The Future of Code Geass | Lelouch of the Resurrection Review

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The Future of Code Geass | Lelouch of the Resurrection Review

37 936 views | 1 Jun. 2019
37 936 views | 1 Jun. 2019

Suzaku and Nunnally are defeated by a mysterious Knightmare Frame, and the two of them are taken away.

...Man that's the only synopsis of this Code Geass movie I could find that wasn't unreasonably long for a description.

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Anthony Hopkins II

So umm... why the f was shirley back alive??


Im so sad that this wasn’t just an entirely new season, but I also understand

Gideon Roos

I was honestly somewhat disappointed with the movie. The trailer created a panoply of expectations on which the movie didn't deliver. At the same time I'm also quite ambivalent regarding the ending. I do seriously adore the fact that Lelouch, now L.L. and C.C. end up together, which is the only unambiguously positive thing I can say about the movie, but my feelings about the rest of it is deeply conflicted.

I am both relieved and disappointed that Lelouch is not going to be the main figure of any upcoming CG projects in the works. Disappointed because I seriously love him, but relieved because I don't think there is any more to be pulled out of the character without it feel like he's, ironically, just a walking shell. His story, his arc, as the protagonist is done. It's a brilliant one, but it's one that's finished, and I'm happy to see that it seems the creators know this.

I do seriously hope to see more of his relationship with C.C. I would love to see their 'married' life and how the two get to know one another on this newer, deeper level they now share, both as a married couple, and as fellow Code users. They are now, in every way possible, far more intimate, and I really want to see this explored in any upcoming works.

As for how a new Code Geass will be handled without Lelouch at the forefront... I think the best choice would be for them to break the story up between a cast of characters. Lelouch is the ultimate in protagonists, and I don't think there's a safe chance of them making another character capable of being his match, certainly not when he is technically still in play. The best option, in my opinion, is to create a cast of characters on all sides of the conflict, that we can follow, where the 'protagonist' in the story is less the characters themselves, and more their interactions and the intrigue that results from their conflicts. A dynamic somewhat similar to the initial two-three seasons of shows like Game of Thrones.


That intro is really great. I don't really get tho why you made a review for a movie that doesn't exist smh...


I wouldn’t recommend the movie to anyone who likes code geass anime and would prefer them to stick to the two seasons and that ending


I believe, that Lelouche did not love his sister as much as people may think.

He was always telling everyone, that he wants to change the world for her to be happy. But I feel like what gave her all her happiness was actually her caring brother Lelouche, taking care of her, regardless of her disability, loss of her mother and losing the identity of a princess. I didn't see her struggling to find joy in R1, yet Lelouch wanted to battle the whole world, supposedly for her. Because of Lelouches actions, Nunally was kidnapped and almost died.

The end of R2 made me shed a tear, but the more I thought about it, the more selfish Lelouche appeared to me. That's because he left his sister alone. He didn't succeed in making the world better in a long run and what's more important, he didn't make the world of Nunnally better by any portion. She became an empress, vulnurable to all kinds of attempts aiming to kidnap, dethrone, or just kill her. In the scene when Lelouche died we saw a girl, who didn't want any big things from life, get robbed of her older brother, whom she loved and needed the most.

I was expecting Resurrection fix Lelouches mistake, as Nunnallys brother was alive again, only to witness how Lelouche basically told his sister to fuck off at the end, because he was going to live his life with a green haired immortal chick.

In conclusion, I have recently seen a ninja warrior episode, in which a contestant says he participates in the show for his children, which I see as a huge lie. He did it solely for himself, just to fulfil his whims or ambitions. It was just an excuse which he used to make himself look better in his own eyes. That's how I see Code Geass. Lelouche feels unbearable hatred towards his father and when there's a chance to take revenge, he takes it with no hesitation. The whole 'changing the world for his sister' was just an excuse, to make himself look good in his own eyes, like in my example.

It's of course only my personal opinion.

Ren Stimpy

What the green Knightmare that Nina piloting called? Is not Another Vincent is it?

