The Way of the Open Hand

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The Way of the Open Hand

440 413 views | 17 Feb. 2020
440 413 views | 17 Feb. 2020

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Welcome to a video about monks, nuns, and pocket sand! Enjoy a minute of bloopers, 30 seconds of an anticipation joke, and some patrons. I truly, truly love you. You deserve a hug. And maybe a book.

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Music Credits: Pretty much everything by Kevin MacLeod




Robert Silvermyst

At lv 20, you gain the move B*tch Slap.

Owen Bever

6:22 Honestly, he kinda deserved it.

Ben Thomason

"one of the twelve classes nobody knows how to play"
okay but seriously, how can you screw up barbarian? their entire description is "I hit it again."

RandomDude -4

XP to level three microwaving water your welcome

Erik Janicki

Yeah, I don't get why people hate on the Monk. It's a pretty cool class as for as I- ARE YOU MICROWAVING WATER?!?! OH DEAR LORD, YOU'VE DOOMED US AAALLLLL!!!

Captain kiwi

Does quivering palm, waits 4 days, looms at the dm... “Ayyo, VIBE CHECK”

Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

So... larry from "The slap 2"?


Runesmith: " extend your left pinky toe..."

Editor: Edits right pinky toe.

Me: taking notes sounds "So I get to do cool martial arts tricks, but forget which one's left and right? Ok, got it, cool. No more questions." writes down a hundred more questions

William Arentsen

Basically “I like ya cut g (SMACK!!)”

Devin Miller

3:34 - "you extend your left pinkie toe-"
shows footage of his right foot

Aaron Floyd

Step 1: Go Open Hand Monk

Step 2: Go Barbarian

Step 3: RAGE!

Step 4: Paunch while mad.

Step 5: Get the HDYWTDT and put your fist through the mean boi's chest.

Step 6: Profit.


Again, if ya want to support me and have a cool book:

David Kessler

In short, discombobulate.


the expression Jacob has microwaving water is just a parallel microcosm for everything wrong in my life

The poodle player

reject fighter, return to monk


If you try to learn me a teach I'm gonna lump you a noggin...

Dylan C

This guy is fuckin hilarious and I actually learned how to play. Big ol sub and it's the first video i've ever seen of his

Fallen Deus

Flurry of blows CANNOT be used with weapons, you make 2 UNARMED strikes with it
Also you think that quivering palm was inspired by kill bill instead of Fist of the North Star? Pretty sure Tarantino stole that idea in the first place so i guess it kinda is.


-10 point for not making a Omae wa moe shin deru reference

Dallas 101

Could you do videos on all the monastic traditions even the ones on unearthed arcana?


>choses monk class
>names him kenshiro

A Person

I'm currently making a way of the open hand tiefling monk (technically nun but pssshhhh, shuddup) that has an unhealthy addiction to flatbreads of all kinds and hates guards/police officers with a burning passion.

This is going to be fun

Marcos Vinicius Guimarães Pereira

If you want to know how The Way of the Open Hand Works, just read/watch Hokuto no Ken

Just some guy with a handlebar mustache

did i hear an ora ora

Julian Neupert

2:40 Jacob dies of 1d4 Fingy damage

Alex T

Lmaoooo 3:15

Isaac Glasman


Clayton Carter

I had to pause and process that Nacho Libre revelation for a minute before continuing with the video

game rouge

Owe ma ru shinderu


The reaction one is a nerve strike, Quivering been around forever it's a kung fu movie woo woo death punch


I feel like this video was made just for you guys to pretend to die for no reason


Of course you had to be a CHUD.


My open hand monk was 2 levels away from thanos snapping before the campaign died.

Cash Cash

Jacob, heads up, never microwave a glass.


those fingers.....jesus.

Marcus Lazenby

Muticlass wit barbarian boom you got a goko

Morgan Petros

Okay, so ... I hate to say this, but you do this FAR too often to allow me to let it go on yet again. Your characterization of the monk is utter bullsh*t from word one.

