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652 330 views | 2 May. 2018
652 330 views | 2 May. 2018

Disguised Toast faces off against a Cubelock and a Quest Rogue and is able to take both to fatigue, with QUEST PALADIN?!

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deckcode for the lazy ones :/


It's not the same without the theme song


WHY TOAST! 10/23 is my birthday and i see the number everywhere and this video just adds to it. i hate this coincidence so much its been goin on for 2 years. (does anyone else have this or somethin similiar please tell me im not alone)

Galonath 2

I was honestly rooting for warlock to win...


toast's laugh when he sees lynessa's list of buffs is contagious, he involuntarily has to laugh hehe

Amel Saadana

The first fights looked more like a hand warlock matchup but the deck is not like the others. If i would say so myself it looks interesting

Edit: nvm i tought there was hope

Samuel O'Connor

This video was so relaxing i fell asleep

Peter O'Malley

A lot of people fought the lich king in the lore...

Youri Vlasblom

@ 43:42 Toast '' Dem,this guy is playing everything at always the right time'' ... ''it is infuriating'' . This pretty much sums up my entire hearthstone experience. I'm not kidding. My opponent literaly 9/10 times has everything at the right time. Its the whole reason i barely play this game anymore.

tOnY O

Harrison or no balls

Kollin Poindexter

I have been running a similar set(odemon's),however I have had different experiences vs cubelock and the games I played typically end up with me dying to fatigue because I out drew my opponent or couldn't play my lyra/harison jones because I would take too much in fatigue. Should I play my agressive cards and risk being burnt by a twisting neather or siphon soul or vodoo doll?


Toast calling Galvadon ''Galavadon'' is that a joke or. :P


I guess you can say his enemies are tired of this deck

Joey Klee

You have got to get some background music or something for these videos man. The bone chilling silence is awful.


this deck is great in the current meta for a lot of reasons. For one your opponent is most likely gonna set up their opening hand for even or odd paladin, so you can screw their entire early game over. Also not a lot of people know what is run in this deck so after they clear your galvadons they start playing recklessly thinking you have no more threats. when you hit them with a late game lynessa they start panicking and looking for an anser

Nick Knight

How do you make it so you see the cards you played, the thing on the right-hand side. Rather new to Hearthstone

Flithy Nobeard

Colossal misplay at 52:04. Could've played a golden legendary, but only played a normie one. Such a freakin' normie, man.


pls cut out the silent scenes where nothing happens

Dart Vejder



God warlock is such bs

Dat Penguin

Yo Wher e Be DAT NZOTH

Carlos Sebastián Echevarría Zúñiga

You are so slow

Michele e i Rettili

My brain is melting after these games ahahahahaha

Winter is coming

i got a CH ad

Mr Doge

A 1 hr vid demonitised. Oh you poor toast

Marc-Andre Morel

50:18 Lynessa's got a big ding dong

Kevin Hanna

You are soooooooooooooooooooo slow.


At 11:00 you could have done deaths coil on the cube then pyrmoancer kills it from 1 damage then equality and clear all the void lords and walkers oof


I remember that I once completed the rogue quest with giggling inventor. But then again I am always stuck in rank 20-18 because of warlocks and I don't run the there was a man in gilneas or the ice to meet you , and no preparation too. Instead I run violet wyrm, 10x opponent class that costs 1, and nowadays instead of giggling I run the 3/2 that spawns 2x goblin bomb and 2x of 3/2 elemental that gives 2x 1/2 when they die(this will complete my quest like 90% of the time) because combined with 1/2 that gives 1/2 to your hand. And rank 20 is odd rank. I have met following plays: Warriors playing their death knight, killing my violet wyrm with hero weapon and then hero powering and then conceides as I have 7x 4/3 wyrms at board, similar thing against mages: They play polymorph... To a regular 4/4 minion that wasn't even threat if they die, couple of them hero powers the 4/4 sheep then.


I checked and that guys account was boosted.
When this was posted he had a really low win rate and the last seasson he was legend


36:21 He sings the Ding Fries Are Done song xDDDD

Hao Jeng

exactly why i always roll at least 1 siphon soul in cubelock


20:22 "Do i bother with hero power"
Yes its like warrior and mage hero power combined....if u watch what happens next


HUGE Lynessa carry

Winter is coming

its clearly lich king you should take.
yoda voice
Take lich king you should. bigger and better sword he has.

The Blitz

this video was very interesting to watch


Scorpion stung me on the foot while I was watching this. Got the bugger and came back to watching.

Sam Gao

No, you didnt put your faith in the light


Why is it weird he ran mountain giant? The tempostorm cubelock has it.

Anthony porras marmolejo

I want those days back!! when you can just actually play your deck not get 12 cards from 4 cards in ur hand lul :_( i hate rng so bad now lul

Bryce Ang

What deck tracker is he using

Catalin Muresan

wtf the first enemy was so dumb


Lichking.. Tirion...
Atlas... Ryan...

Like if you get the reference.


Lool the enemy miss lethal (First enemy)

Jeffer Hoo

18:43 I mean toast could have played wild pyromancer then equality

A Bat

I legitimately forgot what the Paladin quest did before Toast puts the vid up

Mr. Eazy Peezy Lemon Squeezy

If he only ran N'zoth...