Marco Bellanti

I think they already stated that Leuloch was dead in the Original at the end. Because they saw that as a just punishment for his action. That was one of (if not the) biggest mistake in R1 and R2...

talha amir

bros the movie follows another story apart from the original story
not that much but a slight tilt
lelouch dies in the original

Colin Masterson

I see the anime and the movie continuities as two separate universes that way Lelouch’s big sacrifice at the end of R2 isn’t ruined and still a conclusive ending while the movies give fans what they wanted with out ruining the original story told in the anime.

P.s. specking of different. The Code Geass Manga (yes there is an official one not just the hentai floating around the web) while absent of the mech battles as far as I know(I dropped it after a few chapters because finals where right around the corner and I never got back around to reading it again) it’s still a good read despite the differences. I’m just surprised not many people are talking about it honestly.


this is the final phase of the plan...


I thought the movie was pretty good, but I call bullshit on Lelouch and Shamna possessing both their individual Geass power and also a Geass Code. We saw during the series that Charles and C.C. lost their Geass power when taking up the Code so....what gives.

Kyair Banks

Funny because ibjuar watched your acrual code geass video.




Lelouch does NOT have a code and is NOT immortal in this movie!
Please be more nuanced because what you say is 100% wrong.

C.C. says Shirley brought Lelouch's corpse to her, so Lelouch definitely did NOT survive.
C.C. also says that it was she who resurrected Lelouch by reconstructing his corpse. When Kallen asks what that means she explains it's replacing damaged body parts.
Later, C.C. tells Suzaku that it was she who resurrected Lelouch and that she did so against his wishes.
So it is clear that Lelouch was not immortal and did not have a code at the end of Oudou, the last of the trilogy movies.

Does he, then, get a code during this movie? No.
First of all, C.C. wonders about this possibility but then immediately dismisses it herself. She used the argument that Lelouch retained his geass to contradict the idea of him having a code. The idea that one can have both was never true, it was a debunked myth which didn't have any basis in the lore and thus was never canon in either universe. It still holds that anyone who gets the code loses the geass, as evidenced by C.C. using that argument to dismiss the possibility that he has a code.
Secondly, he does have a mark, but it's not a code mark.
Shamna also has a mark and yet she gets geassed which is IMPOSSIBLE if she had had a code because code bearers are immune to geass.
Lelouch gives his battle plans to C.C. because she IS immune to geass because she does have a code.
Lelouch himself says that he doubts he is immortal and adds that he could drop dead any moment. If Lelouch had had a code he would have complete certainty that he would have been immortal. Your claim that he has an immortal shell is a completely unfounded assumption and questioned by Lelouch himself.
Lelouch's mark moves around on his body. Sometimes it's on his chest, sometimes it's on the side of his neck. Code marks do not migrate!
Thus, it is obvious that Lelouch's mark is NOT a code mark at all!

Please correct these big errors in your video. It destroys the quality your videos normally have.

asma ali

I'm really disappointed as a fan of Code Geass the company should take advantage of the opportunity they're given considering the fact that this anime got a loyal fan base!


Now we wait for the 5th of December Announcement.

Writing Geek

This is pretty much Game of Thrones in a Sci-Fi setting. ~ Politics, Subverting Expectations, etc.
Sooo, I would definitely want more of Code Geass, as long as the quality holds up.

Red BLUeDragon

I think that the country has a two monarch system shaman is the spiritual and shalio is the military leader

Jake Wilson

Just give me Lelouche and Kallen relationship please

John Venegas

Someone confirm or send the link that they confirm they are making more CG


This intro is killing me you cheeky bastards XD

Fish Animations

Sneaky subtitle change


I felt the movie was great, frankly what the Star Wars sequels should have been.

Saint Nerd

If you saw it on streaming, or have the video file, please hand it to me. I beg you

Mark Rogers

If I had to describe in one word how I felt about this movie Id say it was rushed. Im not entirely against the idea of lelouch being resurrected but I would think if you gonna do it make the most of it. Seemed like the premise alone couldve made multiple movies, not just one. I mean lelouch made it pretty clear this was a one time thing and I do agree that having a new main character would be the better option to continue the series so why not go the extra mile.

