Make your Home Instance work for you! Guild Wars 2 Guide 2019-2020

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Make your Home Instance work for you! Guild Wars 2 Guide 2019-2020

79 171 views | 7 Dec. 2019
79 171 views | 7 Dec. 2019

0:00 Intro

0:53 Locations of Home instances

01:19 Nodes

Guide to getting Gold with low Effort:

GW2 Home Instance Wiki Page:

This came out exactly as I envisioned it but MAN it took a long time to get there! This required the most editting I've ever done in a single video, but I'm happy with the results!

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Uhh....I'm overwhelmed...

Gaming On!

Are these nodes only available if you own the expansions :/?


What is the approximate return on investment on these nodes? They look very interesting, but they take a pretty decent investment and only give back a little each day.

Khy Maaren

Rata Sum counts for Maguuma Jungle region and not Heart of Maguuma, which are the Heart of Thorns maps.

riezman nasir

im a new player and i dont understand this. SAD

Maudie Maude

What's the total price for all the cheap nodes? It seems they all were 50 golds..


Do all of these nodes apply to the character you play with when you buy/get them or account wide?


very complicated


i'll never have 50 xD

Super Goy

Great guide...I might try to get all the ones that are gettable with in-game currencies. I will not be getting the 'Home Instance Node' from the gem shop as they are a total rip off.

KamiKaZe MMO

quality content i like your videos

Anthan Krufix

Whoa....There's timestamps IN the timeline of the video. TIL something Youtube videos can do, I've never seen this before, is it new? That'll be so useful if more people use it.


This is SUCH a good video for someone like me who is just now trying to add more to the home instance. Thanks!

Abaddonz Muze

How are you getting the volatile magic from harvesting and mining etc? Seems like you're getting alot of items, including items I haven't seen yet

zoe Laird

well thought out video and highly helpful to new players like myself and my boyfriend! thank you!

Simon Kalinowski

Sprockets: With 250 of those you can make a Superior Sigil of Bursting, which normally is about 6 g. :)

Louis Montano

how to craft extra punget skyscale


"if you prefer salad..." LOL forever calling my toon a side salad now XD


For the Garden Plot, the best seeds to plant are the Varietal ones. They can be bought from the TP for 15-20s each, and the spices usually sell for 30s+.

bubu mic

Ummm ... i-m 80 and have 10 gold ... How am i supposed to get all the gold u say ?

Theia T

Very helpful, thank you

King K.D.M

Been playing guild wars 2 for like 6 years I didn’t know that we had a home instant


asura 4 life

Dave Chatterson

You can go in to any home instance.


do not get any that cost gold u will nether get it back. the HoT and event nodes are fine but dont get the 50G 1 from every map or any from the gem store

ramses byron

That was awesome thank you!

Nox Arbor

Holy crap I'm a complete scrub. Here I was thinking my holiday nodes were a huge deal. I can get an exalted chest in my home instance?! WTF? I'm also working on season 4 nodes just for cheaper T6 mats...


So this is not really something for a new player I guess?

Ezekiel P

Sounds like it takes about 25 years to recoup the gold you sink into your home instance.

dry water

1:15 thats racist

Julie Wynn


Jan Mielziuk

I have a question about treasure hunter achievement. When I give up gold from some item due to achievement there s no possibility to drop this item one more time and sell it?


So good guide! I just found out about the home instances like yesterday. Now I really need to get into how they work so I can get more. Got to purchase all living world seasons. I started playing gw2 in October 2019.

Serious Maran

Exalted chest seems to give the best option for the free key if you don't have a key as it seems to give a rare every day. At least mine does.

Remember, if you have two accounts on EU or US servers you can farm one account's nodes on the other account.


am already lost in this game B)
with house stuff

Patrick Uharcek

What would be the most recommended thing to plant if profit is #1 goal.

Lena Istalar

I know I'm late to the party, but I really broke when I noticed he had written Salad on the bottom left when showing the grove in the beginning while for every other race he said something silly but at least wrote the correct name there xD

Entropic Doom

Can you put a gold amount per day or week you can obtain by having all of these items in your home?

Neel Sinha

It’s so cool that I’ve been playing this game on and off for like 5 years or more and I’m still learning new things exist.


i like how you just assume people know how to use the "home instance" thing. Seems completely useless until you actually do some achievements. And even then, it seems you have to actually do Heart of Thorns content. I can't do anything and i've only really done Path of Fire content.


I've been playing for more that a year now and I didn't care about the home instance.. didn't know what to do .. why should I care about it ... I didn't even try to know ... Thanks for this video ... Its time to dust off that home instance.

JW Sykes

This was a lot of info. Head spinning. Still level 30. Should not watch videos like this till I know what I’m doing

Matt Johnson

That robot at the end looks like...MOK, was it? From GW1.


you know you can be 1 race and still walk into another races home instance for example, if i where human i could walk into the asurans home instance and all my stuff still be there.

Xaphyre Ansar

I've recently been interested in this (node gathering in home instance) and was wondering if it was a good investment to buy the nodes available through the Festival of the Four Winds vendors for festival currency. It seems like a good deal to me since they are not very costly and the currency is not costing me anything extra to obtain.

Whipped-cream Head

Dude I aint even played yet and you've already taught me a lot, thank you and big sub


I refuse to invest in a home instance until i'm certain the next expac doesn't come with player housing

Jan W.

Is it really worth upgrading your home instance? Wouldn't it take ages to pay off all that money, time and ressources you need to put into it?


I'm mad that I just learned about this


Do you unlock those nodes for your whole account or just for one character?


Was gonna skip the part where you show the location of each home instance but ended up watching it 3 times. Kitties! That was sooo adorable!

