Baba Is You - Level Island 12 - Evaporating river - Solution

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Baba Is You - Level Island 12 - Evaporating river - Solution

63 300 views | 15 Mar. 2019
63 300 views | 15 Mar. 2019

Baba Is You walkthrough of Level Island 12 - Evaporating river

Solitary Island

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Yeah I wouldn't have gotten that in years. Doesn't help that I didn't know text can destroy water.


what, how was i supposed to know text is sink, and how I was supposed to know that skull will sink with cog too


I managed this level but for a long time I was like: How can I put 4 things in row? Then I tried every combo and I discovered that cog is sink could be great. I was proud. But this game is terrible. I just saw the solution for Level 11 prison and then I was like: would never thought of this. Basically the thing is to find something else if I'm stuck. Hope the other level will be more merciful.


Oh no, I didn't know text can sink, too :(

Jhejh poT

I want to die


Did this on my own ^.^ (after considerable amount of time)


I realized that I needed to make cog is sink and use it to cancel out one of the skulls to make flag is win. But my only problem was how to get the cog across because the cog was also melt and as soon as it would touch water, it would melt because water was hot. The solution to sinking one of the water blocks was something I'd have never thought of.


I had no idea the mechanic of "sink" also deleted the block it interacted with. i could never have solved this without knowing that so I dont feel so bad looking this solution up


All this time i thought "is sink" ment that IT would sink not that it would MAKE something sink


I don't like the 'sink' levels. I never get if "x is sink" means that it can sink or that things sink into it. Also, wenn something is pushed into something that 'is sink', why do both of them vanish?
It makes sensd that the object that is sinking vanishes, but why does the sink itself vanish?

osu Fishy

I come to these videos not to watch the video, but to get hints from people in the comments.

Cryptic Bore

God i feel dumb af, i thought the problem was to push 4 things through the skulls but its impossible to do that. next time i get stuck and i come to the conclusion is impossible im going to try seeing if the problem is somthing else


fuckin stupid

Silent Dream

Why cog can't sink words? It is strange because words can sink in water.

Derp Herp

This game feels like playing math homework jesus

Leiden Pierce

I don't feel bad for looking this one up because when I searched for "Baba is you," "evaporating river" was one of the suggested searches

M. Bennett

This was the most confusing puzzle out of all of the ones I've tried so far... it just doesn't make sense to me why setting "Cog is sink" allows it to explode with a skull... it's like the cog becomes a river and the skull sinks in it, or something?


I feel dumb now


i had every step to complete the test and didnt did it :(