Angels With Scaly Wings #86 - A Beach Date [Mod: Adine Romantic Ending]

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Angels With Scaly Wings #86 - A Beach Date [Mod: Adine Romantic Ending]

2 971 views | 30 Apr. 2020
2 971 views | 30 Apr. 2020

In this mod we get to spend some quality time with Adine.


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This is the first time I've ever watched this entire series. I havent even known about its existence until now. And I must admit. I love everything about the story, the continuations about the story for the characters and the main story's structure. I'd love to compare this series to "Wings of Fire" which is an amazing book series. I'm not a fan of romance and murder mysteries but anything with dragons I'd love to watch. The series took my heart with the cleverness and the characters. If there is any more mods. Please play them, even the romance ones. Love them the most. I wonder if they will ever at all make a 2nd game. I would love to see it.

big night wing

This is video is how i feel about this


21:20 so Adine saw his D hehehehehehe XD

alex pencek

Angels with scaly wings is definitely my favorite game to watch out of everything you’ve done. Is there any more mods for this game that you plan on doing in the future? If you haven’t done all of them already.

Маданбек Хафизов

18:40 WHAAT was that? I didn't have such scene in my personal walkthrough! Is this mod has been updated since I played it in 2019?

zach Smith

as good as ever!

russianbias iron

Finally something for adine she doesn't get much love same with lorem actually I Wish there was more for them both

The Reptile

Fastest like in the west.


A nice end to Dragon Month, an AWSW video about Adine.

(still prefer Anna over Adine though.)

F for Respect

18:23 vroom vroom says the car


Consider that Maverick was there watching you for the 'awkward ending'.
So, for the best possible ending....

Albino Deer

The final of the Dragon Month spent on a date with Adine
Such a perfect conclusion <3

Kenneth Fite

Ending it with a bang. Nice


英語わかんないけどadineさんを見るとAWSWを翻訳する活力になりますね! google翻訳、英語から日本語に翻訳しても一部誤訳されててわからないところがあって萎えて、休暇と言って他の事をやってたけど、誤訳はそう多くなかったはずとポジティブに考えて、そろそろ休暇は止めて翻訳作業を再開します。


I always love seeing more AWSW! And what a good way to end off Dragon Month!


It's the final day of Dragon Month! Thanks for the support, I hope you all enjoyed it! :D

Your Average Spetsnaz

Nice. Good way to end the month.