CHEAPEST Champions League Marquee Matchups SBC FIFA 17 WALKOUT

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CHEAPEST Champions League Marquee Matchups SBC FIFA 17 WALKOUT

11 204 views | 13 Feb. 2017
11 204 views | 13 Feb. 2017


WELCOME back to another FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups SBC Guide! This is the new FIFA 17 Champions League SBC Marquee Matchups along with Europa League. These got pretty tricky, but I managed to get them down to a very cheap price! I hope you all enjoy!: D

FIFA 17 Bayern vs Arsenal SBC

FIFA 17 Dortmund vs Benfica SBC

FIFA 17 Legia vs Ajax SBC

FIFA 17 Zenit vs Anderlecht SBC

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Possible songs used in this video from:

- Midnight City Instrumental Remix (David Palmer)

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- Lensko - Cetus (NCS Release)

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- Alan Walker - Fade (NCS Release)

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- DEAF KEV - Invincible (NCS Release)


141228海王丸パーク 釣り日和 立山連峰

Noah when should I sell my EPL players to make profit ? Wednesday or Thursday ?

anthony 123

shaqiri is like 5k

Mohamed Osama

i did it and highest rated player i got was Monreal 81 rated

dilshad taib

How much did it cost?

Lud Buhalov

Packed Kante in the Bayern - Arsenal pack! Gonna do it again

Roberto Eliserio

early gang

Aaron Kim

Wanna hear a joke? Cool.

I told a joke at a funeral, nobody laughed but one guy was dead

Tony A

pepe! Lucky ass

Keaton J


T Bloks

You can do Javi Garcia instead of Bojan

fifa boy

I packed hugain from the first one

Ethan O

this was an amazing guide, everybody was reasonably priced and there was a lot of space to work with different players. didn't get a walkout but got some good cards

Abdencio Lopez

Why don't you ever show you're face !?

Edson Perez

Wasted around 30k for all the SBCS and my best player was Julio Cesar :(

Sir Naranja

Thanks for the help bro!

Ricky d

your content is really good
will you make a video about trading bpl players for the weekend league or bundesliga or laliga for the next week. just curious and want to know who you think will go up in price

Ugur Serin

Noah Nice Video! However you should be careful what you are discarding such as Trippier worth few coins due to Dele Alli POTM as well as shaqiri

Kai Hatton

I got Pepe too

Jr Googlw

my reproduction system is failing, what should i do?


Cant belive i packed Reus and Kroos


fml I literally just done marquee matchups about a hour ago

Baba X

What's up dude




Wow unbelievable how my account has such bad pack luck, I did them all for free but It's hard to believe in all of those packs was 81 batshuayi.


I spent like 50k and got nothing back I'm lucky the market is fucked up haha so every one goes for 350 coins at least

Orange Juice


Henry Walsh

Thanks for this packed de gea :)

Kam Sandhu

When you get oxlade chamberlain from your prime gold players pack

Sean Jacob

I got my account locked for investing and I emailed them and they said they won't unlock my account and they closed my case. Rip all my players

Ian Lee

how much total did that cost u