Warframe Insane Scoliac Build | BEST for ALL Roles (With And Without Riven)

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Warframe Insane Scoliac Build | BEST for ALL Roles (With And Without Riven)

13 608 views | 26 Jan. 2019
13 608 views | 26 Jan. 2019


For your information:

If the video is in bad quality compared to before, I know, because I had changed to a new format, H.265, as for now I am trying to find the best settings for that format and try to improve it.


Hello there guys and welcome back to another warframe video.

Today, I have made another build like, a Secura Lecta video, but a lot better and stronger.

The video shows a build with a riven and without using a riven.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the video, if do, don't forget to leave a like, a comment down below and also don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more future content.

See you guys on the next video.

Secura Lecta Build:


Song used:

Track: Prismo - Stronger (Raiko Remix) [NCS Release

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Watch: https://youtu.be/pqYWDvV0I28

Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/StrongerRaikoYO

Tainted z

I have a riven crit damage range and cold is that good?


Just stop adding unnecessary contrast adjustments to your video. Leave it as natural as it captures the frame.

Gabriel Rubil

you use Ctrl? I can't use Ctrl overtime, guide me :D


I got 135 SC and 275 melee dmg is it good?


Why is my soliac not hitting as hard as yours is with the exact same month and I have a melee damage and range riven?

Sad Wolf