Review: Taurus PT809 9mm

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Review: Taurus PT809 9mm

90 474 views | 2 Jan. 2012
90 474 views | 2 Jan. 2012

I review and shoot the Taurus PT809 9mm.

Austin Ray

Hey, I picked mine up at Academy in TX for $349. I really like it, shoots good. You can probably get in cheaper there on Black Friday or another time they have a sell. I think it was worth what I paid for it though.


Just work the magazine release for awhile and see if it gets better. Send me a PM, and I can get you a couple names for Holsters


2 light primer strikes. Not sure if it was the ammo or if the firing pin spring is week. Both times the primer fired on the second try.


@Arsalalvi Is that $750us? I thought accuracy was decent. As for reliability, I only put about 50 rounds through it, so it's hard to say. I did have a hiccup with it, but I think that was the ammo (the primer was dented, but the round didn't fire). I love FNH, so the FNP and FNX are high on my list.


I'm glad I could be of service. I think you'll be happy with your decision. Let me know how it works out for you, and how you like it.


alright,,thanks for the reply,,yea I know taurus greases up a gun really well out of the factory,,have a good one


@jbrannon01 I have never shot a P95, so I can't really compare the two. I'd maybe check around on some gun forums, or even search for some P95 video reviews on YT. If you can't find anything, PM me and I can help.

Tommy boy

did you have any ejection issues with the PT809?


Very informative video ... Can't wait to pick mine up in a week or so :) thank you


Mine shot really nice, too. You'll like the 9mm


Well done brother! Looks like it had a few feeding issues. Any comment on that? BTW, if you don't mind me asking; were you officer or enlisted?


good review, nice pistol. how much r they runnin?

Corey boykin

I love this gun

Wesley Fernandes

I think you're illiterate or you didn't read my comentary correctly. I didn't say the brazilians can't acess the firearms, I said it's VERY difficult to aquire firearms in Brazil and civiliand can only have acess to limited calibers like the 380 ACP. If you know the brazilians laws, you know the .40 S&W is a RESTRICT caliber on Brazil and only police forcement can acquire it.


@spuddud19 Thanks, and that sounds like a good idea. Make its and I'll post it.

13 WhiteKnights

You can think all you want, but i know you're a moron. And seriously, keep the crap about conservatism out of this subject, because they are as FAKE as the liberals (neo-liberals) of today. You know damn well that majority of Brazilians do not care about it nor care about politicians.


I would keep the Millennium G2, that's my fav. Taurus

Wesley Fernandes

What are you talking about? You don't even know me. Your conduct is tipical of must of brazilian people, just know to use argumentum ad hominem and no real arguments. I can bet you watch Globo programs and read no book just like the must of brazilians. That's why Brazil is a crap, corrupt and poor, because the people don't care about important things and just matter about mediocre things, like novels and soccer. Do not try to difame me anymore, be more educate, do not be a dumbass.


That's interesting, I didn't know that. Fig or apple? (lol, that was a joke).

Bryan Smith

can anybody help me i want a new 9mm i like the beretta 92 and i just watched this video on this 9mm , my big thing i want a speed gun i need a 9mm that has a great trigger pull system i want the trigger pull real light , i have a s&w sigma 40. and if anybody shot that gun u know its probably the worst trigger pull out there you have to squeeze the trigger so hard just to fire the gun my price range is uo to 550.$ any ideas on any good 9mm that has a nice trigger pull system ( light trigger) ?

J Strong

That thing has excessive muzzle flip

Mac Gregor

i couldnt tell what was going on while you were shooting? did you have two jams or were there more?

shotguns machetes

is it +p rated? thinking about getting one


I hope Taurus can come out with a decent gun that does not jam. Glock is the best.

Stephen Maurer

How has this pistol held up over the long term?? Do you still own this PT-809?

Jon Williams

What is a good AIWB holster for a Taurus 809 full size?


hmm. when can you make a video of shooting it?


Thank you -- He appreciates your comment! Practice, practice, practice! Start out a little closer if you need to. get an instructor, too. That always helps.



