Command & Conquer Memes vol. #2

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Command & Conquer Memes vol. #2

4 618 views | 11 Jul. 2020
4 618 views | 11 Jul. 2020

This is Volume 2 of my C&C related memes! (Every meme is here made by me. I usually post them on Facebook / Reddit before making them into a compilation video)

These memes are specially made for fans who like CnC Remastered, Red Alert 2 (Yuri's Revenge), Red Alert 3 (Uprising), Generals (Zero Hour), Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun (Firestorm), C&C 3: Tiberium Wars (Kane's Wrath), etc.

Featuring Kane, Tanya, Boris, Yuri, Kirov Airship, and Sputniks.

Let me know which ones you found funny - I'm looking for feedbacks here ;)

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Der Privilegionär

0:05 I'd say I disagree on this captione....
It's not selfless but rather... more sophisticated egoism one shall say.

Brawl Brockerson

I set Soviet March as an alarm sound so every morning I hear it I immediately stand up and put my hand on my heart.

Yuri Prime

I still decline that this vengenfull japanese base-destructor is my daughter.
And 4:15 - I hope its ONLY a meme

Half Roblox

This is some pure meme to me.

Allen Feng

Personally, I think it was really easy to climb through the Rivals leagues. Within the first three weeks I was able to get to master league, which is about the top one percent of players. I was able to beat people with units 2, 3, and even 4 levels above mine because I knew that wolverines and titans make a good combo. So I think if you've actually played any other C&C games you should be able to easily beat most people.

Doomer Doomer

2:10 jarmen has no airstrike tho

DR nibbles

I appreciate the timer on the side of the screen. Definitely a quality of life for meme compilations.

Nakharin Maneewun

Lol i mean ur MCV just a sec in the game

Solath Prime

My phone ringtone is not "incoming transmission"
It is "our base is under attack"


Is it strange that when i see an image of cabal i hear his voice?

Brawl Brockerson

Jarmen Kell is from sunny East desert lands and Natasha is from cold Russia. So it's absolutely clear who is the hot one ^-^

peyman pj

Dude why you picked amoo ghanad picture as your logo

Muhammad Yudhi

2:05 Except if he was Jarmen Kell from "General Juhziz" he would be like 'Col. Burton of GLA'

perunr 125

Setting your alarm to "Our base is under attack!"

Initiate Kris

Yuri, Kane and comment about Yuriko made me fell of my chair. These Memes are just like tiberium: WE NEED MORE! (Nod Harvester)

Solath Prime

Wait what
Kane is the yuri's father

H. Q.

Still waiting for reactor rush video

Novus Black

Liked just for the C&C4 not participating meme.... luckily they never made that game.

János Brutyó

Dude, 'Incoming Transmission' was so ral for me


0:19 Setting your face time ringtone to "establishing video uplink"

Roderick Huang

0:44 I never paid attn to their skin color lmfao #NOTORACISM

Derec William

Go shoutout. Becuz were also good

Geth K. Gelior

Ordinary people: Use ineffective default ringtones

Testing Phaze

2:35 the bane of our existence

Nelvin Jay Eguia

Make it more interactive next time. Might be more fun

lol vegan

Can't wait for August where the Terrorists United federation bombard Beijing

shadow 9273

0:30 dude imagine if this awsome tiberium metoer comes to earth ohhh baby kane well bee sooo happy as i am


Nice co... I mean nice memes bro! Especially about unit interactions (like the harvester chasing infantry) and the "Iron curtain ready". What's with the "Karen" memes tho, aren't they early 2019?

Cyber Lord CR

wait there was a part 1! please send me da link mem man ;)

Alpha Oxide

Tiberium: Exist

All major faction on earth and Scrin: Stonks

When you play the game of empire only 3v3:

The first 10 seconds
Dojo Core and Generator Core Intensifies

Agent 2

0:14 um my ringtone is never gonna give u up so whenever someone calls me everyone in room gets Rick rolled


i would pay 60$ for red alert 2 remastered


Like, when was this video released?? I was sure I scheduled for it to release early today, and just realized after doing all the chores, I was about 7 hours late to the video's release time. Then I saw that all the comments on it are from 24 hours+ ago :/

CAS 19

Wait..... doesn't Jarmen Kell says 'I will slip in'?

Jv Butalid

dunno if you can relate, but i sometimes set my alarm to cnc zh contra's usa theme 5 (i think)

Gu Gu

When you play with your boi in an group and he start attacking your base
Me: traitor


I liked the kirov reporting alarm clock the most

арсений меньшов

1:45 If "Kirov reporting!" doesn’t help, then you have to add "Incefficent funds" with "Warning! Nuclear missile launched!"
4:05 C&C fans: *dresses Intimate, salutes and says "Be one with Yuri"*. By the way, I've always heard one "Disc inside"?


Meme about the sputnik and MCV is gorgeous

Nakharin Maneewun

imagine a fully promoted soviet miner rushing into ur base

chathura ganegoda

Your memes are the best xyhc

Reda 777


Kasper Eklund

How to get Silos needed IRL:
Step1: get heritance money or gift money
2:Government now taxes this money, because it exceeds some limits
3:Profit (less)


1:45 funnyist that i ever see XD

#1 Rival

LEGION in final mission in Kane's wrath: I hold all the nod faction mcvs now
30 seconds later: mission accomplished
All people who beat Kane's wrath final mission on hard difficulty: I could have used you black hand and nod mcvs when I was losing an hour ago!!!


These videos would be so much better if you had the text to speech guy read the memes