Never paid any attention to my home but that might change soon. I am learning so much with your guides and you always manage to make me smile. Thank you so much!


the only thing I have in my home instance is the quartz thing


This is incredible. Why doesn't the game tell you about it or put it on your daily list or something. I didn't even know these instances exist. Can you choose which one you want or do you have to go with the one associated with your race?


Are home instance upgrades accouint-wide?


I've never felt like the LW home instance nodes are worth the 50 gold to get them. Currently, there's 13 (not counting the Hatched Chili Pepper node). That's 650 gold. Unless you get lucky on getting Salvaged Excellence (which still requires harvesting enough currency to get an ascended amulet), that's going to take a loooooong time of daily harvesting to ever even recomp what you spent to get them in the first place. If you have plenty of gold already and are a completionist, by all means, go for it. If you're looking for something profitable, you're better off looking elsewhere.


Thanks for this, i too had no idea about a home instance till your last video on gold making :P Ill be sure to invest in this now

Valak Dhur

Just started playing yesterday. I don't know what any thing in this video is about but lets go lol


Nicely made video with good information. Unfortunately it leaves one important part out and that is that it will take many many years of daily home instance farming to make that initial investment even back. Can't recommend at all.

Vic Toyz

and your videos give me so much nostalgia, I think I gonna reinstall GW2 soon if this pesky youtube will recommend me more of your videos.

Trigger digger

how do you actually start the home node though??? i go into mine and there is nothing there, how do i get stuff there?

Khy Maaren

It's all dandy but how did you manage to play for a "very long time" without "discovering" the home instance? Did you not play PvE? A lot happens in there during the personal story.

Jason Larson

I am new and have NO idea what that even is or how to get it.

B Plus

Esquire?! Oh my

Justin Spencer

All of the runes and sigils that use watchwork sprockets are all above 10 gold a pop

Davin kotze

Yet another clear and concise video, packed with helpful information. Thank you

Carlos Alberto Colosso

-1 for "salad" prejudice


ffs there's too many things to collect

just me

If you buy for one home instance, then make a second character, would the upgrades also be in the second home instance?

Soda Kitty

That’s pretty cool about the home instance didn’t know about the mines and all these things can’t wait

Its Crystal Clear

I love Salad!

Bob Smith

What amazes me sometimes - is that someone thought all this stuff up - and programmed it into the game ...

Kim Hyo-Rin

"Tiny Norns...", "Large humans..."... completely made my day

Vic Toyz

That's... a lot of stuff you can put in your home instance. Also, (in holy Greta's voice) how dare you call these tiny rats best race in game!

A question: these nodes once per account or each toon can feast on these corn candies?

Serious Maran

Although not directly a home instance node having a set of unbound magic gathering tools saves you a few silver from not buying tools but also gives you a bonus of extra magic from every use. Plus it will fully empty a guild hall 3 gather plant node in one hit. Well worth having.

I got the sprocket ones early, made over 15 gold from each stack of sprockets early on producing sigils. It made far more than paid for buying, much less profit now though.


Almost every home instance node costs far more than you could ever make from it. The only reason to build your own up is if you plan to share it with guildies so that the overall benefit is greater than the cost. If you're not doing it as some kind of major project though, you'd be a fool to build up your own instead of just joining a group in someone else's fully stocked instance, which you can do easily every day.

Petrikillos petri

I was gonna ask about this after seeing the last vid xdxd

Azia Ramirez

I just started playing and have no clue what any of this means

Pansexual Pagan

Thank you so much!!


are the nodes actually profitable than the cost to obtain them?


Great video, keep up the awesome content! This video caused me to get the Aurillium Node shortly after watching it, and then boom I couldn't stop myself from getting more nodes after that. Nodes, nodes, nodes... I can't stop getting more nodes to share with others. It feels so good to be able to bring someone into your home instance who doesn't know much about nodes and seeing their shock or excitement at what you have that they can just get for free. :D

Holami Ze

Are all nodes account bound? So, if I purchase one node with my human, any Charr I use to enter his/her home instance will have the nodes there?

Kaley Edwards

Anyone else notice when he says gathering from divinity’s reach Muk circles the black citadel?

Milad H

Duuuude... I love you for this video!!!!

Alan Potter

The video is amazing, but i just wanna say a few things to those who say gold is hard to farm... It is not. In fact with little effort each day (90 min?) you can farm at least 30-40 gold and up to 70-80, depending on various things... AB trains and metas, especially during bauble time, can give you copious amount of gold in no time. If you are lazy, yes you won't get gold. Only last week i sold over 250 shiny baubles, that's 75 gold just from that.


I recently got an item from that Christmas Tree that sold for over $600 gold on the TP.


Been playing for a month. Consuming all I can of GW2. Almost 80 with my first toon.

Then alllll the lvl 80 stuff that can be done hit me.

So much knowledge...




Nice one! I'm just sad because you didn't talked about the spedition. (Shitty english : Lions arch deliver a mail with an item to open -> You can choose what's inside of this mail). But forever, Asura <3

Beau Bennett

tiny norns....gawd dammit haha i was so triggered typing for a few sec before it dawned on me who you are hehe....and then i smiled :D


10.000 unbound magic? I got several hundred thousands :D
checks wallet
or 354...

Edit: I highly recommend farming Fresh Winterberries in Bitterfrost Frontier, then consuming it for unbound magic. One run = 50 berries = 8-1200 magic per character

Tjesse van der Wal

Nice guide!
Something that makes it easier to remember, and more convenient is the home portal stone.
It allows you to go back to the previous location, and cuts down on loading time.
We might see it on wintersday sales soon?