Wesley Fernandes

Brazilian people is mustly conservaty but the government is NOT. The govenment is against firearms and make all the possible for make impossible the people to acquire firearms. That's why is very difficult to acess firearms. There is no politican party witch defends the population aganst the disarmament because all politicans parties is lefts or center. There isn't any rifth party witch defends the conservadorism valuables in Brazil, all politicans party are agains firearms.

Luís Augusto Panadés

Here in Brasil the citizen can't bye this gun, it's is prohibited by law. The maximun caliber permited for civilians here for pistols is the .380 ACP and for revolvers .38SPL. We can't get 9mm or .40S&W or any other like.

jason law

I am looking to get my first firearm for home saftey. I was turned on to this Taurus by a good friend who owns one. This is a great review--very helpful. You have made my mind up--I will be get this 9mm


@jbrannon01, you made a good choice, but i can tell you that the ruger would have benn good too. I own a p94, the predecessor to the p95, has an aluminum alloy frame, and it is an extremely reliable fun shooter, the only problem is that it is a tank, too big for conceal carry, so it is my range gun, i enjoy it a lot.


thanks for all the 809 vs sig sauer 2022 what you think thanks for you time.

13 WhiteKnights

Wesley, true Brazil is not a democracy, Brazil is a Republic. Grow up and educate yourself by READIING your constitution. And it is not true that a civillian cannot buy this gun the PT840. Shame you type nonsense here.

Conrad Van Deventer

Did the firearm jam a few times there?


Hi guys, i got my 809c from Jetguns on Gunbroker for $330, free shipping and no cc fees. Already put 460 rounds of wwb & federal fmj and jhp 115 gr, without a single failure of any kind. I love the gun, its comfortable in the hand, recoil is manageable, and the trigger is clean and crisp. Just had to adjust the rear sight and it now shoots dead center at 15yds. This is my edc, highly recommended.


that seems like a rip-off price. I wouldnt pay more than 500 MAX for it


I bought this pistol thinking it would be a great gun for the price but I have had the same failure to fire issue you had twice this video. Probably every 15-20 rounds I have a round that does not fire on first strike. And this is happens with 4 different manufacturered bullets. Also my pt809 hates blazer. almost every other round would not fire first strike. Over all the handgun feels amazing. My only physical gripe was that the safety and slide lock seem a bit big. Im selling it to try a FNP40

Youre Mahm

I have the PT840 (the older bigger brother to this model) and I LOVE THAT GUN. I haven't had an issue except having to adjust the sights as they were OFF. Ambidextrous features and shoot-ability, what's there not to love? I will probably get this one too. I'm used to my 1911 and it feels fantastic in your hand. Big hands should fit this just fine, just like an FN. I like the slide release on this gun better than my FN and that's why it is my CCW of choice.


Glad to see I'm not the only one with the "low and left" problem. :)


OORAH Marine!


Grew up in Brazil. Their gun control laws are horrible. Strange that they could even build a business under those conditions.


Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. I've gone through a complete evolution when it comes to safeties. First I preferred the slide safety, like the M9. Then I started to prefer frame safeties. Now I prefer no safety, like my Glock and M&P. If I do have to have a safety, I still prefer the grip safety. I haven't had any issues though with the "no safety" pistols staying in battery. The 809 is a really well built pistol, and you really get a lot of gun for the money.


I recently bought a brand new PT 809, first two magazines, with two brands of ammo, every shot was a fail. Either it wouldn't eject the casing at all, or would try and it got stuck and jammed in the slide. Basically, I had a single shot auto. So this brand new gun had to go back to Taurus for a warranty repair.

