Grim Dawn | Elemental Deceiver Build | Bastion of Chaos

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Grim Dawn | Elemental Deceiver Build | Bastion of Chaos

29 301 views | 25 Jan. 2019
29 301 views | 25 Jan. 2019

This is a Nemesis/Crucible capable build that is relatively easy to setup, easy to play and still fun for veterans of the game.

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MMO Pipe

When are you coming back to WOW? Love your older Shadow Priest vids. Be cool if you'd make some more. Just sayin. Thanks.

John Alanko Öberg

What's the name of this killer trance beat? :O

Armando D'Errico

This build is so cool. Has "set it and forget it" infomercial slogan vibes. I'm too freakin old and impatient to play glass cannons anymore. Thanks for posting this.

Carabela Stefan

how the hell you have points for wendigo?


Hey, is this one HC viable?


Looking forward to some forgotten gods videos soon.


How does he fair against kupra? Nice build!


It rocks :P

Marlon Brans

Come back to wow bud


6:05 two rares with the same affixes.

Mauricio Navarro

Hi bro :D

Question: Can i converted cold to vitality and vitality to chaos? or just one? i wana use amatok and converted all the damage of cold to chaos....but ther is not an item to do that :/ or there is?


Hey, where have you gone mate?


Nothing to do wit hthe gear, you're in a zone with slow monstrs.


first I guess :/


Awesome. Well done mate. This will be my first Inquisitor based build.


Hey man really love the build, level 42 atm and its been really fun so far. i have a question and it might be weird but what illusions are you using to get that fire knight look it looks amazing
Best regards Anders


6 years ago
You've come so far Baj. You inspired me to give this a try too and I'm hoping to get to where you are now. You've done amazing and I wish you the best in the future!!
Saw this on a old bajheera video a bit ago. you've come pretty far too bro!


3 Legendary drops at once...with my luck it's only scavenged plating and some bits


Mythical Word of Inquisitor Abalon - someone knows where it's drop?

Brian Lapoint

Hey duck just wanted to give a shout. Not sure if you was a ol skool DAOC player but DAOC Phoenix is thriving and damn fun still. Basically all the patches prior to the expansions that started its downward trend. It took some time getting back into familiarity with ui and all.

Mauricio Navarro

Where are you bro?


Does this build need the Ashes of Malmouth expansion?

bazza ke

Another fantastic build mate - truly amazing, incredible music too!! Can't wait to get to get it going... Thank you!!

Just Some Nerd

The Grim Dawn community needs to take a page out of pretty much ever other aRPGs book, learn how to write leveling guides that are descriptive of what to do with your character when leveling. I have yet to find a build guide that talked about what skills to get when, and when to move some skill points around. On top of the fact that they don't seem to give any guidance on what devotions to work towards first, and again, when to respect the points. Heaven forbid people mention what kind of gear to lookout for while leveling, with some kind of stat priority.

Carlos white

thnx you for the video! I have version can i run this build?


Very interesting, chill build, nice! It's nice to see other people getting sidetracked by some totally irrelevant compact mob groups :) There is just something satisfying in mopping them up in one fell swoop. Also, is it just me, or the game is running smoother for you than usual? Also, also, props for playing what you enjoy, by far one of the best qualities of the game. Two more months until FG is released, can't wait to see your new builds there!


Hi! Good build, I like this style of play, and a small number of skills on the panel. Straight a game of pleasure.
SinnfullDuck can you make a list of devotion in order? What to take first, second, etc.) Thank you.


That looks like a blast. Gotta try it. And I agree, all of the uber dps in the world is worthless if you don't enjoy the play style. I've seen some amazing melee builds for Grim Dawn but I've only tried a couple. I just don't enjoy the melee play style. However, DoT, pet, and ranged builds are mucho fun to me.

Rémi Legendre

You're missing a lot of Elemental RR in your devotion path: ultos, viper, eldritch fire, arcane bomb (as you're mainly lighnting); and itemization: weapon, amulet. Here's some insight: . All Nemeses are easy as long as you can kite. Lokarr is a walk in the park. Kra'vall is a bitch though.

Hard Rock

sisi :D


CAn itDual Wield?

Brad Broussard

Hey Duck, love this build. Trying this build currently, but I have a question got all the devotions figured out but coming up short on amount needed to finish constilation. Are we capped at 55 or is their some hidden devotion point earned I haven't found yet?


really cool build yo


Sir I love you. This looks incredibly fun and satisfying

Mauricio Navarro

A very nice build dude!! ;)

Joshua Manguix

I miss playing gd. I'll be trying this build this weekend. Looks fun and noob friendly for me. Thanks for this bro!


hey, can You updating this build to the grim dawn 1.1.1

gigi vig


Gray Saltine

Nice to see GD builds still coming up, especially something a bit different. Glad you didn't go necro or soldier or shaman for EZ health and def boosts - we've seen enough Death Knights etc. But not sure why you acted like a lack of MI items is a bonus? MIs are easier to farm than legendaries and I always considered those builds easier to gear for than non-Blueprint legendary builds.

Peter Samyn

How this build it does on crucible 150-170 ?


Dude, you ok? :o

Mordecai Mike

But is this build beginner freindly?