Overall Im in agreement that it was just okay; I just personally didnt any strong feelings towards it, good or bad. It was serviceable. Not much else I can say.

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association

Ooooooo that ending explains alot

Dominik Knight

I enjoyed the movie. It’s not nearly as good as the original. But it’s a fun watch


The intro is so perfect!! 0:00-0:47
And i didn't have as huge a problem with lelouch being brought back since at least this is a alternate universe and lelouch didn't want or thought he was being brought back

Some One

I like this movie a lot for Lelouch and C.C's growth (individually and as a "couple"). I enjoyed a lot of the small scenes like when Lelouch tells Ougi to "forget it" when he tries to kill himself or the scene where C.C pulls out a gun on Lelouch just as a few examples.
But of course, yeah the movie is way to short and skip a lot of things and dialogues that should happen in the context of the movie... I mean barely anyone react to Lelouch being alive really (among a lot of other things). And the enemy side is completely underdeveloped and not that interesting in general.

My theory is that Taniguchi wrote this story as a entire new season.. but then decided (or was forced) to cut it down into a movie.... maybe because he knew the whole story wasn't that great and people could have been bored by it (it would have killed the hype for more content).
However, if the next project has a new MC, I think it's not such a bad decision to just have made a quick movie to establish the new world post Evil Britannia and what's going on with L.L and C.C. and all the other characters (the weird situation with Schneizel, Rakshata and those kids has to be a set up for the sequel).
There's also the whole business with the C's world and the "geass fragments" that they talk about at the end... smells like something that could be used in the sequel/new project.

Sean Wilson

That post-credits scene is what I really wanted this movie to be about, but I guess we're going to have to wait for if there will be another movie after how disappointingly it did financially.

Chris Noctskie

When lelouch used his deduction skills to figure out the villain geass ability... Now that's what I call bullshit...

KahluA x Milk

to be honest,the r2 ending actually hinted that lelouch might still be alive,while still dead.
btw, lelouch said something at the post-credit scene of the movie

Thespian Uzumaki

So what's up with Lelouch having Geass and the code? How does that work? I thought the geass ability goes away after you get the code

Hygienic Casual

I was disappointed with the movie for no reason other than it failing to meet the lofty expectations I had for the series due to the brilliant ending of R2, but providing the same rollercoaster wasn't this movie's purpose. I concede that this was a good direction for CG, and that this movie was handled faithfully despite lackluster villains and awkward story execution. I hope it serves as a stepping stone for more greatness in the future.

Nerdy Giant

'They don't need lelouch' you don't need a youtube channel sir.

Bené Naidoo

I just enjoyed seeing how everyone was doing and their reactions to seeing Lelouch and the aftermath. Though I believe Lelouch should have been more emotional when reuniting with everyone


I’ve recently just finished Code Geass and I’m not sure if I should watch this movie. Is it worth watching??


I only just watched Code Geass last year because it was on Netflix. I loved it. I didn’t know about the recaps before watching Resurrection, so thing some things were jarring. I thought they had retconned a lot of stuff like Shirley dying. It was nice seeing Lelouch be arrogant and cunning again. I was kind of sad to see that his relationship with Kallen barely got addressed or how Shirley was even alive. So I did some research and I found out about the recap movies. Now I’m just disappointed I will never get a true return to the anime that I was excited for. I don’t even want to watch those recaps now.


I honestly really liked the lelouch defeating her at the end, it was cool to see him have a moment of deducing her geass, which we don't see a lot in the original with him struggling to that agree


I love this movie, because it gives me a closure to Lelouche‘s story and see all the characters again. A happy ending. But, it is flawed in many ways. One of the principles of good writing is show and don‘t tell. Like the deduction of the Geass, it was quite unsatisfying, because they don‘t show his train of thought, but just say stuff like „there are 22 possibilities“, next scene it‘s 17 without explanaition. Also, his return is accepted too fast and except for Suzaku. They could have fleshed out this part, because this is what the audience is invested in. These characters have history, but it is not thoroughly explored.

