The Full Story of Hamilton's Hideaway - Fallout 3 Lore

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The Full Story of Hamilton's Hideaway - Fallout 3 Lore

171 694 views | 18 Nov. 2017
171 694 views | 18 Nov. 2017


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Robert Bogan

When will you do the sos signals they would be a short video even if you put them altogether and sad stories I always cleared them early game needed the loot

The Wanderer

Do you think Frank would've become Feral, sane, or just die?

Lui D

Youtube says video is exactly 19 minutes long.

clicks video

Now says its 18 minutes and 59 seconds.

That is one less second of oxhorn i get to enjoy.

I feel scammed.


You seem to travel with Charon in most of your Fo3 videos
Is he your favorite companion?


Your moded FO3 looks great.


Hamilton was right about not trusting Vault tech. Though desperate times make people make desperate choices. Vault tech more times than not took advantage of that...

Nyota Mwuaji

but everyone wants to play in the snow, no matter how old!

The Digital Ghost

I am proud of me I completed Fo3 in less than one day in real time


Can you do a lore video on Oasis in Fallout 3? Harolds the best part of that game

john smith

those raiders are so fucking stupid . but come to think of it . they are all fucking stupid .

Jacob Moore

you can also pass a speech check to get the info from three-dog then do the dish thing to get the key.

Phil W.

You should get animal friend it is really helpful


When you go into vault 108 these Gary people attack you!

Mega Toast Productions

Why does Bethesda cut good lore about they're games?

Owen Scull

Side note to three dog quest you can pass speach check to get the information about your father and then still do his mission and then get the key the stash


3:00 What? Somebody actually knows how to read Pip-boy local map??? This is unheard of!

Izz Man


Thomas Sistrunk

Wait...Burkittsville? Was it meant to be a reference to "Blair Witch," or was it just coincidence?

Marko Radokicik

5:46 or you can just go to Vault 112 immediately and bypass all of that completely

Randall Castaneda

Does anyone know where he got his laser pistol

Richard Lord

it wouldnt surprise me if a vault had limited food, and was made to force people into cannibalism

Bob Dickens

Wait... what if I already started the quest with three dog and I went to river city during the quest?... no key?


Heads up, you can pass a speech check to get Three Dog to tell you about your dad, then do the quest for the weapons cache.

loli moka

If you dont got the key you can still get some of the loot inside, throw a couple grenades towards the back( by standing right next to the cell inbetween the bars) and keep throwing till enough of the gear gets to you, I personally needed about 5 or so grenades to get most the gear but it could be done with less

Benjamin Fuller

Ran out of time when making it

Virala Luftsthaine

"...young enough to want to play in the snow."

You're never too young for that, Oxhorn, and you know it. XD

EnderManGamer 21

Whenever oxhorn finds a teddy bear and mentions the little Marie I think it's adorable.

Bruh Games

nOt ThRoWiNg AwAy My ShOt


Hey Oxhorn, Can you tell me which texture mod did you use for Fallout 3??

Bryon Smothers


Baron Turtle

Speaking of Sierra Petrovita, will there be a video about her soon?


Does anyone like wanamingo's from fallout 2???

Thijs Wartena

In the weapons stash you missed a magazine

Matthew S.

Burkittsville MD is the setting of the original Blair Witch Project. Maybe people being driven to cannibalism and wearing skins is a slight reference?

Niro DeLacie

Going to Rivet City before GNR isn't the only way to get the key. If you pass a speech check with Three Dog, he tells you where your father went withour you having to get the dish. He will then give you the key in exchange for finding the dish.


Even if you talk to him before heading to rivet city, but not compete his quest until after you learn morr about your dad from madison, and then completing his quest you still get the key, he will thank you for doing it even after you found our about your dad without him and he gives you the key as a thank you


It's vault 108 because of those Gary people!

Esteban Gonzalez

Where did he get those guns he has from?

Toilets And paper

Hamilton songs intensifies


Cannablism Andale Much? I actually let everyone live there. I didn’t have the heart to kill the children’s Parents.

The Blazing Wizard Pope

I don't know why Bethesda cuts most of their content, so much of it seems great when you get mods that restores it.

