Sage of Quay™ - Paul "Billy Shears" McCartney rolling the 6s, 9s, 9/11 and 33 at Glastonbury 2020

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Sage of Quay™ - Paul "Billy Shears" McCartney rolling the 6s, 9s, 9/11 and 33 at Glastonbury 2020

4 358 views | 19 Nov. 2019
4 358 views | 19 Nov. 2019

Billy rolling the 6s, 9s, 9/11 and 33.

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Donna One1nine

For more clues check out Netflix The Pyramid Code. The last episode has similar artwork to William's 3 wheel artwork on his newest song release. It explains his leading with his right leg on Abbey Road, Egypt Station, and Spirits of Ancient Egypt.
And, check out thelennonprophecy.blogspot July 16 John's occult responce to William's Ram album. References to Rosemary's Baby, the 9s, John's morgue picture. Was Mia Farrow at Rishikesh planned? Ready for chills? Listen to John's Help Me To Help Myself.

Exiled in Babylon

love sharing these on FB to help open the minds of our friends. -

Beatlestitch & Muser Art

Also the Luxor in Vegas has beam shooting straight into sky

Jeff Curtis

I just watched your video Mike, the YouTube Autoplay then took me to the side two medley of Abbey Road by the Beatles.
The first song of the medley is ' You Never Give Me Your Money ', in the song is the line, " Yellow Lorry's slow ".
That reminded me of a daydream I had while thinking about the " McCartney Conspiracy ", I dreamed in my mind a Brown Foden Lorry near or under a Bridge that was involved in the "accident" that took JPM's life back in September 1966.
You have talked about Billy's "Masterful Speaking" in your Videos as well Clues in his Song Writing to explain his past, I'm probably stating the obvious but wouldn't he have also used,
"Masterful Lyrics" to explain how James Paul McCartney died?


People need to need to remember that he is only one of the high ranking leaders of the Illuminati, or of the super powerful members. he will be leaving behind hundreds of thousands to continue. Many of them are already out there chained to their fate and are performing in their own vast capacity, just look at any celebrity with a huge fan base and you can be assured.they are involved secretly in plain sight. it also did not start with the Beatles. thins can be extended to anyone of fame or notoriety, it's very unsettling.
if you still are having a hard time trying to differentiate the bio Paul from the substitute, watch this compilation of him before 66. It was created about 8 years ago. the song is so appropriate for bio paul, but it even makes the Melody makers paul look like a stand-in. there are a few others that are of billy Campbell. see if you can spot them!

Steve Jones

Faul, go away already. Bring out the truth.

Bryan Birkett

"He's going to enter into the great Beyond".. The great below more like


Billy is playing on the pyramid stage


Luther. The light bearer isn’t that to do with the Cathars along with the knights Templar’s - the grail cup was stolen by the evil robbers from these good people and they as in the stealers were of darkness and have not adhered to the Christ light
In my view old Paul better come clean before he leaves us


"McCartney has headlined once before (Glastonbury) in 2004"
2 + 4 = 6

Brian McGaughey


Stephen Shepherd

Mike, that would be a Educated Guess, and that's better than Second guessing

Sandra H

Or retire ??


In the Movie 'Yesterday' the star told the world the truth from his biggest gig.
Ahh can you Imagine? (no pun intended)

Mohammed Sharafi

I totally agree with you , that their might be a next album, because with Billy no stone is left unturned

James Stephen Emery

Some call it Magic to Clone the Grail , Some kind of Druid Dude Dance with the Sun
2Thessalonians 2-4
Omen in Oman, Diana. ISIS, Winter Solstice

You Dont Know Me MOM

Maybe he is gonna get paid for that last album. And then go on stage as Billy. Or make sure his Story is told and then make sure he doesn't have to deal with the fall out. But why would he do that. And leave his kids to clean up the mess. And they would all be sued by a lot of people and their McCartney name would not even be valid.!! I don't think he will come out with it. ! Too much for his family to loss after his death if he did.!


I’m still trying to get to that, I saw Billy there in 2004

No_Spin Bear

Mike, have you looked into the possibility of David Bowie not being dead? (Granted, people DO die, haha), but I’ve looked into it and there’s a lot of convincing evidence his death was yet another occult ... thing (can’t think of the proper word to use here.)