That one weird kid who's obsessed with Rome.

I honestly enjoyed the movie. I initially thought it will suck but it turned out great, even tho I did have problems with the movie. 8/10

9 s

Had to watch the video at 0.5x speed

Novem's Natural Roll

I don't really care whether this movie is good or not, all I see is something that attempts to ruin a perfect ending.

Owen Harbert

I'm glad they've still left the original ending up to interpretation as this movie continues on the recaps as an alternate universe and I love Code Geass so I just want more in the end, and I'm happy that they won't make it the Lelouch show. I think they've already done this well with the Akito the Exiled movies in terms of expanding the world without relying too heavily on the pre-established characters, so I'm hopeful for this Code Geass 10 year plan.

Nerdy Giant

Christ. They gave us the masterpiece of R1 and R2 and guys like this have the nerve to come here and complain when they finally release a movie 10 years later. Dude, this movie was straight FAN SERVICE. Do you NOT want them to release more??? I wanna see Lelouch and Shirly speak! I need to see him speak with Kallen 1 on 1 as well man, their reunions were too short. I need those two to have a moment like he did with ohgi! I wanna see lelouch speak with the student council again. You're gonna friggin ruin it!

kenji Thomas

I like the movie...... if it's code geass then sure I will watch it with a smile. Plus the ending scene L.L that's gold.

Geass Railfan

So what are your thoughts on the 10 year plan of projects thing? Are you going to do a video on the 10 years of projects?

Lel Lol

This ain’t a review, thx for spoiling the whole thing for me in the first minute


What is the actual plan from the creators? I heard something about a 10 years or 10 movies plan?

Rubix Cube


after watching it i wished it was season not a movie to stretch out and has somethings set up better

King Draconias

Personally, while I had some issues, I personally loved the movie overall. I feel like it's a really good first step into a new world (even if it's one where Shirley living is pointless and it effectively negates her actually meaningful death in the original timeline) that has a chance to tell a really good story.


Apparently they are going to make lelouch similar to c.c. like woah wtf?!?!?.
Lelouch too badass bruh.


Ringo Cash

Be happy with ending people what do you want Kallen, Shirley, CC, and Lelouch foursome, in the end? be happy what you got !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snivy Fans

Code Geass will continue!
Best anime ever<3

Luis cunillera

Can someone explained me, why C.C. and Lulu got together at the end? it doesnt make any the ending of season 2 kallen was the most hurt by lulu death!

sokami mashibe

My biggest complaint with the movie is that the plot was executed pretty awkwardly... such that it could be pretty jarring and confusing at times. I feel like certain scenes transitioned where there should have been a scene where plans were being made, especially towards the second half as Lelouch kept losing to the other Geass user.


lelouch didn't die at the end of r2, why do so many people get this wrong?

Joshua Jeong

11 months late, but on the Code Geass wiki it says that Lelouch and Shamna have "failed" Codes which grant eternal youth but not immortality

Lelouch Vi brittania

I hope they continue the movies i just saw the code geass anime and movies and I need more of it i can wait but i need to know that atleast it will be there. I liked the post credit scene which implied that lelouch and c.c. Were gping to work in the shadows from now on it finally brings back the character lelouch was in start of season 1 but better

Weeb Revolution

Curious how the next 10 movies will be, glad to see you back Zero! that introduce had me dying of laughter


That was the best first minute of a video I've seen in a long time


I'm hoping for potential new protagonist with both Lelouch and C.C. becoming the mentor figures. Look at the post-credits scene. It's already in the works!

Krish Sutar

He's back

Gamni Verse

Guys is there gonna be an season 3 or a new movie???
If anyone knows pls tell me...

Richie Del Rosario

I'm not satisfied with the movie, feels like my 9 years of wait weren't that much fulfilled. But I've rewatched the movie twice, and I could say I'm indeed so happy to see Lelouch back again.

