Fallout: New Vegas - Side Quests - Pheeble Will and Beyond the Beef

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Fallout: New Vegas - Side Quests - Pheeble Will and Beyond the Beef

61 621 views | 3 Jun. 2011
61 621 views | 3 Jun. 2011

Pheeble Will:

-Find out the purpose behind Heck Gunderson's visit to the Ultra-Luxe.

-(Optional) Ethel Phebus wants her husband, Walter, to forget about Heck Gunderson and return to their ranch. (Requires speech check of 75, end of quest if this option is chosen)

-Heck Gunderson is looking for his disappeared son. Talk to Walter Phebus about this.

-Take care of both Heck and Ted Gunderson, for Walter Phebus

-Heck, and Ted, are taken care of. Talk to Walter about this

-The Gundersons are dealt with. Walter was happy to hear the news, and took Ethel back to their home.

Beyond the Beef:

-Ask around the Ultra-Luxe for information regarding Ted Gunderson's disappearance.

-Get Ted back to his father if he is still alive.

-Inquire with Mortimer at the Ultra-Luxe about the investigator.

-Talk to Ted Gunderson, who's being held in a room beneath the Gourmand.

-Return Ted to his father at the Ultra-Luxe's Top Shelf Bar.

-Secure an acceptable replacement for Ted Gunderson as the White Glove Society's main course.

-(Optional) Lock one of your human companions in the Ultra-Luxe kitchen freezer as replacement for Ted.

-Talk to Carlyle St. Clair at his residence north of the Strip

-Return to Mortimer

Evil Gary

What happens if I only report the tussles, ignore the struggles, but instigate scuffles?


well this was no help at all


This is the most confusing quest ever.



Aldo Fornasiero

@trainhoboVEGAS Thanks for that...

Gavin Goins

how do i find carlyle saint clayre

Sanger Zonvolt

I feel like a complete nub for asking this but are you referring to the CoD MW2 mission.

Archie Wolf

"[...] And if you don't you must consult the nearest mental doctor..." that made me crack up hard.


your right i did refer to that.

Just Bird

Huh seems like something went wrong as Ted's Blood didn't spawn for me.

Insomniac Jack

Love the part where the securitron tells a person how she should feel lol


Is this possible to not kill son and kill only father?


Still possible if you dont do beyond the beef and kill heck before he tells you?


That's cause securitrons are boss!


Epic Speech from the Securitron


@URsuckishATlife I'm sure it was done on purpose. I was just pointing it out there cause no one else had mentioned anything about it. Kinda crazy blatant illuminati shit.


@ihatecon oh, new vegas. not bethesda. doesn't matter. all of these companies are corrupt. and the necronomicon comment still holds.

Jerry Samons

this was very good


Can somebody help me.i can,t find walter he isn,t at the station is it a glitch or something?

Archie Wolf

Shouteast part of the the map,mojave outpost.

lil vro

I want to know where he is afterwards though


@Reecerules45 possibly, I'm not entirely too sure. You can try picking the lock.

The Blah Family

Never murder people or the police will give you life instructions.

John Paulo Maravilla

I messed everything up. :(


Interesting how this boy Ted Gunderson disappeared, when there's an ex-FBI agent named Ted Gunderson who exposes the Illuminati and CIA for doing this same thing. lolololol.... well i dunno what this is about, but these foos be doing child sacrifices, satanic rituals, n shit..... cannibalism stuff... is that what they talk about right here? or what's the story? That's actually really crazy. These guys at Bethesda know what's up. Also with Dunwich and the Necronomicon. Fuckin Illuminatus. lol

Amicable Enmity

"Things are getting stranger everyday..." no shit.