ARE YOU LONELY? on Pastor Bob's Coffee Break

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ARE YOU LONELY? on Pastor Bob's Coffee Break

554 views | 31 Jul. 2020
554 views | 31 Jul. 2020


Dear Pastor Bob: I listen to Pastor Bob's Coffee Break every day. I love it and get a lot out of it. But I continue to deal with intense loneliness. I try to allow God to fill that void, but I must be doing something wrong.

Today's Scripture Reading:

Genesis 2:18

Proverbs 18:24

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Shirley Giordano

I just sent this to my friend and spiritual mother, whom say all I need is Jesus. I get very lonely. I ask God continually for girlfriends to hang out with, study the bible, with some herbal tea, and a serious boyfriend. None of either seems to crawl my way.

Douglas Kritsky

I am but I did something stupid I was talking to a beautiful young lady and she took off her top and asked me to take my pants and underwear off. Then found out it was a scammer. I felt the shame right away and blocked her but a man emailed me and told me he was going to send it to my friends and family. I know I have sinned and I know I am forgiven. But what am I to do was told they would ruin my life. Just scared but God is in control

joe hoe

I' feel alone because I'm always alone. Even before the "stay in place" orders for Covid were issued I was already isolated. I've literally had one thirty minute visit in the last nine months. Two people I can think of bothered to check up on me or just say hello through a call or a text. That's nine legit months of isolation with just small walks and store trips. I'm joining a gym soon so that will help. Stay strong. God bless you all. Hang in there if you're isolated.

Shirley Giordano

Yes. I hate lonliness. This will be good.

Mendy Woodard

Another good message Pastor Bob❤ be blessed

Stéphane Vu-Hoang

I get your point and that part of scripture always struck me, it's not good for man to be alone. In your case, celibacy is a choice and I know people in that case who are happy. However I do not want to throw a pity show, but when it's forced like in my case, where my ex wife quit me because of religion. Yes I'd become too religious and scared her off, let me say that I now hate religion and will never ever be religious any more. Anyway my singleness and loneliness has been forced upon, I've never liked it and I can't say it's God's plan, quite the contrary. Singleness even led me to a mental ward twice. The irony is that I have female friends and as you pointed out friendships between men and women always end up badly with one of the sides either falling in love. Which happened to me recently I fell in love with my friend who gave me the brush off. Friendship can only work between men or if there is no attraction at all. It is tricky to me. As for friendship between men that works fine yet when they find their partners often times they walk away from you. Also being the 3rd wheel or playing gooseberry can get frustrating especially when you feel like you're disturbing the couple's intimacy. So singleness is a burden, not always a choice and yet sadly a forced situation.


pastor bob i have 2 pastors my pastor at church and you GOD BLESS YOU listen to you every morning keep doing the LORDS work


I do go through loneliness from time to time. I miss a lot of friends I have. I know they love me. I shouldn't jump to conclusions why they don't want to see me. The quarantine did affected me. I know I wasn't meant to live this life alone. God wants me to have a relationship with Him, a relationship with others, and a relationship with myself. Thank you for this video, PBB. It did help. Have a great weekend. :)

Krazy Kev

I hate being alone. My respite is going to Church. The Church is a great place.

Fallout Shelter

Thank you so much Pastor Bob. Your lifetime of wisdom is a great influence for me. I sometimes take your topics and listen to them over and over so I can carry them to a gaming platform i stream on and basically repeat the message as best i can. I like to call you the Heavy Metal Pastor, If i were a pastor i guess if would be the Conspiracy Theory pastor, but im no pastor. Maybe one day. For now I copy one of only about three pastors that I respect right now, and that is you my brother. I am so thankful to the Father in Heaven for Real Men of God such as yourself, who are being the hands and feet of Jesus, using funds to feed the homeless and not living in Huge Mansions. Respect and love to you at Pastor Bab

L.A Bailey

Yes I have felt very alone ever since 2016 when I lost my husband and father of my five children. it's funny how you say you have friends that know everything about you and you can talk to about everything that's what I miss the most . He loves The Good the Bad and the Ugly in me. I'm glad you don't know about loneliness. I don't know who keeps thumbs downing your video but they need to troll on somewhere else