Final Fantasy 8 Remastered - FF8 Walkthrough HD Mods - Elvoret & X ATM092 - Ep 5

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Final Fantasy 8 Remastered - FF8 Walkthrough HD Mods - Elvoret & X ATM092 - Ep 5

10 046 views | 5 Nov. 2016
10 046 views | 5 Nov. 2016

Let's Play Final Fantasy 8 Spider Tank Robot Chase

- Let's Play FF8 / Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough

- 100% FF8 Walkthrough


Final Fantasy VIII again! I recently covered FF8 a few years back but with a kind of casual laid back approach. Now we are going for the full works, a complete walkthrough of the entire game!

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Intro Music used:

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (


I am playing with the Steam PC version of the game and have downloaded several audio and graphical upscaling mods to pretty things up. -NO- gameplay hacks, editors or cheats will be used!

Here are the mods I am using, credit to the amazing authors and links you can use to download them yourself (you will of course require a legal purchased copy of the game itself to use these mods).


Please see links for full credits, download links and installation instructions.


Roses And Wine W06 (Author: Daniel Burke)


Tonberry: Enhanced v2.04 (Authors: JeMaCheHi and Mavirick)

SeeD Reborn v3.2 (Author: Mcindus)

Project Eden v1.0 (Author: Omzy)

Rebirth Flame v1.2 (Author: FatedCourage)

Apocalypse v1.1 (Author: FatedCourage)

HorizonPack v2.1 (Author: Mcindus)

Tripod v1.1 (Author: Mcindus)

Lunar Cry v1.2 (Author: Mcindus)

FF8 Controller Buttons (Authors: Mcindus and Norwin)

Final Fantasy 8 is available for PC, PS3, Vita and PS4.

Enjoy the episode.


Let's Play Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough With Commentary

- Let's Play FF8 / Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough

- FF8 Walkthrough


Oh.. it's good enough to get 100 between all of them.. I stocked Selfie and Squee, and continued the gruelling process of stocking the skaterboy. I guess.. I will just move on, the skaterboy fails a lot of draws.

The spider fight went very nicely with your advice. Though my Squee was at 68hp, so it was really nerve-wracking.


NICELY DONE! You Got The Rare Force Armlet! That Is 1 Of 4 Components For Rinoa's Final Weapon And Is The Only Way To Get One On Disc 1 At Low Level! A Good Reason To Destroy X-ATM092 Yourself.

Ivan Katona

You rock at this game, honestly. I can't imagine killing that thing or doing that much damage early on. XD

As for the game itself, music is fantastic and I love how your teammates are following you around. Reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. I'm REALLY liking it so far. The story, setting and characters, it's all so cool! I must say that I'm more than pleasantly surprised.


I'm really enjoying this walkthrough. I've always enjoyed this game but it's so hard for me to play it with my current set up. I am curious though, is this an on-going walkthrough or is it completed already?

Matthew Falkingham

i could be wrong but i thought u had to kill like 80 enemies when selphie joins your part in order to get a perfect score on the exam

Mikael 8x8

wow squall's hotttt......

Rufus Myoui

How did you hit 800 dmg?

Shana Heart

i never killed the robot i just ran