Peter Udir

Did I watch the same movie as everyone else? To me it felt like a rushed mess that should have had at least 3 more hours of run time. I like the end with CC and Lelouch and am not opposed to sequels but I feel the original was quite literally perfect storytelling. I gotta say, this ain't it chief (at least for me).

Calimero Hœnir

why? Was this really needed?


I loved the movie. I watched it 3 times. The movie is a new timeline. It doesn't negate the ending to R2. It simply creates a new reality where he never really died (Something I believed when R2 ended). So I'm glad they went this route. I'm excited for more CODE GEASS. It is the greatest anime ever created thus far.


What did the end credit scene represent?


Really Liked your Intro:,D

that one stormtrooper

I was a fool to think I would understand any of this without finishing the show. I mean what the heck is a though elevator

JMJ FARMS USA Percy and Christiane Octavo

I can't wait for may 3 th that is when the dub version is coming out Yahoo


They could totally have lelouch play a background role in all the next coming movies / series or what ever. I think that lelouch should be at rest because of his sacrifices. Because he is immortal now, maybe he could have some small contribution to world conflicts and also be the one to choose the next Zero after Suzaku inevitably dies. The main character could always be Zero no matter who it is, because the idea of Zero is a very prominent theme to Code Geass. Zero to the people and viewer represents justice while Lelouch represents the evil that once fought for justice, but inevitably lost to Zero. Zero is its own idea seperate to Lelouch in the world. So I can imagine that future movies and series that are further ahead in time(where the current cast is dead), would have a different Zero, and Lelouch is the one who is most likely to choose who that is.

20Minute Gamer

It has been 83 years

Smo yan

How was lelouch revived?


I am probably not the only one who had this mindset. I was honestly thankful that this movie was more of a "what if" then actually being canon. I don't want to be the one to calls this movie, "milking" but I can't help but wonder. Obviously in my opinion, not making this canon was the best thing to do as it feels like a middle finger to Lelouch's true sacrifice in S2. But I digress.

You can say I have my nostalgia glasses on too tight, but this movie didn't really need to exist, but doesn't mean I disliked it. It's like getting accepted into a job, but the job you were given wasn't exactly what you wanted, but you get enough pay to be ok with it.


long live L2

Daniel May

I mean, I enjoyed it well enough personally(just watched it). However, I'd love to just see rehashes of R1 and R2 over and over lol. Maybe I'll just stick to rewatching the show repeatedly.

Aydan Kegel

I thought the ending after the credits was interesting and maybe will put Lelouch an CC in the backseat for the next Code Geass sequel in 2021

Ahmad Sammy

Umm..Kato? Shouldn’t you have put a Spoiler warning in the video title and at the beginning of the video?


After all he has done, I hoped they would atleast let him rest in peace

Aayush Bhai

That intro was fucking amiazing

Margarita S

okay, my opinion is gonna be unpopular here, but I would be happy if they created the full 3rd season from this movie. I understand why people want to stop after R2 ending - it's tragic and beautiful, and we all were crying because Nanally realized what Lelouch really had done. But also I'm so happy to see the characters` reunion, to see how Suzaku tried to beat Lelouch because he was alive, how Karen looked at him. I think if this story was much longer (like a 25 series season) the story would have been more detailed and R1/R2-styled. Now fans have a lot of questions because the film is too short and couldn`t fulfill everything creators wanted to say to us. Nevertheless, I`m amazingly glad to see Lelouch alive again.

Smo yan

I agree that the ending was perfect, i prefer lelouch to be dead than to be alive. But if he was dead then what about fulfilling cc's wish? He promised her, also it wouldn't make any sense if he just abandons cc after all they've been through, but if he was alive then it wouldn't make any sense to create an alternative timeline and make a sequel where he's alive. If he really was alive then they should have made a season 3 R3 instead of an alternative timeline. In the trailer of the "new series" (which was supposed to be a sequel to R2 but was canceled) you can see a short clip of lelouch, and from that i think its safe to assume that lelouch was alive at the end of R2. But since the new series got canceled and they made an alternative timeline where he was alive they made it look like he was dead in R2 while they originally intended to for him to be alive and make a sequel. If they changed him from being alive in R2 to him being dead then it wouldn't make sense cuz i don't think he'd just abandon cc and not fulfill her wish, but if he was alive it wouldn't make any sense to create an alternative timeline where he's alive. This is what i think.