I really enjoy the Fallout 4 combat zone content fx. I can for the life of me not understand why they cut content at all... something like the combat zone cut content could easily have been added in later via patching.

Ender Haunting Films/Games

As a hamolton Fan, I think I broke the play button cause of how hard a quick I hit it XD

Alex Biron

I think when the terminal entry mentioned “they wore the skins of men” he meant since they were cannibals they weren’t really human.

DSM Tones

I love your show Oxhorn!
No one does justice to fallout lore quite like you!

Misty Wolf

I do love the idea that Hamiltons vault stood in fairly good shape over so many years but I do suspect with so many rooms and so many bunk beds that this was a military bunker, but not a vault tech one, maybe built a few years before vault tech started building them by the army Corp of engineers themselves, it has a very low cost feel to it and that would be how they would have built it, at low cost because of low tech but perfectly servicable and to last. The reason for the cave collapses is the lack of water, without the higher water table subsidence would have occurred making the caves unstable, what has survived is supported by concrete and beams, it could be that the filled in rooms had less support due to them being naturally stable at the time.

Shaun Carver

He was talking about ppl in the vault. He’s talking about ppl waiting outside of the vault

Stoic Fear_

Can this be? He's back to Fallout 3? Woo.

th3gr8Makarosc 666

Go straight to vault 112 saves time

Jeffrey Mark

If you pass a speech check to bypass the GNR quest and then speak to Three Dog again hell give you the key if you do thd GNR quest you don't have to go to Rivet City first to get the key

el bastardo

its possible that radiation sickness drove the raiders mad

Dannie ray jr

Matthew Bartlett

Too bad they didn't have time to flesh this story out and include it, and more of these "I'll hole up myself" kind of story. It'd add a lot of color and depth to the already tragic world.

Yorkshire Gamer

I can imagine building the catwalk wasn't a minor feat, it was a MINER feat (ba dum tssssss) Thanks, I'm here all week, unfortunately for you

The Gaming Paladin

to quote Three Dog about this video "well HO-LY SHIT!" i did not know that Three Dog had that cache key, i wonder if the devs of A Tale of Two Wastelands knew about this one? i'll have to find out sometime.

kylie caperton

In fallout 5 they should have a oxhorn Easter egg like there's a guy in a lonely cabin and he goes by the name of ox and if you ask him he will tell you the story of a couple buildings.

lil Rove

The funny thing is, i just started re-playing fallout 3, and when i came across hamiltons hideaway i was wondering what it was. and now my prayers have been answered!

Thank you for doing these lores! Could you maybe do one on the minefield town near megaton??? The whole town is just a confusion. I walk in get blown up and shot at by a sniping old scavenger with a specific name. May be interesting to look into.


i fast traveled to the drive in cinema there was a super mutant with a nail bord I killed him with a 5 attack damage weapon I looted him and when I finished there was a another with a minigun super mutant nearly killed dog meat but I killed him in just in time so me and dog meat walked away with a minigun LIKE A BOSS

Top2bottom gaming

I saw only 1 old skeleton, probably Hamilton and his wife and daughter probably ran away


I'm so mad I went here first lol

Skunky the Skunk


Gray Christian

Maybe there wasn't enough space on the game to put a full story of HH on there, or the developers felt it was too dark of lore even for fallout. Or, maybe the lore included the children dying, I don't think we ever hear about children dying in any entry before FO 4, even in New Vegas a child's death was only hinted at.


With about 30some mods fallout three rarely crashes on me. Get the game of the year addition and download the unofficial fallout 3 patch mod

john smith

those raiders are so fucking stupid .

Just Another Youtube Channel

I managed to get the key from Three Dog before going to Rivet City. You just have to pass a speech check and repeat some dialogue.


Mothership Zeta for next DLC series?

Mauricio Queiroz Meirelles

Crazy firefight i entered when i arrived at GNR building. Damn raiders. Or was the Talon Company? I don't remember now. Is a long time since i played the game.