The monk is a MARTIAL ARTIST. That is ALL the monk is. Unless you're playing 1E there is NOTHING that even HINTS that a monk needs to be chaste, celibate, has to give up its money or even has to belong to an organization. The 5E monk is NOTHING but a martial artist, someone who has learned to fight with his/her hands, feet and intuition.

Yes, the monk can CHOOSE to belong to a monastery that requires whatever nonsense vows the MONK'S PLAYER decides are appropriate, but there is nothing ... NOTHING ... requiring that the monk do so, and the character can choose AT ANY TIME to LEAVE that organization with no repercussions whatsoever unless the PLAYER AND THE DM decide together that there should be some.

So you WASTED the first three and a half minutes (almost half) of your 8-minute video on BULLSH*T that has NO effect on game play. Thanks for wasting our time.

Next, you COMPLETELY missed the part where Open Hand Technique can ONLY be used as part of Flurry of Blows. Flurry of Blows can ONLY be used with unarmed attacks, so you absolutely CAN NOT use it with monk weapons. In fact, you can't even use it with unarmed attacks using your one or two attacks that take your action, or the single attack you might use if you DON'T spend a Ki point to use Flurry of Blows. This doesn't make the ability worthless by any means, but it DOES mean you're mistaken about how effective it actually is.

And no, the subclass was inspired by the 1E monk, who HAD the Quivering Palm ability AND the self-heal ability DECADES before 5E or Kill Bill ... or even Uma Thurman or Quentin Tarantino ... were even thought of. So kindly pay a little attention to history ... AND THE ACTUAL RULES ... before you start spouting nonsense.

Sam Laenen

You mean karate

Michael Ayers

What am monk?


Monk uses Quivering Palm: " Omae wa mou shindeiru."
Me after one too many: "I know you are, but what am I?"

Stolen TFS joke, but it's too good not to spread.

HAVOC Wrecker

At 4:50 what is the name of that monster?


Slapping Jacob made this video worth it.

Dart Devious

I CAN'T LEWD MEWTWO WHEN I MONK?! Time to kill my character and start again.

Dragantor the Hunter

Runesmith: "It´s probably inspired by that one move from kill bill."

Kenshiro from Fist of the North star: "your´re already dead to me!"


0:40 could you sell us 3D models for printing with our own printers? Some of us have thous things as they are ~200€ and upwards :D and you can get even cheaper...


Just be like yeah, I'm bored, let's poke a person.
Yeah, I'm bored, let's have the person I poked die for some reason.


Me: wondering why there wasn’t a skip ad button
Also me: OH YEAAAAAHHHHHHHH this isn’t a ad YOUTUBE

a dog

3:07 i to show my nuts to my friends



Bj Spencer

You gotta be swimming in nerd girls.

Jeff Goode

That was the right pinky toe...


6:48 Guest star, Mike Dawson.

"Ehh, you missed pal!"


FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCK ITS MY FIRST DND CHARATURE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! then the DM tried to take over character cuz i wasnt playing him right

So to speak

This sounds like a real Sean Connery type of subclass


Once made a Monk that wasn’t even a monk, just some brute guy from the forest that uses anger instead of ki and knows the way of the closed hand.


Also, I'd rename Quivering Palm as Kira Queen. Or Kira Palm.

Us Films

REALLY CALLED ME OUT ON MY SAND!!! I use the dusty remains of my enemies (also made into incense called adventure time) but it’s basically the same. I saved me entire party with that dust.


What was thing shown in 2:11? that shit was dope as hell


Logan would be a great Monk!

Grabnok The Destroyer

Open Hand gives you the power to slap evils shit real good


2:49 I like ya cut G

Hawfinch 93

"Monastarys are sausages-fests, where the sausages are never allowed to cook."
I just watched that video with my bro, he is from Thailand, has served in a Shaolin-Temple and plays a Monk in D&D, and at that line he started laughting his ass of for 15 min straight. x,DDD

LiamAssassin Gaming

battle master + open hand monk on a goblin, introducing : gibble the advancer, knock an opponent back 30 feet then run away you coward. enjoy watching your DM give you the death stare as you knock the bbeg into one of there own traps.

