Straight Talk APN MMS Settings 2020 | Fix Data MMS issues on Straight Talk

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Straight Talk APN MMS Settings 2020 | Fix Data MMS issues on Straight Talk

16 996 views | 1 Jul. 2020
16 996 views | 1 Jul. 2020

Four (4) versions of the Straight Talk APN explained. Use this APN to fix any data or MMS issues on Straight Talk

If you are experiencing data issues or you cannot send or receive picture messages (so called MMS or Multimedia Messages), then you probably have the wrong version of the APN Settings on your straight talk phone

As you may know, Straight Talk is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), that uses the network infraestructure from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Therefore it has different versions of APN depending on the carrier your straight talk phone is using.

As most of the time, you dont actually know which is the exact carrier you are using, we are giving you the 4 different versions of the APN, explained them in detail so that you can set it up correctly

So setup the 2020 Straight Talk APN MMS Settings, on your android phone, please go to: Settings, Connecitons (or More), Mobile Network, Access Point Names and Add a New APN. Use the following info:

Straight Talk APN Settings for ATT (newer version). This is the 4G LTE 2020 version ATT Straight Talk APN. This one is the latest and fastest.

Name: Straight Talk att





APN TYPE: default,mms,supl

Straight Talk APN Settings for ATT (old version). This is the 4G LTE version ATT Straight Talk APN:

Name: Straight Talk att old

APN: tfdata




APN TYPE: default,mms,supl

Straight Talk APN Settings for T-Mobile. This is the 2020 4G LTE version T-Mobile Straight Talk APN:

Name: Straight Talk T-Mobile

APN: wap.tracfone


APN TYPE: default,mms,supl

Straight Talk APN Settings for Verizon. This is the 2020 4G LTE version Verizon Straight Talk APN:

Name: Straight Talk Verizon



APN TYPE: default,mms,supl

Straight Talk APN for Sprint:

Currently it is not required to setup any Straight Talk APN or MMS Settings for Sprint Network

Save the Settings and reboot the phone. you should now be able to use the data or send mms on your straight talk phone

0:00 Start

0:46 Setup a New APN

1:18 Straight Talk APN ATT new

2:45 Straight Talk APN ATT old

3:55 Straight Talk T-Mobile APN

5:02 Straight Talk Verizon APN


I've been trying to do a bunch of different things and none of the are working. At this point I might just switch...

Joel Faulkner

It's not working on my note 9 please help!

Leila McCoy

It doesn't work for me. Can't send and receive mms. Im using galaxy s9 through Verizon straight talk. Please help. Thank you!


This fixed my mms and 4gLTE problem but I still have no internet connection while on a phone call. Any suggestions?

Balde Garcia

Thank you the video really helped me... my carrier could not fix the issue for 3 days. Your the best

Linda Niles

All the options are grayed out on my phone, I cannot add or reset to default. Suggestions?

Jennifer Thrasher

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I brought my own phone from Verizon and all of a sudden my texts weren't working. I used the Verizon APN setting from this video, and my regular texts are sending now, but I still can't send or receive pictures. I also am not receiving regular texts. Any thoughts?

The Wild Gaming Channel

the verizon APN worked on my Samsung galaxy note 10 xfinity locked and unpaid lol I paid 12 dollars for a key and unlocked it switched to straight talk got the 40 dollar plan to test it. took me 3 hours to find this video. <3 thank you. it now works with LTE data 30MBPS

Termaine Johnson

I have a iPhone using straight talk with AT&T and I’ve looked up every APN settings on the unlockit website , none of them are working and i don’t have the option the enter in manually , pls help !!

Jason Houck

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a God sent. The Verizon resource worked beautifully.


Thanks for this. New phone was still fuct after using StraightTalk's website to set my APN. They had the APN name as "ereseller", with a warning about settings being case-sensitive.. watched this and changed it to "RESELLER", as you have it, and BINGO.

Cam Jam

I was granted to use my 11PRO to any carrier by the assistance of this man, LUSECTOOLZ 0n lnstagram, he’s sucha Good Samaritan

Cmac Bama

I just switched from T-Mobile to Straight Talk. My phone is a Xiaomi Mi A3 Android -10. I cant send or receive pictures. I tried the settings for you suggested Tmobile ... no luck...any thing else to try?

Melanie Stewart

Thank you so much!!! You fixed what the straight talk support could not!!! Blessings!!!

Otto Rosemeyer

Thank you! Just a small error on your video for the Verizon settings on the screen of your phone. You show but the orange box is correct and it works. "servlets"

Mustach Mike

thanks buddy it worked!! my data stopped working on my Galaxy note 9 after it updated. and now it works again thanks man!!

joe lynch

Thanks!! The old att one fixed my phone!! Your brilliant!!