Night Howler

If I can find one I may very well buy it

13 WhiteKnights

Wesley Fernandes is wrong and an idiot. Brazil has strickt gun laws but people can buy gun(s) legally by state and federal law. More info at SINARM about the by laws and how to register your firearm(s). There is no left vs right issue in Brazil, most Brazilians are pro self protection, do not trust the federal government and voted AGAINST banning of sales of guns and bullets in 2005 ( victory for gun owners) . Gun laws in brazil are tough, but not impossible to own a firearm or more, d


good review bud i got a 809c i need to make a review and reply to this vid with it so people can see the diff on a side note if u plan to conceal carry a 809.. use the 809c lil smaller (obviously) same mags and whatnot so u don't lose that


That sounds like a good deal.

Jake .C

Taurus may be the most underated gun on the market. I love the PT809


It was a loaner, and I sent it back. So I haven't fired it since what you see on this video.


Before you do anything, you should contact Taurus about your issue. Could simply just be a faulty firing pin spring.


@lpanades That's unfortunate. I am blessed to live in a place that we can own guns like this. You can take solace in the fact that you live in a country filled with beautiful brown Brazilian women! lol

Wesley Fernandes

The brazilians can't have acess to this gun, only if you are from the police forcement you can have acess to the PT840 (the .40S&W is the duty caliber of the police in Brazil) in Brazil. The acess of guns in Brazil is very difficult and can only have the .380 ACP in pistols. The .40 S&W, 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, 357 Sig, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum and others is restrict to the police forcement. In Brazil only have 2 milions legals guns in all country and have 50000 homicides for year.


Really nice review. This is the first gun review I've watched where someone mentioned the benefit of a safety keeping the slide in battery. Those style safetys are also easy to turn off with your thumb as you draw. I've been researching these a while. The 809 compact is about the only gun that's as slim as a single stack with da/sa and a 1911 style safety. I'm really surprised there aren't more manufacturers making a gun to these specs. The da/sa + safety market in a compact is so limited.


thank you for a great informative video, i'm in the market for an inexpensive but quality 9mm and you along with a couple of other videos have convinced me in checking out the TAURUS PT 809B i have 1911"s GLOCKS .45 AND .40 357 MAG REVOLVERS ETC.. and i was looking for something that i can practice with, without hurting the pocket. plus you can't beat the TAURUS LIFETIME WARRENTY, THANKS AGAIN.


@sharkzf6 I did have an issue, I think it was ammo, though. The primer was dented, but didn't go off. A second strike and it went. I should have pulled the trigger a second time, initially, and it would have fired, but I'm not used to second strike. I usually just pull the slide to clear it and chamber the next round. I was enlisted. I was selected for Gunny Sgt right before I got out.

Kevin Mitchell

I just bought the Taurus Pt809 today and I love it and will get to shoot it this weekend

Paul Longoria

do you have any problems with concealing it?


@jwgbmp40 Budsgunshop has them for $354


I haven't tried -- it's not my carry gun.


Thanks, I appreciate the comments and support! Glad you like the video.


Thank you! And you're welcome -- glad you found the info useful.

Dean Firnatine

I think they were opening a factory in Florida

Tokarev Czar

Semper Fidelis devil dog. Thanks for the info!

Q Adams

I just bought this model and took it to the range today. I bought 3 boxes of Monarch ammo ($9.99 each); 2 boxes were brass cased and 1 was steel cased. The steel was terrible. I had SEVERAL failures to fire and failures to eject. The brass was flawless, not 1 issue. This model seems to hate steel and love brass. My recommendation is brass only for this firearm.


I bought this pistol on a humbug and even being a Glock Fan Boy I must admit this pistol is great. Have fired hundreds of rounds thru it and it works flawlessly.

Ocean Pebbles aka TammyLea

He explained this firearm very nicely. I have a PT-908 double action trigger. If only I could get it to hit the target when I'm at the firing range :)


@sharkzf6 Thank you for being thankful. I can't tell you how much it means to a vet to have someone tell you that.

Christopher Burson

Taurus to build a $22.5 million mfg plant in Baindbridge, Georgia - GOOD GUN

miami 305

Try the big brother 45acp it kicks ass..

Booty Juice

got mine brand new for 389 not bad at all for the price good gun shoots well.

