland"the one on top of the pole which is underwater"? and Desdomonia "the big structure you climb on top by the hack console wont appear for me" be trying them for over 2 hours and no luck..


What purpose do the Kuria serve?


Grineer sealab was easily the worst of all these omg

Mr Cringe

I hate to say this to ya but your gonna have to remake this video for the new corpus tilesets in deadlock protocol


Why did you play volt? The graphics are taking away from the video


12-3 best is sabotage, not Spy, though it is only preference, it is just faster to do than spy

Shirogane Tsuki

If you're having trouble finding tileset for 13-2 + 13-3 try Spy mission (Bode).
I found the tileset there quite a few times while looking for 12-3 :P

Gevorg Gevorgyan

For 1-3 Capture on Earth is much better, spawns it a lot more consistently. If someone has a hard time spawning that one (like me) try capture.

Wikid Voodoo

13-2 & 13-3 are in my opinion the rarest cause I've been trying to get that tile to spawn but no luck in the past 4 days XD


5-4 is incorrect, please correct it


Ok. Tile for 1-2 doesn't exist. Been playing for hours, even changed mission types, checked every corner of map, and nothing! Could've found every other kuria for the time spent looking for 1-2.


For anyone stuck on 12-2, I found the tile in a sabotage void fissure on Ker, Ceres.

(after 10-11 hours of searching)

Nogi Doki

did you do a video about the hidden gas city rooms? dunno how to access them tbh


Ever since they changed Jupiter, are the old tile sets still available?

Matthew Hinkle

Many thanks for compiling this video, it made all the difference.
Some tips :
1. Make a spreadsheet for the kuria with the missions/maps - it helps.
2. Be aware where all the kuria are located in each map, especially in Rosalind, Hellas, and Lex. I worked through the list in numerical order, made the mistake of not looking far enough ahead and subsequently had to double back and needlessly repeat maps - hello Rosalind.
3. Once you've scanned the kuria you can abort the mission without losing the scan. I did speed runs using Loki/Volt equipped with speed/bullet jump mods.
4. Yes, 1-2 is very rare.
5. It may be coincidence but if there is a syndicate mission for a particular map, run that first.

Good luck.


FOR 12-2 try CERES-EXTA. i got the room every 2 run. (btw i already scanned all of the kuria, so it may be rng issue, too.)
12-2 was hardest for me, i tried to get it for like a whole week or even more maybe, so if i see it, i mark it for others and say it is rare, but lower mr levels mostly just ignore. They will regret later xD

Natalia Pérez Pino

Great video!! Ty tenno!!

Zoë the Pirate

After 50+ runs, I refuse to believe the 1-2 room exists... o.O

Raymond Zacchaeus Arias

1-1 @ - Tileset - Corpus Gas City - Ananke, Jupiter (Capture)
1-2 @ - Tileset - Corpus Gas City - Ananke, Jupiter (Capture)
1-3 @ - Tileset - Grineer Forest - Servantes, Earth (Sabotage)
1-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Forest - Cambria, Earth (Spy) (Only mission to find the Kuria 1-4)

2-1 @ - Tileset - Corpus Gas City - Thebe, Jupiter (Sabotage)
2-2 @ - Tileset - Corpus Gas City - Carme, Jupiter (Mobile Defense)
2-3 @ - Tileset - Corpus Gas City - Ananke, Jupiter (Capture)
2-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Forest - E Prime, Earth (Exterminate)

3-1 @ - Tileset - Grineer Galleon - Telesto, Saturn (Exterminate)
3-2 @ - Tileset - Grineer Galleon - Calypso, Sabotage (Saturn)
3-3 @ - Tileset - Grineer Galleon - Telesto, Saturn (Exterminate)
3-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Forest - Cambria, Earth (Spy)

4-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Ariel, Uranus (Capture)
4-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Ariel, Uranus (Capture)
4-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Rosalind, Uranus (Spy)
4-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Rosalind, Uranus (Spy)

5-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Ophelia, Uranus (Survival)
5-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Sycorax, Uranus (Exterminate)
5-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Sycorax, Uranus (Exterminate)
5-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab- Ophelia, Uranus (Survival)

6-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Caliban, Uranus (Rescue)
6-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Desdemona, Uranus (Sabotage)
6-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Rosalind, Uranus (Spy)
6-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Rosalind, Uranus (Spy)

7-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Hellas, Mars (Exterminate)
7-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Spear, Mars (Defense)
7-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Ara, Mars (Capture)
7-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Ara, Mars (Capture)

8-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Ara, Mars (Capture)
8-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Hellas, Mars (Exterminate)
8-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Hellas, Mars (Exterminate)
8-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Hellas, Mars (Exterminate)

9-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Augustus, Mars (Excavation)
9-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Rosalind, Uranus (Spy)
9-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Settlement - Ara, Mars (Capture)
9-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)

10-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
10-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
10-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
10-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)

11-1 @ - Tileset - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
11-2 / 11-3 @ - Tileset - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
11-4 - @ Tileset - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)

12-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
12-2 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)
12-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Bode, Ceres (Spy)
12-4 / 13-1 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Lex, Ceres (Capture)

13-2 / 13-3 @ - TileSet - Grineer Shipyard - Ker, Ceres (Sabotage)
13-4 @ - TileSet - Grineer Sealab - Rosalind, Uranus (Spy)

14-1 @ - TileSet - Corpus Outpost - Narcissus, Pluto (Exterminate)
14-2 @ - TileSet - Corpus Outpost - Venera, Venus (Capture)
14-3 @ - TileSet - Corpus Outpost - Narcissus, Pluto (Exterminate)
14-4 @ - TileSet - Corpus Outpost - Venera, Venus (Capture)

I also need to post this as my own guide to seek for the Kurias.