Can you help with Hotspot? My note 9 still says ask Verizon for assistance when I try to turn on hotspot


Literally I threw my phone today trying to fucking fix it. This this did it thank you this was a god send.

Sharon Duncan

Thank You, This worked for my Verizon Note 9 on Straight Talk

Long Shlong

U getting a sub from me it worked!

Cathy C

Such a good video, easy to follow, and yet I've tried all afternoon to it to work for me. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge that I received used and it had been an AT&T phone. I put a Straight Talk sim card in it and figured I was getting AT&T, but now I'm not sure. With my wireless turned off, I get texts but can't download pictures (actually, I can't receive MMS with the wireless on either). I added tried all four of your APN settings and none worked. I get internet with the tfdata and RESELLER, but still can't receive MMS in messages. What am I missing? Is there something besides the APN that needs to change for MMS texts?

G T Linus

I want to sign up for that "SPRING" network! lol


Thank you so much. Saved me from such a head ache.

A Mitch

THANK YOU! Straight Talk needs to cut you a check! It worked.

Sarah Rollins

Can someone help me it works but now phone calls aren't coming through to me and when I answer it instantly hangs up and then I call and they can hear me but I don't hear them also its a Verizon note 9 on the straight talk plan I dunno what to do we have already put out so much money on phones


GGs man this saved me alot of time and frustration haha subbed why not

Corey Barnes

I brought my own Samsung S8 Note over to Straight Talk, but I have not had any success in getting my MMS pictures to send. Through my old provider (Verizon) I use to be able to get group text, which as of now I cannot. I cannot send pictures as well or receive.

Brittany Brown

Worked......this is something straight talk couldent even help me data would stop all the time and not come back on unless I restart my phone. I would not get my picture messages as well...i typed in this APN and it fixed all my problems!


Do you have one for GOOGLE fi?

Mountain Daughter



Worked straight away! Many thanks.


Yes this actually worked!! Switched a AT&T note ten from theirr service to straight talk . phone calls worked but data did not. Followed this video data now works like a charm

Michael Robb

Worked perfectly on my note 9 running android 10!! Had to restart it though!! Thank you sir!!


I've tried the APN's here and a couple others and the get the internet going which is good but MMS still doesn't work. I'm wondering if it is something on their end.

Jared Vadasy

I had this issue switching from google fi to straight talk, on an iPhone. Luckily I kept my old google fi SIM card which lets me change the APN settings. I swapped my SIM card back, reset the APN settings page and left everything blank. Swapping back to my straight talk SIM card I was able to send mms messages after that


I keep seeing the same settings on every video but I still can't get my MMS to work. I've put in the correct settings, the Verizon MMSC, etc. Nothing. I cannot send MMS which is really troublesome.

Fish 4 Fun

Well all be damn the first one worked for me, I don't what happened I Guess an APN expired? Had no data for 2 days and Straight Talk failed to help correctly.

Nickolas Hinderer

Fuxk yeah, ty so much! Been looking everywhere trying to figure out the correct APN settings! HOURS wasted on the phone with Straight Talk's worthless customer service! Thanks again!

K Way

On Note 10 it says MCC must have 3 digits?

Ryan Hensley

i have 2 apn that work for str8 talk around me. one has mms, net, talk ect but has SLOW AS SHIT INTERNET when on 4g or lte. the other has no mms or text and calls go to vmail, but has 50mbs download speeds, and 30 upload....i cant decide what i want more lmao....should jus use the net apn and use im on a poco f2 pro so i can remove all ads if i wish with root....

Joseph Lo Piccolo

Will these also work for PAGE PLUS as well ?

austin tolonen

Got a note 9 on Verizon no mms I'm sure I have the settings right any help?

taco manning

I have a galaxy s9. Data does not work during calls. Do you have a fix for this?

death is beautiful

I only have one access point name, and I cannot add another or change it to now what

James Files

I seriously need some help

Q. Lawrence

Hello. I would like to link your video to mine, if that's alright. It seems that what I've found that works for me isn't working for everyone. I'm particularly curious about those who have updated to Android 10.

I'm currently test driving your APN for Verizon. Seems to work so far. I'm just unsure of the 4glte speeds. Thanks for the video.


Amazing! My data just decided to stop working last week and I had no idea why, but I'm so thankful that this worked!


Thank you so much! For the longest time my Galaxy Note 9 had 4g data but never had MMS (pics/videos, long messages, group messages). But it was for SafeLink Wireless and good luck looking up those APN settings even though they are interchangeable. I found that part out today and looked up " Straight Talk APN 2020" to find this video. Just in case you didn't know they are the same in case you want to add that to description

Orion's Studio

Hey i have a note 8 from att. And i cant seem to get the data working with either the tracfone and att APN settings.