Timothy Juarez

Why no love for way of the shadow? Yeah it sucks but I could be missing something.

Tintin And Snowy

Quivering palm is just the punch version of kurapika’s chains

Sigurd Stallari

BBEG: you are dead fool!
Open Hand Monk: No you are, already.
BBEG reflecting on the fight next week: what did he mean by tha-


Removing reaction imo is setup magic. I mean if you remove the reaction of enemy and then your party member casts wish the bbeg can't counter spell :D and saving counter spell against coutner spell is bit expensive when monk can just spen little ki after slapping the enemy.

wolfy boy

Why won't logan show his feet?

Merkwad Vasilios

As the horrendous beast launched forward, escape for Arthur and his Knights seemed hopeless when suddenly, the animator suffered a fatal heart attack!
The cartoon peril was no more.

Erik Williams


J/K that joke had me on the floor

Human Person Music

I prefer the way of the drunken bastared

zim attack

If you dont say whose your daddy during combat your doing it wrong


Way of the vibe check

Nicholas Brown

“This is called flurry of blows. Wait, I thought monks couldn’t-“
me: nicesssssssssssssssssssssdhehdshdubdjssbdjdbxhdhbevdjs*gag*sbsbsh*spit*dbbsdhsbdhevxinwofbeivybwdjchrbduchhebdkfheehdube*cough**dies*... oh I see what you did there


How to instantly kill a demon lord: step 1

Ann Sh.

And here I was, cooking up the brilliant idea of a monk that joins the party exclusively because he saw the beautiful sexy beings that the other PC's are and now wants to explore the world to smash

Aries McIntyre

Bonus damage if you crit on a bitch slap

Swds Kraab

I'll sure be saving up for the codex ! :)

Jack Mahne

dude, i cannot believe you made me watch a guy microwave water! i will not get those 20 seconds back xD


I'm upset at how none of the comments talk about the heresy that is not liking Monk the TV show.

Chall The One

3:18 JoJo

Watching You

This Is The Best Video I’ve Watched ALL Day.

wolfy boy

Can't i a handsome batchelor munk, who uses my p p, snd still get powers?


What Am Monk?

Elizabeth Hawes

Can you do a paladin oath?

Snail Man

didnt finish. monk is a great show. watch it or i UNSUB and DISLIKE

Robert Silvermyst

"No matter how THICC Mewtwo's thighs are..."
Alright, I feel called out XD

Drake Donarumo

I can attest that Coca-cola employees can bend reality to they’re will by using the formula and t-posing to assert dominance.

Erick Christensen

The cat is actually the true monk.
Every time it meows in the video, someone died

Neutral Man

“way of the slapping hand”

Alek Vates

Are you roommates, friends, or lovers? Because it's irrelevant to my fanfic


Low lvl Open Hand monk: hehe me slap you for 4 dmg.
Lvl 20 Open Hand Monk: Hehe heart beat go brrrt

Shadow Snake

So you can poke someone's eyes out or box their ears... also, boxing peoples ears can actually lead to a permanent loss of hearing if done right/ very wrongly. So yeah, don't smack people's ears while cupping your hands unless you're trying to seriously harm someone.

Nova White

I always default to monk.

I find them relatable,as I too never use my peewee deedee for bang slangn’ or diddlin’.

Luke Cunningham

"Same as being self employed in California."


"Monks can't have sex."
Would explain why our monk doesn't notice he's getting constantly hit on by our sorcerer and paladin.

kazz jarmin

Five finger death punch is grosser than Quivering palm.

JJ’s 32 Steps To Enlightenment

Pretty sure open hand refers to palm strikes. (Curling your fingers and striking with the palm)


avisenle al dum