Raymond Richardson

Billy is involved in the forthcoming "One World" concert project, concerning the health situation. You have stated this was all a psy op. I notice the contributors are some of the usual suspects, Billy, Lady Gaga, Elton John, all Illuminatii royalty. Any thoughts re time, date, location?

Miguel Oniga

As close as it gets.

Louis Calabrese

You're WAY ahead of your time Mike!

Stephen Brown

Very very perceptive as ever mike i think faul is too old for the play acting nowadays

David FE

If you go back to 1972, the triple LP set titled, Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score, had a pyramid on the cover. Also it was released on the Revelation Enterprises label. So this symbology linked to Glastonbury goes way back.

Walking Horse

What’s the betting he does a 15 minute chorus of Hey Jude.?
Na na na na na na na.......

His voice is shot! He’ll have to hang out the set somehow!

Jerry Petros

Unfortunately for Billy and the rest of the freemasonic brotherhood, they are taught to believe that when they die, they attain " Godhood ". It's heartbreaking, because as much as I loved him and the rest of the Beatles, they are going to hell. Along with everyone else that sold their soul for fame, fortune and power. What a coinicidence that back in the 50's there was a seance held at the Cavern Club. Lucifer came through the channeler, once he introduced himself, one of the attendees scoffed at him, he replied " if you don't believe in me, then can I have your soul?, the man joked and said yes...he died moments later.

Rhonda L.

As always a great analysis. I wish you would invite Zachery Hubbard on your show. He is all about the gematria. I love your videos.

Adam Davidson

It never ends with Billy! Awesome work as always!


Excellent breakdown Mike. Thanks as usual. Have a blessed day


Shears also wanted The Beatles 'White Album' to have 33 tracks.


Dont forget the significance of the Glastonbury area and it’s occult history, druides, legends of King Arthur and stories that Jesus Christ himself visited the region. Glastonbury is important to so many in occultist circles. Thanks again for your work Mike. It started about entertainment for me but then my eyes were opened.


Since there appears to be duality with everything in this world, and there is seemingly the devil due to how the powers that be run our society, then that can only mean that there truly is a God. In other words I was always the type that somewhere in the recesses of my mind I believed God existed, but that was the extent of it. God was never in the forefront of my thinking. Being awake a decade now and seeing how so many people in positions of power or prominence follow Lucifer, that tells me they honesty believe he/it exists. If that is true than the Lord exists. I wonder why we don't hear more about our creator from the truth community. That is in no way a knock against Mike. I have the utmost respect for him. Sorry for another phonebook size comment. I hope I made my thoughts coherent. Just been wondering about this for some time now.

No_Spin Bear

Man, I’m so glad you’re doing these short updates like these. I’m so far detached from “mainstream media” that I’m glad you have your contacts (because I’m sure you’re fat detached from mainstream too!) that alert you to these things. Keep it True and Real, Mike!
The light shooting skyward and connection to Lucifer is yet another nail in the coffin that makes me think, “Really?!?! How did I ever believe this was ‘Real’?”

(Anyway, I love “rolling the 6’s” by the way.)

Arnold Clarke

On the cover of the Egypt album there’s a pre mud flood free energy telegraph pole.

David Young

Look into 9/11 as being what the illuminati hold as the date of Jesus' actual birth. This is why they like to commit evil on this date.
Food for thought


After he is gone and Ringo is still around, will he be free and able too confirm the whole deception?

Paul MacEachern

An album release of outtakes? And...a musical rendition of It's a Wonderful Life? Perhaps Billy evaluating the life he's led and deeming it good? A Wonderful Christmastime perhaps?

Gavin Finlayson

You nailed it right there Mike... Glasto 2020 will be imo Billy's last outing live followed by album and then game over... Sunset... Death... Whichever way you want to call it. Brilliant work as ever thank you Mike ❤️


It just goes on and on, never-ending material for you to delve into!

Carol Driehorst

What do you mean by "pass to the great beyond "suicide? How do you know when he's going to die or will he be murdered, maybe he'll just retire.

sue b raschio

I saw a new vid last night I didn't get to watch it thought I would catch it today but I don't see it ..? And my Bell was turned off

Cathie R

With all of this numerology it reminded me of Jimi Hendrix if 6 was 9.

james swindells

Number 9. Turn me on dead man.

Loraine Ashton

Think that you haven't missed a thing eyes to see .Thankyou .


Mike: Do you think that Billy will pick a date and have a doctor suicide him? In the UK or Here? I think the UK... They will say he died in his sleep probably...