Manny Lopez

Does this work to fix group messages on straight talk?

Win Jo

Thank you so much!!! Could not send or receive MMS text messages, entered the Verizon network info and now it works.

Mike Manic

AT&T Galaxy S8/S8 plus could not send pictures in text message. After trying Straight Talk's terrible website and countless people's suggestion and settings with failure every time I finally decided to try a combination of them together with a ideas of my own and got lucky!! hope this helps someone. NAME: custom
APN: tfdata
PORT: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
APN TYPE: default,supl,mms,fota,hipri
APN PROTOCOL: ipv4/ipv6
APN ROAMING PROTOCOL: ipv4 Save settings. Restart phone. and give it 4 or 5 minutes

Scott Mcphee

Really works! Thanks so much. Was on the phone with straight talk for 3 hours with no luck

Jake W

Thumbs up and subscribed. After looking all over for how to get my data to work on my verizon sim for straighttalk into a blu xi+ android I was at my wits end. Did exactly as you said and works now. Thanks appreciate you.

Michael Tribias

Thank you soooooooo much. This was a god send

335i Hero

Bro thanks alot

Zach p.

My strait talk is so slow I can't even watch the video

Christian Vines

Yes sir you saved me hundreds of dollars, we just bought this oneplus 8t and our verizon straight talk wasn't working properly but you have come to the rescue.

Kelly Hanwright

Hi, I am trying to do what you are showing but I do not have options anywhere to input all the options it is letting you input. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. All I have is "Mobile Networks -> APNs -> and I can literally change the name VZNWENTP or RESELLER, etc. Help please. I really need to change the rest to make it work I think...My data getting worse by the day. Thank you very much for helping me.


My phone is not allowing me to press the add apn button. ‘Add” is faded. Do you have any advice? Someone from a different video said it can only be done through rooting and it sounds complicated...

Rebecca Harpe Serrano

Works perfectly on verizon s10 plus. Thank you for saving my sanity.

Tom Lavin

YES!! TRIED SO MANY APNs FOR VERIZON AND ONLY THIS ONE WORKED FOR EVERYTHING! Straight Talk customer service has helped me in the past, but tonight I wasted almost 1.5 hours and all they left me with was, "Verizon must be blocking your data." Thank you so so so much!


Thank you. I called Straight Talk and they didn’t help worth shit. They lied and had me on hold for almost 30 mins. Smh. Subbed

Jasmine Berg

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I spent FIVE DAYS, close to 10 HOURS on the phone with approximately 10-13 people at straight talk and NO ONE COULD HELP ME. NO ONE LISTENED. I had to GOOGLE it and fix it MYSELF. Praise God for your video! I should've done this up front!

I'm the Grinch that stole Christmas

holy shit, this worked for me! I called straight talk and talked to a representative and they told me a bunch of shit and gave me some APN settings. It didn't work. I watch this video and entered the settings and boom! I finally can send pictures again! Thank you so much!!! MMS is working again!!!

The way The Truth and The Life

My internet works fine until I make a phone call, then no hotspot or phone internet?? This has happened sense I got an update. And straight talk can't figure it out??

Domanasha Hill

Wendy Umstead

Thank you so much!!! I switched to Straight Talk from Verizon and have been on the phone trying to fix my MMS issues for 4 days and many hours. I used the settings for "Straight Talk APN Settings for Verizon" and my phone is fixed!! Thank you for sharing!


I got access point names and it has only 1 option so I don't know what to do cause people are getting my messages but I'm not getting theirs

APN Settings

I'm covering all available APN Settings for Straight talk on this video, let me know if you were able to fix your data or MMS.


So thank you this did get my phone to be able to receive messages however all pictures are coming in rather pixelated, do you know anything about that? Please and thank you!

Jeffry Ball

THANK YOU!! I have been trying to correct this issue for over 2 weeks. I have a Verizon Note 9 switched over to Straight Talk. Updated the phone and lost the ability to send and receive MMS messages. Contacted Straight Talk 5 times and they couldn't help. Tried your settings and boom! Answered prayers. :)
Thanks again!

James Edward

I use the AT&T Straight Talk sim. I can't send texts I can receive them, I can call, and have data. I tried all the different APN settings and nothing worked. So I just told everyone to not text me and facebook message me.


Dude, thank you

lil maidree

I can't send mms still pls halp

scott brennan

Thank you

Ray Noneya

Thank you so ,much!!! Straight Talk Verizon worked for me.....