The greatest dramatic presentation ever

Jacob Leckie

I passed the speech check and then got the relay and 3dog gave me the key

Maciej Maryniak

Not true, about 3dog - You can convince him to told you about father and then he send you to mission and give key


It wouöd be interesting to see a Fallout game that plays a few months/years after the bombs fell

Judge Tater

Im sleepy....
Time to queue up some oxhorn.
That sweet golden audible chocolate is always relaxing. . . Even if i get really messed up dreams lol


i love that you always use charon in your fo3 vids lol. he's probably my favorite companion in all the games.

Cory Macdonald

It's a shame that was cut content, I've always wanted to know what it was like a few weeks/years after the bombs fell, because we usually only find out about pre-war and recent history.

Jo Gaming and Vlog's

Oh. I've went to this place maybe some time last year. It didn't seem like much to me. Except being
creeped out before going in
for some reason.


I'm guessing they cut it because they didn't want to make Burkittsville canon, since they're not sure of every detail of the FO world. No sense locking themselves in from an obscure side quest area.

Pottbert Yo

Another sad Fallout Sorry....

It's so amazing . Everything has a beautiful and often tragic story . Oh god I love this game

• Phantasama •

i just found a fat man on a dead brother hood of steel knight is this supposed to happen

Lance Uppercut

In all my years of playing I've never even seen that alcove with the gate, let alone gotten the key for it :O

aleksandar maksic

I have got it by first Going to GNR, then to Rivet City without helping three dog. Then later on I did his task and when I got to GNR again, he gave me the key.

Joshy Nice

Three Dog gives you the key, if you go to him before finding out where James is, then go to Doctor Li. If you complete his quest, he'll still want to give you soemthing. That something, is the key.
I do this many times when I replay Fallout 3


Hamiltons hide away...
Hamiltons... Hamiltons hide



So the key would be another reason to scrap my 1st playthrough. I hear there are a few things like this in FO3 and the DLC's. Not a huge deal, but annoying to have returning to 3 Dog to help him if you decided to be a smart butt (or if you helped for the Dad info, really) and talk your way around the quest to not be an option in the isometrics.
The cannibals near the vault thing? By what you read to us, that sounds like raiders outside of the vault. Still disturbing, but rads make ye crazy. They might have even been a group on the edge of turning into feral ghouls.
This seems like a great spot and bit of lore for a quest, or some such. I wonder if the Capital Wasteland mod group for FO4 has done anything to liven this place up.


Too back they cut the Lore out - sounded neat!


Alexander Hamilton? Eh? Anyone? I’ll leave.

Austin Joyce

Oxhorn you gotta do a lore video on point lookout

Cade Napper

Straight down south of arafu the is a cliff that has a box a note and a Chinese pistol

the real obama

Is that fallout 3 it’s fucking Beautiful


Huh...i never found that door before!

Mickey Lee Bukowski

Burkittsville was the setting of the movie "The Blair Witch Project". I wonder if Bethesda planned on putting a Blair Witch themed vault there and either ran out of time or decided against it. But the cannibals wearing human skins seems very Blair Witch to me.

Noside Noside

locked door: very hard lock
locked door: requires key

Kay Taylor

I still talk to Three Dog and get the mission to retrieve the dish for him, I just don't turn it in until I've gone to Rivet City (usually on behalf of Bryan Wilkes). As long as you talk to Dr. Li before turning in the dish to Three Dog, he'll give you the key.

Toothless Jack

you can also get the key from three dog if your speech is high enough and you convince him to just tell you where your dad went. he then proceeds to offer you the key in exchange for getting the dish for the monument.

Brown Crewmate

I accidentally got the key


I can't wait to see you tell the story of the Keller Family.

Cesar Guzman

Wait do you have 3 shots for your gauss rifle?

Andries Du Preez

When I got there the raiders were still alive

Just Another Youtube Channel

I wonder why Frank didn’t go to Hamilton immediately after the apocalypse.

A is for America

Ox's Fallout 3 is so beautiful. i'm playing on an X Box 360. It's rough to go back and play.


Just as an aside; The members of the Burkittsville Vault weren't WEARING another human's skin, it was a metaphor for those vault dwellers not being human as they were cannibals.


my guess is that this hideaway would have been used as a makeshift fallout shelter. paranoia was rife throughout america before thee bombs fell, a lot of places would have been converted into fallout shelters incase the bombs fell. the same goes for the old olney sewers. its likely the lake would have drained before the bombs fell.