Candy Crush Level 2061 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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Candy Crush Level 2061 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

8 729 views | 23 Mar. 2017
8 729 views | 23 Mar. 2017

Suzy, The Candy Crush Guru at with help for Candy Crush Level 2061, playthrough with audio, 3 stars, 1 booster


(Recorded with


Tutorial: How to use YouTube, Twitch, etc as stream source in the panel?
SideHustle 247

Ok Suzy how did you get so many specials. Now that is amazing.

Benni Jones

I haven't been playing much, but did play this level this morning, took your advice, brought in combo and color bomb, exited/reentered until the cb was next to a wrapped. Ka-boom. Really helped, still needed a couple lolihammers to do the job. Other sites call this level nearly impossible, so I don't feel bad. Thanks as always for your tips.

Christian C

You made this look easy


I've been stuck on this for 2 days now even with free boosters


I love you. You're positive energy really does work. Thank you.


Holy ding dong Batman! That's some serious cowbell. Set up for a stripe right off the bat. Then the pball falls right next to it. That's bringin the cowbell on.

Big problem is getting something outside of the four center squares.

Almost had it 2nd game after watching this vid. No joy so far


Is there a thread somewhere titled "things we love to hate about CC but play anyway?

Several times I've had a pball & a stripe together, plenty of same color on the board, 3 covered choc together up top. And not one of the choc squares was hit.

Michael McClaine

After about 35 tries or so, I really think it's the Lucky board, good luck everyone, thanks to Suzy Guru for not giving up!

nur anis zahira

hi suzy! today ive got very lucky! i won this by playing so many attempts but just now i won without booster! so proud of myself hehe.

Claudia Misage

Good golly miss molly, but I missed you! Watched you to do this one and’s completed. Had a fun vacation for my St Patrick’s Day birthday in a Monastery Of Christ In The Desert In N.M.. thanks for my birthday wishes. I was across sung to by the Benedictine priests and monks. Who could ask for anything more? Google them, no internet, no phones, no Talking. Wow