More crazy control decks pls!! We love u, thank u for the hour video

Apocalypse _March

31:33 "No balls related"

Rohan Reddy

8:31 i was hoping that he would do the echoing bell on his silver hand recrute then atk the opponent's hero

Coach McGuirk

Kinslayer refers to theon. Kingslayer refers to jamie.

Strahinja Nikolic

WOW did anyone notices that the opening its like will Arthas chose Tirion (aka good side) or Lk (his future/ bad side) awesome!

Dart Vejder


Patrik Knirsch

Please help me how can i get quest for that OP cards? Its only from pack?

nicolas montalvan

I was a hunter with 8 point of health and the paladin summon Galvadon. I played my beautiful card that destroy a random enemy. The galvadon Got full skills and sadly Galvadon was the only enemy on the field. I played my card and I won :v easy

toby boster

Holy shit I got that exact same choice (lick king/tirion/3 mana echo) off of a taunt turtle just the other day in arena


Toast becomes like kripp. speaking slowly, annoyed and without passion. one more hs youtuber going to the abyss :-/

Noé Guillebaud

Continue comme ça toast !

Rico O' Rourke

tht lock was retarded no siphon soul HAH

Sylvain Robitaille

at 9:20, "galvadon the last kaleydosor" almost start playing.


Ahh, back even equality was playable

Un-Popular Opinions

After 10,000 years I am free!
It's time to conquer earth!

Alpha! Ritas escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!


this would have been better at 8x speed.

Inadeqate Genes

Lol am I the only one who recognized wadu

Christopher Holley

Deck code
### Toast Quest Pally
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Raven
# 1x (1) The Last Kaleidosaur
# 2x (2) Equality
# 2x (2) Loot Hoarder
# 2x (2) Plated Beetle
# 2x (2) Potion of Heroism
# 2x (2) Sound the Bells!
# 2x (2) Vicious Scalehide
# 2x (2) Wild Pyromancer
# 2x (3) Stonehill Defender
# 1x (3) Zola the Gorgon
# 2x (4) Call to Arms
# 2x (4) Consecration
# 1x (4) Spellbreaker
# 1x (5) Faceless Manipulator
# 1x (5) Harrison Jones
# 2x (6) Spikeridged Steed
# 1x (6) Sunkeeper Tarim
# 1x (7) Lynessa Sunsorrow
# 1x (9) Uther of the Ebon Blade
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Samuel Snyder

19:42 Wadu Hek!

Jack Sherick

13 minutes in I'm questioning how it's going to take him to burn threw the Voidlords then I check the video length. Seems about right

Anonymous Potato

Gg toast


That quest rogue was really really bad.


How much did you pay Blizzard to get players this awful?

Falcon 777

Why everybody hate quest rogue, as a fan of rogue, Im pissed of playing tiers 3 deck by playing rogue, just make a good rogue deck and they will stop play quest

Frost Thief

I’ve seen this happen to me once before....I took 25 damage in a single turn

jesús Guevara

A stegodon on top of another Stegodon! Stegodonception! 23:56

Sad Phrogé

6:01 I see Arthas choosing path...


If you cube a cube will the cubed cube spit out what it first cubed too?


Oh my God dude can you please not rope damn near every turn lol it's so brutal


Bad players that get legend using op brainless decks, name a better pair.

Alexander Beck

nice deck. Went from my starting rank 8 this season straight to 5 with 6:0 wins crushing all the controllocks and aggrodecks


Needs more Galvadon song pls.


Nice heal proc


Don't make quest paladin popular... Please... It's not going to be fun anymore to play the deck...

Gilded Drake

toast against warlock. warlock has drawn all his deck, played everything. then he plays gul'dan, gets a full board.
toast holds 2 equality 1 consecration and one pyro:
"Do I equality there ?"

yeah, you do toast. you hold one to them 30 minutes just for this moment. you have 2 of them. you aren't going to need them anymore. you play it.

Etienne Maritz

why not play jones on skull?


There's a good play here.

an Hylian

16:10 death coil that stoped cupid since he's at 5 and then equality consecration geez, 7 1/3's aint a deal and after that his guldan is shitloaded with voidlings


Disvoice crack


American Century ? Arerican life ? I Dont see any purputinities to achive that.


lol that rogue made so many misplays talk about getting carried by a deck


26:55 That's some Rain man level of autism there Jeremy. This guy knows exactly what's on his opponent deck!

El Mehdi H. Paintings

why u dont just cut the 20 sec when u are overthinking... one of the things that i hate the most in your videos.


How come Harrison Jones was destroyed in the vanish?

Cyano 098



tfw a new meme deck is coming... ICE CREAM SHAMAN

Jerry Wan

I've fatigued a Quest Rogue with Taunt Druid :D, and I technically could have done it with silence priest after I made a 256 health taunt and he ran out of saps and vanishes (and anything else that could kill it)

Максим Банников

Дека гавно, гулдан без туалета - клоун

Winter is coming

galvadon the last kaleidasaur hes got stealth and a whole lot more!

Baf Lange

That’s so raven

Curious One75

NOOOO.... he picked the dark side!

Poke Champ

Missed lethal turn 1


why does it feel like they have more time than at rank 20s. is there such a thing as a turn time difference? like in higher ranks players have more time for their turns?