The Red Eft

To be honest I think if they were gonna do a new show I would think it would be better to set it far into the future so that it feels like all the sacrifices in the original were worth peace longer than just 1 year. But for what it was I think it was decent. It was fun to see the characters again, see them fight and have an okay and a bit interesting of an opponent for Lelouch to fight. As short lived as it was for Lelouch figuring out to defeat her it was still fun to watch. C’s world was interesting as always. It was good to see Lelouch get to have some good conversations with some people after what happened in the zero requiem like Suzaku and Cornelia. I always thought Lelouch was alive though as it didn’t seem right for him to go back on his contract with C.C. So I’m glad those two ended up going off on a journey at the end. I Agee that Lelouch shouldn’t be the main character anymore. He should be a supporting character. Still I wonder what he and C.C. are doing now with Geass? Giving it out to some people, but also taking down those who misuse it. Sounds interesting. There definitely are still a lot of unfleshed out things leftover in the series they could address though. I’m still on the fence though if I want to see more Code Geass in The future.


Its not a review its a spoiler festival


Where can I watch the movie ??????

Man in the shadow

Big fan but I didn't realize this had spoilers so I have to stop watching until I see the movie

Danielle Lawson

I accidentally deleted my post a few days ago so I am reposting it with small changes Please read and give your opinion but no hate PLEASE I don’t have any theories on what they might do but I know what I might like as much as I love Lelouch we fallowed him for awhile i would like a focus on the other characters as the main cast with Lelouch and C.C. having cameos. Or coming in at the end to save the day whatever they do I just hope romance is on the back burners I know it is probably not likely see how Lelouch and C.C. are fan favorites but it would be refreshing to see something new and if they do want to keep C.C. and Lelouch they could have two intertwined stories showing what Lelouch and C.C. are up to while the other cast is shown doing something. Please no hate I love this show regardless of the official pairing and will continue to support it. please respect my opinion and I will respect yours also for those that like C.C.x Lelouch I and very happy for you and I get how this is a happy end for them and while I am not totally against the ship it’s just not my style (it is actually my third favorite ship for Lelouch ) that’s why I am not suggesting they break them up or not show them at all if they continue to use them just not make the romance overly noticeable but subtle like it’s there but not in your face.

razor fang

I feel like this movie was originally supposed to be a tv show

kaitou boy

it is alternative ending

Tamanna Nishee

I started breathing hard when this video came into my recommendations


so will there be more?

imfcked -_-

Even tho I'm late but damn this is a best video keep up the good work dude


I still don't understand how Lelouch can see or does not feel uncomfortable with his bang blocking his eye

Grim Strawberry

I mean there's a clip which i believe is the like post credit thing (i either don't remember or didn't see but you can just find it on YouTube) of L.L probably talking to someone so maybe could be the next mc getting geass


Shamna didn't have a full code (similar to Lelouche), so that's why she couldn't use the thought elevator that the nation had in the prison.

And it's never said that the nation had the best/most powerful military, they only said that the main economic export is mercenaries - which in a world torn apart by war for decades makes absolute sense. The reason why they where a problem for the cast was that for political reasons they couldn't actually use the armies of the UN and Black Knights openly, so they were forced to use just basically two units of special forces that had enough independence to offer deniability to the upper ups - and they still managed to paralyse and conquer the country.

That a younger but male descendent becomes the king rather then their older female siblings are completely in tune with historical precedent too, and Shamna being the high priestess of the local religion explains the amounts of soft power she holds - so no real contradiction here either.

The only thing I can fault the movie on is to never really explain Lelouche's and Shamna's Code status - I had to check on the wikia that their Code is called "Failed One" and that they basically have eternal youth but can still die and are subject to other Geass powers, for which they get to keep their Geass power.

Harrison Turner

Loved how the intro started up