Vanilla WoW - Elysium vs Kronos Population - (Sun. @ 12:00 p.m.) -

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Vanilla WoW - Elysium vs Kronos Population - (Sun. @ 12:00 p.m.) -

26 134 views | 3 Sep. 2017
26 134 views | 3 Sep. 2017

Elysium vs Kronos server population comparison, I made the video around 12 p.m. CDT. It looks like some guilds were getting ready to raid on Elysium. One drawback of higher populated servers is 'phasing'. It can be really annoying, especially in PvP. I have seen Kronos with a high amount of traffic, primarily during raid times. But Elysium is far more populated, to each his own. I have characters on both servers.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trying to claim that one server is better/worse than the other. This is just a comparison of the population at peak hours on the weekend.

I made the song at the end of the video.


Kronos devs are on their high horses and wont listen to feed back. T.T Elysium is gold tho'!

baka desu

Elysium = 0 xD


kronos is basicly dead.

Sheev Palpatine

I never got to play vanilla wow, but I would absolutely love to try it, but I'm just worried that I would get banned for trying it out.


That view distance D: good lord

Sx ko

Kronos and Elysium <3

Omega Trion

For reall i cant play BFA anymore i just cant its not the game we played 11 years ago

Patrick thePope

Lightshope = Elysium


Hello when ever i try to download the kronos wow torrent if will not work does anyone know how to fix this.

Omega Trion

So Kronos is better ?


its been a year since this video most of the comments are irrelevant and because of wow classic beta I the pops have nearly doubled cause people can't get into beta.

Jdubz 790


Denny Zoetemelk

Kronos has higher population on alliance than on horde. Smaller communities are less toxic aswell. I am on kronos and it is active enough for me :)


this was good even before the elysium meltdown, now elysium doesnt have a population :P


I just started playing on Kronos and it's pretty well populated now. At least sufficiently so


Kronos 80%ally kkkkkk


Elysium sucks ass. Corrupt crooks who are about to be forced to shutdown.



jiglo jaglo

the difference is that kronos is 90% alliance and Alliance is where all the retarded roleplayers go... still the same in live 14 years later

Doctor Dinglenut

I switched my realmlist to Light's Hope and am now playing there. Hopefully this won't be a common occurrence.


Did you bring your back ped hunter to china's hope?