Wesley Fernandes

Unfortunately the US is going on the same way of Brazil, because Obama wants to restrict the firearms to the american people. I hope that the republicans don't let Obama restrict firearms, because in Brasil you don't have a conservatism politican party. In Brazil only have left politicans and parties, the conservadorism is criminalized and thats one of the reasons of brazilians can't acess to the guns. Unfortunately Brazil isn't a democracy country, because there isn't a right politican party.

Jon Williams

Should my magazine have play in it,a slight rattle?


how's the recoil & muzzel flip on the 709 Slim? Looking to get one myself,,

Jesse Reel

Pt809 is a great gun my only setback is a shot low out of the box in the mag wobble a little bit but a little tape around the tape and shooting another 50 rounds I was dead on no stove pipes no double feeds or anything else now thinking about getting the pt809c too

Douglas Barrow

I have the very same gun. I've taken it to the range a couple of times and it's great. I'm not too accurate as this is my first handgun so I'm just getting used to shooting. As you pointed out the grip is excellent, feels really good in my hand. $350 + Tax here in Texas. Hard to beat that.


Make sure you have a good firm grip and lock your wrists out. Also, try a couple different brands of ammo. If you still have the problem, give them a call.

C. Haas

Since my last comment from 5 months I just purchased my tarus 809 and hadn't received yet, well since then I received my PT 809 love it my big hands fit this gun perfect, it's really a comfortable gun for me, about 6 rounds fired through it and it's been perfect not one Hick up. This is my favorite gun I like it over my Glock and my Smith and Wesson.


@Arsalalvi This gun was a loaner and not mine. Would I buy one? Not sure. I think it's an excellent gun for the price. The quality Vs Price surprised me, I thought it was a lot higher quality than what I expected. The problem is that I have a long list of guns on my dream list, and this wouldn't place that high. Not because I don't like it, I just already have a 9mm carry gun, so this wouldn't be that high of a priority. You're smart to research any gun though.


@762x51n8o - roger that and thanks for your service brother!

Linux Project

you'er milking it. you can see on the dead round 7:28 i use to do the same thing and would always shoot low to the left.

Niyon Mondol

PT 809 full dissambily plz plz


Good thing Obama didn't get his wish about getting on board with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty... it would ban ALL firearm imports.. like Taurus.


Thank you, I appreciate it!



C. Haas

I just purchased the tarus,709 slim 9 mm for conceal and carry absolutely love that gun so much I purchased this gun yesterday from buds line haven't received it yet but I'm waiting with great anticipation. I have big hands so I already know this gun is going to feel good. Thanks for the awesome video. Buy the way if you haven't shopped bud's guns on line your really missing out there customer service is absolutely amazing. I purchased a warranty from buds knowing that Taurus comes with a lifetime warranty, the reason I purchased there warranty is because it pays for mailing fees which can get expensive. Me not realizing Taurus would pay for all mailing fees. About a month after I purchased my 709 slim bud's contacted me to tell me they would be refunding me my $11.83 cents for the warranty I purchased from them, and I'm like telling them no because it will elevate me from paying mailing fees, and again bud's told me that's included with Taurus's warranty. Know that's customer service

Deontray Trotter

Over the years has anyone found 30 or 32 round mags from other models that may function in this gun ive been very curious ???

Jonathan Chark

The trigger pull weight is being measured in Newtons, one of several different unit of force. 25N-35N equals 5.6lbs-7.8 lbs, 45N-55N equals 10.11lbs-12.36lbs.


Not the SS...the OSS

Joseph Motsosi

I really like that


@noah4314 Sure, will the 3 1/2 minutes at 7:08 suffice? lol. I usually put a shoot at the end of all my reviews, you just have to watch until the end.


@Arsalalvi They have it listed at $360 on budsgunshop. I wouldn't pay over 420. Whomever is trying to sell it for 750 is ripping you off. I have not shot it enough to know if the low to the left is me or the pistol. The only time I've shot it is in this video. That's something that can be fixed by a gunsmith if you so desire.