Big Neo

Thanks for sharing


Is this still up to date?


The room for 1-3 is a gaurantee spawn when doing the sacrifice quest! I wasted so much time trying to get it to spawn before realizing this! Hope it helps!


Worthwhile update. I used your old guide a few weeks back, it was the quintessential element in silencing a chatty friend who was touting his Kuria emblem to no end.

Man Beadle

I don't quite hunt for them on purpose, but just want to know on what tile sets they may appear, I've gotten used to seeing when there's something different about a dead end or room that's got me several, but it's places like the void or the gas city that drive me nuts sometimes. I know what the Kuria sound like (even though they aren't always placed to be found by sound), in those tile sets there's so much incidental whirring going on that's similar though, it drives me mad I find myself staring into space thinking it's on the loot detector behind a wall. It's not as distinct as the sabotage caches, but it's already similar to a lot of other background sounds.

Doesn't help I smoke pot and play sometimes.

It doesn't look as though there are any in the void though... which is good to know.

For the amount of blind wandering I do in Warframe I wish there were a few more things to happen across while poking around (it would at least justify my terrible hours/MR ratio), I know there's mem fragments and thousand year fish, but I've only happened across a handful while playing.


Love this video! Thanks for making it, it helped immensely in finding all the kurias.

First note, syndicate missions have a much higher chance of spawning rare tiles. Period. After dozens of runs on Ceres looking for kurias, with no luck on the rare ones, I got the 12-2 tile, and 13-2/13-3 tile to spawn in 2 consecutive syndicate missions. Similarly in many, many tries at kurias in Corpus Gas City, I also got 1-2 to spawn only in a syndicate mission. Others might fare better but the RNG hates me with a passion in every game I play.

Secondly, for any of the Grineer Sealab kurias hidden in the water, Uranus Puck (insert sophomoric joke here) Exterminate is hands down the best place to get these kuria tiles to manifest. I've run Uranus Rosalind Spy 100+ times in my Warframe career, it's my favorite spy mission and soo easy to do. I wasn't always paying attention necessarily because I wasn't always hunting kurias off this video, but my gut tells me water tiles just don't spawn that much here. Other than each one of the 3 vaults is primarily a water-based puzzle but they don't hold kurias. The Puck mission has water tiles every time I've run it. That mission spawned the 6-4 tile 3 out of 4 runs for me, and on the last of those, the 6-4 tile and the 9-2 tile both spawned though I only needed the 9-2 kuria from the Grineer Sealab set by that point.

Hope this helps!


Replaying Sacrifice garentiees 1-3

Nautilus Extreme

Stuck on 12-2 & 12-3, Those are my last Kuria's left to find. Any suggestions?

Andrés Jaramillo

Nice Job bro

Kalina Hitana

I am so glad I found this video on the Kuria page. Would also like to say it was pretty easy to find Kuria 4-4 and Kuria 13-4 on Mariana - Earth - Exterminate as well (in a single run I found both these Kuria, and even found 2 separate rooms where the 13-4 was located in the same instance)


For 5-2 ignore the suggested mission, farm Tyl Regor.


thank you for this


all done in one day, thanks man. I've been sitting on this video page for several hours at this point

MIB boi

Theirs one in mars

Scorpio One 9R

Is the tile that 12-3 is in an extraction tile or can it appear anywhere? Edit: nvm I found the tile on a nightmare sabotage.

Cattato Duan

1-3 took me over 30 runs to get when Did the suggested mission. Just found out if you crack your relic in capture missions on earth, it’s very likely the target will spawn in that tile set


so for 5-1 (at 5:04 mark) I actually needed to hack that panel to open the door below? tricky one! first I thought I came into a Kuria-less clone of that tile. =)

Krinskra S Jdjs

What do kurias even do ? What is the purpose of them ?

Preston Garvey

Anyone tryna make a squad on PlayStation to farm all of these

Game Name Pending

God lawd is the 5-2 layout rare bc i been trying to find just that one for months omg

Flame Gauge

is it just me or do a lot of the tiles the kura appear on spawn a LOT less frequently than other tiles?

for the amount of these that there are, finding just one of them shouln't take over an hour if you know its exact location.


Thanks for this video, did it all over the last 2 days.
For everyone else: This video is still up to date and all the info is right, just keep at it.
I advice a fast frame (i used Wukong)
also: YOU DO NOT NEED TO FINISH THE MISSIONS , you can just abort after you scan the Kuria


You put lots of work into this video, tenno! If I ever meet you ingame I invite you on a few rounds of forma ^^


1-3 Earth, Eurasia (Mob. Def.)
8-1 & 9-1 Mars, Tharsis (Mob. Def.)

D尺卂匚卂ㄒ remaked this video again.Thank you for an update because now im struggling to get them all..I think i got 32/56 of them.

OmegaBot Gamer

Will you do another updated guide

Alan Ostaff

I got it you should of said that 13.2 an 13.3 was a super rare map . But anyways thanks so much . Ime little upset you dodnt answer my 1st msg but whatever peace

David Dionne

Epic job! Thank you so much...the amount of work done here is no joke. Thank you again.


1-1: "okay, super ez to find."
1-2: "oh no, i hit a wall already."

Gonna keep trying tho lol


I found 1-3 on Tikal (dark sector excavation) if that's helpful to anyone.